THE FALLEN ANGEL: Chapter 11-20


❣️Chapter 19🌹

💖 Anna’s POV 💕

“Your end has come” A voice suddenly said

“Pls.. spare me, don’t kill me” I pleaded

” No one can save you from my hand” the voice said..

I wanted to scream..

” If you try to shout, I will bu.tcher you” the ghost said revealing itself to me..

The ghost was a lady..

Her face was covered with blood.. her hair was replaced with snakes, and her fingers were like claws..

“Who are you? And what have I done to you” I cried folding myself at the end of the wall..

“I was sent by jun pyo’s mother..” she said

“What!!” I asked shocked

” Yes,how dare you try to ruin her son’s life” the ghost asked

“What do you mean by that??” I asked feigning ignorance..

“Whose pregn@ncy are you carrying?” The ghost asked

“Jun pyo’s own of course” I quickly replied

Suddenly,I felt a hand strangling me..

The ghost was still standing there but mysteriously a hand was strangling me..

I struggled with the hand but it was stronger than me..

It choked me to the extent I almost stopped breathing..

“I.. will..con..fess..” I managed to say

After a while,I was freed..I coughed and gasped for air as I breath heavily..

“Now you know I am not joking.. for the last time,whose pregnancy are you carrying” the ghost thundered causing shiver to go through my spine..

“It my.. former boy.. friend” I stammered

“Good girl.. should I kill you or should I spare your miserable life” the ghost said, waving a knife at me..

” Pls spare my life..I promise to change” I cried

“I am really not that merciful.. you have just ten minutes to pack your bags, confess to Jun pyo and disappear from this house..if not I’ll feed on your flesh” the ghost thundered

I couldn’t pack my bags..

I quickly ran downstairs..

“Ghost! Ghost!! There’s a ghost in my room” I shouted

In no time, everybody was out of their rooms with confused faces.. even Pumpkin looks like someone who has just woken from sleep..

Looks like the ghost was real…

“There’s a ghost in this house,I am leaving right now” I cried

” Have you gone mad?? Which ghost?” Jun pyo asked confused..

” In my room.. she was there.. she even tried to kill me” I screamed almost losing my mind..

❣️Pumpkin’s POV 🧚

I quickly ran into her room and packed her things..

“Where is my bag?? I want to leave” Anna said behaving like someone who has lost her senses..

” Here it is dear” I said quickly giving her the bags..

“You btch! I’m sure you’re happy” Anna cursed

“No, I’m not” I replied giving her a sad face..

” But wait! I thought you were pregn@nt for me”? Jun pyo asked

“No,” Anna stammered

” Huh” Jun pyo asked

” Yes and also I was the one spreading those rumors about you” Anna continued

” What!! Jun pyo asked, shocked at her confession..

” Am sorry Jun pyo” Anna said and scurried out of the house…

Mission accomplished!!!

All thanks to one of the helpers named Tina..

She was the ghost while I was the one that did the strangling part.

“Show over, you all can go back to your room” I said

“We’re scared.. what if the ghost attacks us” one of the helpers asked

” Ghost?? There’s no ghost.. that was just my plan to get rid of Anna..all thanks to Tina who assisted me” I explained

” Pumpkin,I am..” Jun pyo tried to say but i cut him off..

“Jun pyo just as I promised you,I am leaving your house right now” I said, going to my room to pack my bags..

” What!! Don’t leave” he pleaded, coming after me..

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