THE FALLEN ANGEL: Chapter 11-20

?The fallen Angel ? ?

?? Chapter 13 ?

??? Her POV ? ?

Now I get it,so Jun pyo hates college because he met Anna there…

Jun pyo is really not a bad person,i will have to find a way to wipe Anna out from his heart.. And also teach him how to love again..

“She is not worth crying for,I mean who wouldn’t be lucky to have someone like you as a friend” I said consoling him..

“Really” I asked

“Yes.. so stop crying.. you have drink enough, let me assist you to your room” I said standing up..

“No.. no..I want to drink more” he said drunkenly

“It’s enough already.. let’s go” I said assisting him up .. he can’t even walk so i had to put his hand over my shoulder..

I managed to help him to his room..I laid him on his bed, pulled off his shoes and was about leaving when he held my hand and pulled me back, making me fall on his bed…

“Don’t leave me” he said in his drunken state

Am sure he is gonna regret this when he wakes up tomorrow..


“Am sure you hate me, that’s why you don’t want to stay with me” he said

“No Jun pyo..I don’t hate you” I said

“Really!!” He replied happily

“Yes..I even have a confession to make” I said

“Tell me” he replied

“I like you” I said whispering into his ear with my face red with blushing..

“Really..” he said and dragged me closer to himself..we were very close to each other..I could feel his breath on my face…I wish we can remain like this forever..

“I also have a confession to make” he said

“Go ahead”

” I… like…” He slept off before he could complete the sentence

“Jun pyo..Jun pyo.. finish the statement” I said shaking him, but no response..

Pheeeeew..why does he have to sleep now..

I laid my head on his chest and slept off..

?? Next morning ??

? JUN Pyo’s POV ??

I slowly opened my eyes and to my surprise , pumpkin was on my bed, with her head on my chest..we were very close to each other..

“Arrrrrrrggh” I screamed

She jumped up with fright….

“ you’re awake, you scared me” she said yawning

“What are you doing on my bed??” I asked confused

“What kind of funny question is that” she replied

“You disgust can you take advantage of a helpless man” I asked, getting angry..

“I don’t understand what you’re saying”she said feigning ignorance

“OMG!! I hope nothing happened between us” I asked

” Can’t you remember anything” she said

I racked my brain to remember what happened yesterday.. just then, the events came replaying in my memory…

G0sh!! I can’t imagine that i cried before pumpkin..

I feel so embarrassed..I just wish the ground will just open up and swallow me..

“But why are you on my bed” I asked confused

“Because you begged me to sl.eep with you” she said with a smirk

“What?.” I asked coughing

“Yes.. and that’s what couples do.. so from now onwards we are couples”she replied giggling

When she said ” couple” I almost threw up…

“ you’re wrong..we are not couples” I said trying to convince her…

“No..we are couples” she said jumping excitedly

You can never win an argument with her..

“Whatever.. just don’t tell anybody what happened yesterday” I said

“I won’t do that..we are couples after all” she said running out..

This lady is really cute but dumb.. does she know the meaning of ” couple”..

“Couple my foot” I shouted after her.

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