?The fallen Angel ????



? Episode Twenty Four??

? Sapphira’s POV ?

I opened my eyes and was shocked to see three men in my room..I quickly jump to my feet..

“What are you guys doing in my room?” I asked trying to hide my fears..

“We’re here to send you to hell”One of them replied – and right before my eyes they turned into demons..

What the h.eck!

They looked familiar..Where have I seen them?

Oh! They are the men I saw with corovi..

I can’t believe this! So he sent them here to kill me..

“But what have I done to you guys?” I asked, trying to buy time for myself..

“Is that a question a what?” One of them who seems older scoffed..

“You’ve done a lot to us! A lot ! And you’ll have to pay with your life” Another added..

“You’ll regret this! Jeffrey is not gonna spare you if he finds out about this” I warned- slowly moving back..

“Tsh! that’s what you think but I’m sad to announce to you that your Jeffrey was actually the one that sent us to you”

I knew it! That Jeffrey can never be trusted but I’m not gonna give up without a fight..

“Lies! I know you’re lying to me! Jeffrey loves me so why will he try to kill me.?”

“So you think we will just sit down and watch you trap our master with your sweet words? I don’t know which spell you’ve cast on him but its time to put an end to it” one of them yelled and immediately they stretched forth their hands towards me..

They used their powers to lift me up causing me to hit my head on the tiled floor..I felt dizzy but I managed to stand up- I used my powers to lift up my bed and threw it at them..

Two of them managed to dodge it but it fell on one of them and he passed out immediately..

“Muyo! Muyo!!” They called shaking him..

“I warned you guys..if you don’t leave here quietly, you might regret what will happen next” I threatened – I just pray they leave, I’m tired of all this fights..

“You’ve hurt our brother and now you want us to leave quietly? That’s never gonna happen”

They stretched forth their hands and strangely pinned me to the wall..I tried to set myself free but their powers were strong..

One of them came close to me and grabbed my neck..

“I’m gonna str@ngle you to de@th” he yelled and tighten his grip on me..

I struggle with them, trying to set myself free..

Just then I remembered what grandpa said:

“You can connect to him through your heart”

This is my last opportunity to make Jeffrey mine – I closed my eyes and gently whispered his name..

“Help me Jeffrey! Please help me” I muttered..

“Tsh! She’s calling Jeffrey for help” one of them scoffed..

“Listen young lady..Jeffrey will abandon you just as your useless family abandoned you” one of them said..

What did he just say?

“How dare you call my family useless!” I yelled..My eyes turned blue as I emitted smoke.

My fingers and toes were replaced with scary claws ..

They immediately freed me and ran back..

What’s happening to me?

I think I’ve lost my mind..

I tried to control myself but I couldn’t..

I charged angrily at them – I lifted them up above the ground..

“Please let us go” they begged..

I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t – but one thing is certain the moment I throw them from my hands, they will be as good as dead..

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