?The fallen Angel ????



? Episode Twenty Nine??

? Sapphire’s POV ?

“All hail the chosen one!!” A man suddenly echoed..

“All hail Saphira!” Some people also dressed in white responded..

Looks like they’re his cabinets..

Why are they praising me?

Anyways, I feel like a queen right now..

“We’ve seen how you’ve greatly carried out your sacred duties and I must say- you’re worthy to be called the chosen one” Lord Andrew praised..

“Thanks my Lord” I said with a slight bow..

“But why haven’t you killed him?” He dropped the b0mbshell..


Oops! I didn’t know when I said that..

“Wait! Are you surprised or what? Don’t you know you’re called the chosen one because you were destined to kill him?” A woman dressed in white said..

“No! I…I know..but…” I stammered..

“Look! Corovi has done much harm to humans..As we speak right now, he’s at Philippines” Another man said..


“Yeah! And guess what’s he doing there” Lord Andrew asked..

He clicked his hand and a mirror appeared..

I was shocked to see corovi destroying people and their houses with whirl wind..

People ran helter skelter, drivers was unable to see clearly, leading to a lots of accident and death..

Lord Andrew clicked his hand again and the mirror disappeared..

“Corovi must be killed today or it might be too late” Lord Andrew said..

What’s wrong with Jeffrey..

How could I fall in love with such a m0nster..

I thought he would change but I don’t think that will ever happen..

Maybe I’m being selfish, if killing Jeffrey is the only way for humans to be safe then I’m ready..

It’s time to be drop my feelings aside and do the right thing..

“You want me to kill corovi right? Then I’m ready” I said through a gritted teeth and clenched fist..

“That’s the spirit! Phoebe bring the sacred sword” Lord Andrew commanded..

After a while, a young lady came towards me with a shiny sword in her hands..

She held the sword with all her strength..I could even see her veins which were almost popping out of her hands..


Is the sword that heavy?

Lord Andrew stoop down from his throne…

He used his powers to lift the sword up..

“Grab the sword!!” He commanded..

I lifted up my eyes to behold the glittering sword which was dangling on the air..

Omg! I’m scared..

“Grab the sword!!” Lord Andrew yelled again..

Filled with fear, I quickly grabbed the sword..

“Arrrrrghh” I screamed as the sword electr0cuted me..

I tried to throw it away but it got glued to my hand..

After a while, the electr0cution stopped..

“Fk! What was that for?” I yelled..

“ was just trying to get familiar with it’s owner” A woman replied..

And true to her words, the sword wasn’t heavy in my hands..

It was as light as a paper..Maybe it has really recognized me…
“Now you have the sword, all you have to do is to pierce it into his heart- and corovi will forever be a history”Lord Andrew said..

“Consider it done” I said filled with determination…

“All hail Saphira! ”

“All hail the chosen one!!”

I suddenly heard a familiar voice..

I turned around and guess who it was?



I quickly ran into their embrace…

“You can all retire to your abode” I heard Lord Andrew said..

And in no time, the room was empty..

I hugged my parents tightly,crying profusely..

“Oh my poor baby!!” Mum cried rubbing my hair..

“Mum! Dad!! Be sincere with me..did you guys really miss me?” I cried as we disengage from the hug..

“Is that even a question? Of course we did” Mum replied..

“You can’t even imagine how many sleepless nights your mother had to go through when you left..We had to rush down here when your grandpa informed us that you’ll be coming, we really missed you my child” dad said..

“I missed you too..I’m a fool for thinking that you guys has forgotten about me”I cried..

“We can’t do that..I wanted to search for you but I was warned by Lord Andrew never to try it..Each night I dream of you begging and crying for your mum to help you,but I couldn’t do anything..I was so helpless,please forgive me my child” mum cried..

I hugged them once again as we all cried in each others shoulder…

“You guys are making me cry but unfortunately, It’s time to go” grandpa suddenly said..

“Come on father! I haven’t even spend time with my daughter and you want to take her away?” Mum whined..

“I don’t have any other choice..she has to fulfill her destiny” grand pa replied..


“Don’t worry mum! I’ll kill corovi and come back home in no time” I said..

“No! I’m going with you.”mum insisted..

“Pumpkin just let her go..she has promised to come back to us” dad said..

“OK..just take care of yourself” mum cried..

“Stop crying mum! Or I’ll cry too”

“I’m sorry,just that I can’t stop myself from crying..Goodbye”


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