?The fallen Angel ????



? Episode Thirty Five??

? Sapphira’s POV ?

“I don’t give a d@mn about that! I want you to take that sword you’re holding and pierce his heart right now” he commanded..


“I..I..can’t do that” I stuttered..

“What??” Lord Andrew roared filled with rage..

“Uhm..uhm..a minute my Lord” mum said..

“Have you gone mad? No one dares go against Lord Andrew’s order” mum whispered..

“But I love him mum.. I can’t kill him ” I cried..

“Tsh! So you really think that he loves you too?” Mum scoffed..

“Yes mum! We’re really in love with each other”

“So you believe that? Have you forgotten how he betrayed you?”

“I know he has done a lot of bad things but trust me mum,he’s now a changed person”

“What’s wrong with you? Are you gonna go against Lord Andrew’s order because of your so called love?”

“Yes mum! I’m ready to do anything for Jeffrey” I stubbornly replied..

“I..I’m really disappointed in you..I didn’t expect this from you” mum said as tears rolled from her eyes..

“Please don’t be angry at her..I’m sorry for all the things I have done to you all..I’m really in love with your daughter” Jeffrey said..

“Don’t you dare open your hole to speak to me you son of a btch” mum yelled and slapped Jeffrey..

“Mum!! What was that for?” I screamed..

“Are you raising your voice at me?’ Mum asked shocked..

“Yes mum! I’ll do much more than that if you ever raise your hand on Jeffrey” I warned almost losing my mind..

“What’s wrong with you Saph? She’s your mum for crying out loud” Jeff scolded..

“Yes I know! But that doesn’t mean she should hit you..”

“It’s okay..just let it be” Jeffrey said and held me back..

“Are you now satisfied? Because of you my own daughter yelled at me..Aren’t you tired of ruining my family? Please just take away the spell you used on my Saphira” mum cried with her head slightly bowed..

Phew! What’s wrong with me?

I shouldn’t have spoken to my mum that way..

“Look mum I’m really sorry for the way I spoke to you but why can’t you understand that Jeffrey is a changed person..” I said trying to stop my tears from flowing..

“Dad can you make mum understand..she was once in my shoe but her love for you overcame..I also believe that my love for Jeffrey will conquer”

“Uhm! Pumpkin I think we should listen to Saph..who knows? Jeffrey might really have changed as he claimed” dad said..

“No! I’ll never let my daughter get involved with a dem0n like Corovi..” Mum insisted..

“Enough of this! I have heard enough!! I would have killed this demon myself but since you’re only the one destined to kill him,you’ll have to do it now or I’ll make you regret it” Lord Andrew threatened..

“I’m sorry my Lord but I can’t do that”

“Okay let’s see how long you last” he stretched forth his hand and immediately a strange force started str@ngling me..

“Arrrrgh” I screamed holding my neck with my left hand..

“Saphira!” Jeffrey yelled running to me..

“Pierce that sword through his heart before the counting of five or I’ll end your life” Lord Andrew yelled still str@ngling me..

“I’ll never do your bidding” I vowed as I struggled with de@th.

“Take your f!lthy hands off her now” Jeffrey yelled..

“If I were you I would keep quiet.. if you can’t convince her to kill you then just keep quiet and watch her die..And if you try anything silly, your dear Saphira will pay with her life” Lord Andrew said..

“You m0nster!!” Jeffrey yelled..

“Don’t you dare call me that! You’re the monster here..I’m only doing this because it’s the right thing to do”

“Please don’t hurt my daughter” mum begged..

“I’m sorry but the ball is in your daughter’s hand”

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