THE HEARTS: Episode 11 – The End of Season 1

(He’s her idol?)

Episode 11

By: Tofunmi Nikky?

?Jay’s pov?

“On Monday,I know you can do this”she said, curling a strand of hair on a finger

“Don’t you think it’s kinda weird,a guy among the Rock girls”I said with a scoff and he smiled

“That’s what they want,,”she took her bag on the table and started walking away

“Expect me at school on Monday”I said and she turned to look at me,,I sat on the couch

“Thanks crush”she winked and finally walked out,I can’t help but laugh

So Jenna can call me her crush, who won’t fall for the demigod here

I’m Jay Wilson, A popular artist, my dad is also part on the founder of Poprocks high school,,, I’m every girls crush

?Amy’s pov?

?A perfect world with you
?Great moments with you
?That’s all I wish for
?Baby,would you stay with me
?Never ever let go of you

“Wow,,that’s awesome”Rockboy Max said as he clapped his hands

“Don’t tell me that’s our song”Carl said moving closer, I moved back

“I’m a great fan of yours, though I’ve never imagine meeting you guys in real”I said and that’s when he stopped

They all laughed except Carl who just went back to his seat

“You know that Carl? Go to the kitchen and cook”Roy said and I looked at Carl who just rolled his eyes

“Come on guys,,let’s get something to eat”Max said getting up from his seat

“Am not your maid,today you guys have to starve”Carl said and walked out of the room

“Am sorry Carl,, come back”Rockboy Roy said,he rough his hair and ran out

Now am alone with Rockboy Max,,they are fun to be with

He started walking away and I followed behind him,,

He stopped and turned to look at me,

“Amy”he called and I looked at him

“I like your nerves, like you peeped on the great Carl and he did nothing to you,,,you must be someone special”

He said coldly before walking away,,,I followed him

His words rang in my head each second,,

‘You peeped on the great Carl and he did nothing to you’

?Some minutes later?
The drive home was great,I got down from the car and waved the driver goodbye

It’s late already, I walked to my room though surprised no one is at home

Just then my phone rang;

?Hi pal
?Hi Sandra

?i’m coming to your house tomorrow

Whaaat!on no

?No,I will come and pay you a visit

?Okay,,see you tomorrow

I end the call and flopped on the bed.

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