THE HEARTS: Episode 11 – The End of Season 1

(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 15

By:Tofunmi Nikky💚

🍭Jay’s pov🍭

A message popped into my phone and I looked at her,,

” I have to go “I said

” I’m also going inside, let’s go “she said,I nodded and we walked inside

” Wow “I let out as soon as we got in,the paparazzi was still on

I looked at the singing right now,,she’s really good

” She’s cute “I looked at her and she smiled

” Yeah,,that’s my friend,I know she could do this “she said

” Really? ”

” Yeah “she replied,, oops Jenna needs me

” I’ll be back “I told her and head to where Jenna is

What’s happening to me,I just met that girl and we’re getting close already,, she’s pretty

” Hey Jenna,you called me “I said as I walked in,,she sat on a chair

” g0sh that snitch “she blurted

” What’s wrong Jenna?”I asked and went to meet her,,it like she’s in pain

” I almost lost my body “she half yelled trying to get up,I laughed.

“What’s funny ?”she said when I stopped laughing, I helped her on her feet

” Who hurt you?”I asked

” Am sure you would have come across her when coming,, that ugly girl singing “she said,oh the one I met there

” But she isn’t ugly “I said

“Whatever “she rolled her eyes

“Get ready,you’ll soon be called,I trust you though “she winked and walked out

🍓Amy’s pov🍓
🎻Always be there by my side
🎻I want you to stay with me
🎻I’m afraid you’ll go,,anytime I want you here

🎻Can you stick around for long
🎻Can you make me rule your heart
🎻I want to be with you here

I smiled as the Rockboys walked in,but where is Carl,,, I really need him here

👠Patsy’s pov👠

“What do you mean,, in fact I have to go “I said and started walking away

“But I thought you came for me,Patsy “he scoffed getting on my way

“If only you know what I went through before i can get here”

” Don’t you get it,,I like you Patsy “he said and I looked away

This guy is cr@zy,,

” Okay,,have heard you,now can I go ?” I said and he smirk

“And you think it’s that easy “I walked away but he held my hand and I groan

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