THE HEARTS: Episode 11 – The End of Season 1

(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 23

By:Tofunmi Nikky💜

_______________[NEXT DAY]______

💌Amy’s pov💌

The driver put my bag inside the booth, Mrs Morgan and dad stood beside the car,,, Patsy is going to school with me

” Ok dad,bye “I said and pecked him,I also did the same to Mrs Morgan

“I’ll miss you dad “Pasty said beside me

” Hey! Make sure don’t cause any trouble over there “Mrs Morgan snapped and I laughed

” I won’t “she said

We made for the door when dad suddenly called me back

” Where is your locket? “He asked when I looked at him

My locket?? Damn,,Carl seized it!!

“Um dad,,oops we are late already “I said and entered the car,,the driver also got in

” Love you dad “Pasty kssed his forehead and hurried in,they waved to us from outside

The car zoomed off,,thank heavens,, can’t believe he almost got me

We stepped down from car and the driver drove away to drop my luggage

” Wow “I heard pasty mumbled beside me

” How do you find it here? “I asked and winked

” Great “she smiled
Like really! The rock boys are in,we walked in quickly

” Welcome Patsy Morgan “the teacher said when she saw us

” Thanks ma’am “Patsy said,I know dad would have clear out things,, they know her already

We both took out seat behind,the Rockboys at our front

” Henry Jones “the teacher called,they guy walked to the front of the class

He picked a paper from the box before him,,oh today is Thursday

” Jane Rogers “he called looking from the paper,, the girl walked to to meet him

There are many standing there also,,

” Hey!! “Someone called and I turned to see it’s Sandra

Wait!!,,,she’s sitting beside Jay Wilson,I know him

” Audrey Leo “the teacher called again.

He did like others;

” Jenna Garcia “he called and there was murmuring immediately

I scoffed as she walked out,

” Max Jenkins “the teacher called,, the cute guy walked out backing me though,,,

And stood beside Roy.

He took his paper and,,

” Patsy Morgan “he said and my jaw dropped,I looked beside me buy Patsy isn’t there

Only to see her dashed to the front already,,

“Jaw Wilson”he also came out and pick his,I never imagined meeting him

“Sandra Davis”she rushed out too

“Carl Jenkins”she finally called the Greek lord who walked out,he’s so cute

Hr picked his,,checked and looked up

“Like, did I really have to do this”he said


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