THE HEARTS : Episode 1 – 10

(He’s her idol)

Episode 1

By;Tofunmi Nikky.R?

Patsy’s pov:
?i can’t wait to be yours

I sat on the dressing table with the guitar placed skillfully, I dropped it when I heard shattering of glasses

I ran downstairs and wasn’t surprised to see it was the ‘ugly btch’ again

“Stay there,Patsy”mom said and I nodded, we watched as she crumbed on the floor releasing groans

The guards gripped her and walked away with her

Amy’s pov:
The boys gripped me immediately and started walking into the room with me

“Let me go!”I said feebly and tried struggling with them but their grips around me was too strong


We got into the room and they tied me to the bed,they shut the door after walking out

I really tried but can’t get where I got this strange powers from, it’s turning me into a m0nster

I don’t want the powers anymore

I looked at my arms,which are tied up with chains. My eyes shut slowly and I drifted into sleep

I felt a pinch on my knee and opened my eyes,,I looked at myself


I was no longer tied up,thank goodness

I stretched and sat upright, I looked up to see Patsy; her arms crossed over her chest as she stated weirdly at me

“I hope you’re don’t staring”she scoffed,, I sniffed as I took my eyes away from her

Why did she hates me so much!

“Dad is back and you better get your silly a$$ downstairs”she said bitterly and started walking out of the room after giving me a bad glare

Who cares! Am glad the only persons who cares about me is back.

Yeah!My father

?Sandra’s pov:
I find my way among the crowd,,almost all the classes went empty

Since all of them hovered outside

I can’t wait to see the three demigods,they are so handsome and…

Two Lamborghini cars drove in and screened to a halt at the parking lot

The cars opened and the two Greeks came out,,they were guarded with bouncers


?Someone tell me it’s a dream


?Where is Carl??

Cr@zy students! We all turned when someone yelled Roy’s name, the bouncers try pushing her away

She finally touched Roy’s hand, holly Molly!

She fainted!


A red sport car raced in and my heart almost jumped into my mouth.

Finally,, my crush is here,, he’s the cutest among the two

The car door opened,, shit!I almost fell as everyone rushed to his side

His lips,,charming look and everything,,

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