THE HEARTS: Episode 11 – The End of Season 1

(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 14

By Tofunmi Nikky📚

Hours Later🌠

🍀Amy’s pov🍀

The contest continued in earnest,, the Rockboys haven’t arrive yet

” Get ready miss,you’re the next “a chubby woman said to me

” Okay thanks “I replied as she walked away

I went to take a seat with my palms covering my face

” So you’re here ” A voice said and I raised my head to see Jenna

” What’s it this time? “I smirk and stood up

” Why don’t you just go back home,,,instead of wasting your time here “she said

” But wait, why are you after me? “I asked

” because I don’t like you “she said,,I started walking away but she held my wrist

” You don’t walk out on me,brat! “She said and I turned and pushed her to the floor

I bent down and lean closer,,

” How dare you! “She barked and I just scoff

” What’s happening here “The chubby woman appeared before us

” Well that’s non of your business “Jenna blurted and got up,, I also stood up

” um miss Amy,you’re the next now “the woman said and quickly hurried away

I looked at Jenna,

” Don’t you dare mess with me again “I said and walked away

[👇The long awaited👇]

Carl’s pov🌸

We screened to a halt at the school compound,, we got down and of course; with stares all over us

Who cares,,,,

” I need to get something “I told them and Max nodded,I walked away

I walked into the building I do stay at when lonely,,I went to the kitchen; I need to take my wristwatch

I looked at the shelf and my eyes caught something,, I took the wristband in my hand

My eyes turned red,,the only person who owns this is my sister

I crumbled on the floor and sweats all over my faces

My eyes bloodshot🔥

Where is she??

Show yourself!

💍Sandra’s pov💍

I walked into where the contest is taking place,,I need to see Amy

I got to the doorstep and ran into someone

“You”we both said,,he smiled

” What are you doing here?”I asked,,so curious

” hmm am part of the contestant “he said and my jaw dropped

“Really? Who are you?”I asked

” You don’t have to know “he said and started weirdly at me


“I’m Jay,, jay Wilson”


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