Written by Gbemi

Chapter 11

Oliver broke the cuff that had her chained to the stretcher and in one swift move. He carried her into his arms. Getting out of the ambulance and walking towards his car.

Isobel opened her closed eyes to see the men that had come for her unconscious on the street.

The stranger whom she still didn’t know his name put her gently in his car while he put the seat belt around her.

She had no recollection of him or how she knew him but somehow she felt that he could be trusted.

THE ISLAND BRIDE : CHAPTER 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

He got into the car beside her and she knew he was watching her. Waiting for an explanation. An explanation she isn’t ready to give. She thought as she turned away from him.

He started the car and though it took some hours. He stopped in front of a luxurious apartment and she turned questioning eyes at him.

“This is the house of my friend. She was the one who hit you with her car. You will be safe here rather than the hospital” Oliver said.

“Won’t I be trouble? I mean would this friend of yours want me here?”She asked

“She will”He replied as he got out of the car.

“I will try to walk myself” she said when he opened her door and when she tried to stand up on her own. He lifted her into his arms again.

“Walking on that leg will only make it worse for you” Oliver said while she clutch onto him.

He carried her to the house and pressed in his friend code to open the door.

He put her on the chair and moved towards the kitchen to prepare a drink for them. She was surprised to see that he brought back a beer.

“You like drinking it” he said softly.

Knowing that he knew something she liked . She must have been close to him. She thought as she opened the can to gulp it down before asking him the question that has been bothering her.

“Who are you? Have we met before?”She asked.

“We did. We met a year ago”He replied starring at her.

“That figures “She muttered.

“What do you mean?”Oliver asked.

I was involved in a car accident ten months ago. I was in a coma for six months. When I woke up. I couldn’t recognise anyone and I was told by the doctors that it was temporary amnesia. Just like it was a temporary thing.

I remembered things that happened in the past but there are some things which still didn’t return. Like you, I don’t remember you”She said softly.

“It’s fine. If you didn’t remember then am not that important “He replied looking a bit sad.

“You can as well tell me. Maybe something might just…..”

“Tell me why those men are after you ?”He interrupted, changing the topic.

“I better don’t. It wouldn’t be good if I get you involved”She replied.

“Whether you like it or not. Am already involve in this. Just tell me why those men are after you” Oliver demanded.

“Well it all began back when my wedding was cancelled. My father’s company was going under and he made the mistake of borrowing money from a loan shark. The loan shark runs the Lord of the rings company. I don’t know if you would have heard of it.

Their boss Marco had come to my father back then to demand for his money and on seeing me. He decided he wanted me instead of getting his money”

“While trying to escape from them. My father and I got into an accident. I went into a coma but my father passed away. I woke up only to be given that news and as it turns out Marco had been the one taking care of me”

“When I was well enough. He took me to his home and told me about his interest in me and that he wanted me as his wife. I played along with him and when the chance came.

I ran away and have been running since then. I was returning to my hotel to get my things when I was h!t by the car”She explained.

“Marcos is still looking for you?”Oliver asked after taking In all she said.

“He is and that is why I must leave. Marcos is a dangerous man. He will kll you and your friend once he finds out that you are helping me.

I hate the thought of going back to him. So just help me leave. It’s the only way everyone can be safe”She said as tears slipped down her eyes.

Oliver stared at Isobel as she cried softly. She had laughed so much when they were together but seeing the sad Isobel now pulled his heart strings.

Moving towards her. He wiped away her tears while she opened her eyes to stare at him.

“You’ve been through a lot Isobel. It’s time you take a rest and let me handle things” Oliver said.

“But how will you do that. Marcos is very dangerous and he will harm you if you try to help me. Just help me leave”She insisted and when he would have given a reply. Melissa came running into the room.

“Is she okay?”Melissa asked starring at the both of them.

“She is. Why don’t you get some rest. You need it”Oliver said and without waiting for a reply. He lifted her again and carried her to the guest room where he layed her on the bed.

“But I….”

“Just take a rest”He said as he left the room closing the door on her.

A while later he left Melissa house after filling her in on the things Isobel told him. He head back home. Intent on getting things ready for his departure to love Island.

He was going to return there anyway because the new business he had been talking about was the island. He had spent a year buying and developing the area and also earning back his money.

The island is the only place Isobel can be safe. He thought as he went into his father study.

While searching for a file he left there. A particular file caught his interest and that’s only because it had the ‘ LORDS OF THE RINGS ‘ etched on the front page.

It’s the same name Isobel had mentioned earlier. He didn’t know anything about this file but his father might.

Why would his father have this in his study?


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