THE LONGEST NIGHT Episodes 5 – 8

Episode 5

Author : Unknown

Is this heaven ? So still and quiet but dark. I know it isn’t because the Bible gave a picturesque description of it being so beautiful. Is this hell? I couldn’t feel the fire yet. Or am I being prepped to go into the lake of fire to burn? I thought I was holy and lived a righteous life? I’m sure the thoughts to beat up Uzor’s girlfriend brought me here. What a colossal damage. But this place smelled of drugs and bleach . The fear and fright from my thought made me shout and in that moment, I opened my eyes to the peering view of Tunde, Dera, a young and pretty nurse, a very masculine doctor. Then I realised I was in the hospital. I wasn’t visiting anyone but I was the patient. How did I get here? In that moment, I had a flashback. I remembered being in a contest with Uzor over a food flask and the slaps and verbal abuse that followed and also someone screaming that I was bleeding. As I tried to sit up and speak, and also check myself, I saw him from the corner of my eye, standing behind Tunde but before I could utter a word the doctor motioned for me to lay back.
I cried my eyes out as I screamed with all the energy I could muster and proving difficult to console. I was dishearten as my heart still palpitated over the bombshell the Doctor gave before leaving the room.

In that moment, I struggled to stand up and fight for my dignity and my child but Tunde was strong enough to hold me down. Uzor stood far away, his countenance has changed, he had on a remorseful demeanor. I looked at my daughter with tears in her eyes, she didn’t understand why her mum was so sad and why her dad lurked behind like a stranger. She just tried to pacify me to stop crying and wailing.

It dawned on me moments later about my loss and the water works started again. This time I was alone and all I could do was sob quietly. This loss was too much to bear. To think I lost my child due to Uzor’s carelessness and wickedness made me downhearted.

I tried to replay the doctor big medical terms in my head which he later paraphrased to “Ma’am you were pregnant but lost the pregnancy as that was the reason you were bleeding”. I should have left the food flask for Uzor, the struggle for the food that is now smeared all over my kitchen floor made me lose my baby. Was I ever going to forgive Uzor?
Then I remembered how the baby was brought into the world, it wasn’t with love as I remember how selfish Uzor was with his affections during s*x. S*x with the new Uzor was rough as he always seemed in a hurry to get satisfied which he eventually achieved leaving me heartbroken, neglected, unsatisfied and bruised not just physically but emotionally.
It was 2pm when I noticed someone standing behind me peeping to see if I was sleeping . Though I was numb, my sense could recognise that after shave. I pretended to be sleeping because I didn’t have the energy to hear apologises or fight.

After some hours of bed rest, I was convinced I was convalescing. I disliked being bed ridden. I tried to stand up but the pang of pain struck me to sit down . Ada ran in and gave me a warm hug, she was looking fresh and had a new set of clothes on. I took pity on her, she’s been through a lot for the last 24hours.
“You look better” he said with a smile on his face as he strolled into the room.
“You put me here and killed my child”. I said fighting with all the energy I could muster. I was screaming so loud and crying at the same time.
“Mummy” Ada tapped me.
“Yes my love”. It was only in my thoughts. I wish I could confront him and reclaim my lost dignity and the life of my child. Ada was still here, and her laughter and love.


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