Hellcat was just coming into the living room.

“Someone tried hacking into the systems” she announced.

Rosario just walked past her and opened the door.

“Going to save Mary?” Hellcat spoke, and he stopped.

“She’s dead” Hellcat talked again, and he slowly looked back, folding his fists tightly.

“You had her locked in ice since two hours ago, what were you expecting?” She said plainly.

Rosario stood for one more minute before rushing out of the mansion.

He made his way to the underground cell vaults, jumping the stairs till he got down.

The guards kept greeting and bowing, but he’s not even seeing them.

He got to the ice cell and kcked the door open, but no one’s there except some traces of bI.ood on the ground.

It’s surely her bI.ood.

His eyes widened.

“Hellcat took her body away” a guard came in.

Rosario made to rush out but Hellcat came in immediately.

“Where’s her body?, Where the fk is it!” He yelled.

She walked closer and took his hand, then she placed a bottle on it.

“That’s the venom neutralizer, you might have sucked out the venom but she still has remnants in her bI.oodstream for sure, she’ll die if you don’t give her this before ten minutes” she said.

Rosario looked on in confusion.

“I know you didn’t want to do it, I know you did it because of Roma, you really don’t have to do anything to please Roma, you’re you, not him” Hellcat said.

“I ordered Aaron to take her back to the apartment immediately he brought her here, so she’s there” she further said.

Rosario left the place immediately, rushing out of the vault just the way he rushed in.

He went to Mary’s apartment and a deep breath of relief escaped his nostrils when he saw her lying on the bed.

Her eyes are closed, and she’s obviously in pains cos she kept wriggling in agony.

He looked at the bottle with him and went closer to her.

He sat beside her on the bed and opened the bottle.

“Open your mouth” he said, and her eyes twitched slightly.

She opened her eyes slowly, they’re too red and full of pains.

She reached for his shirt and held it in the front.

“Please don’t… don’t…kll…me” she stuttered, tugging harder at his shirt.

“This will relieve your pains, open up” he said, placing the bottle on her lips.

She slowly opened up and he poured it in.

It’s so bitter, so she tried to spit it out.

“Do you want to die?” He glared, and tears came out of her eyes as she swallowed it down her throat.

Some of it wet her lips and ran down the sides of her mouth.

He watched her for one more minute before trying to stand, but she was still holding his shirt.

“Please…let me go back…to… Russia” she begged in tears again.

Rosario avoided her eyes and unknotted her hand from his shirt before leaving the apartment.


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