After a cold shower, Mary padded herself up, thanks to the set of p..anties and pads that was sent last night.

Since she has no other thing to wear, she put on the smelly hoodie again.

It’s still so early in the morning so breakfast isn’t coming yet.

She limped to the door and opened it, then she peeped out.

“Should I just take a walk? ” She said, and her mind went to when she was kidnapped and taken to the snakes kingdom.

She quickly shut the door and snuck back in.

“But…that was in the night, this is early morning” she said and opened the door again, she limped out of the apartment.

The first thing that got her attention is the apple tree.

“Huh!, There are apples on it!, I suddenly crave for apples” she smiled, rushing to it.

“I’ll have to climb” she licked her lips and placed a leg on it.

Clyde just watched with interest from the top.

“I’ve always found her weird” he muttered.

“But it’s so high” Mary whispered.

She tangled her arms on the before placing the second leg on it.

“I’m climbing!, I’m doing it!, I’m climbing!” She gushed happily, but she suddenly fell.

Clyde almost laughed, but he held it in.

“Jesus help!” She prayed and stood, then she climbed again, but she fell again.

“Fk” Clyde smiled.

She did the sign of the cross before trying again.

This time, she was able to climb, but when she got to up, her leg slipped on the branch she was placing it on.

“Oh!, Oh!, No!, Oh!” She screamed, grabbing the nearest thing she saw, Clyde’s leg.

“What the fk!” He cursed as his bvtt slipped off the branch he was sitting on.

They both went down, falling heavily with her on top, he was holding her waist.

Mary opened one eye first.

Clyde opened his eyes, and her second eye flicked open.

“Are we dead?” She asked.

“Get the hell off me” he glared, pushing her away.

She rolled off him and he stood.

She quickly stood and sniffed the air.

She’s sure she has inhaled his scent somewhere before, but she’s not sure where.

“Have we….met before?” She asked.

He glared harder before walking away.

“He looks mean” she muttered.

“Mary!!!!” Lush called loudly, and she faced the north to see her running over with Pierce.

‘What?, Who are they?’ She thought.

Immediately they got to her, Lush hugged her tightly, shocking her.

“Seriously I fell in love with you immediately you were brought in” she gushed childishly.

“I like you too” Pierce waved as Lush broke the hug.

“My name’s Lush”

“And I’m Pierce, we control the computer lab” Pierce added.

“Oh..I see” Mary smiled sheepishly.

“So… friends?” Lush said.

“Of course..I like you both” Mary smiled prettily.

“Aww!, You’re so pretty!” Lush said.

“We have to go back” Pierce said.

“That’s true, the computer lab is that way, come find us anytime” Lush pointed at it.

“Alright,bye!” Mary waved like a kid as they both rushed away.

She smiled happily.

“I made friends…but my apple….

She faced the apple tree again and someone suddenly spanked her @ss from behind.

She turned back swiftly to see three guys.

“Why would you…touch me that way….” She shifted back.

“Why don’t we have some fun, Holy Mary” the second one said, and the third one laughed as they started coming closer.

Mary stepped back till she was backing the tree, and they all attacked her at once.

One grabbed her right bb, the second grabbed the left one, and the third grabbed her @ss, they started pressing her hard.

“No!, Don’t touch me!, please get away from me!, Someone help!, It hurts!, Stop!!!” She cried and struggled, but they only pressed her harder.

When she was struggling too much, one of them pvnched her stomach.

“Ouch!, My stomach!, Let me go!!”

They held her face in place and started taking turns to kss her, making shouting impossible.

The one handling her @ss dipped his hand under her hood, crawling it into her p.ant.

She touched her hole and laughed, feeling wetness.

He brought out the finger to lick, but she saw bI.ood instead, her menstrual bI.ood.

“Fk!” He spat, then he sI.apped her.

“AHHH!!” Mary cried again.

Her hoodie was yanked away from her body immediately, and they started taking turns to sck her bbs.

“Christ!!!” She screamed out.


A gvnshot made them let go, and they were shocked to see Rosario behind them.

He has a mvrderous livid, angry look on his face.

“Boss!” They trembled, bowing their heads.

Mary covered herself with her arms, bending beside the tree, she was still crying, shaking with cold.

Rosario came close and looked at crying Mary first.

He could see how red her bbs are as a result of the presses.

Then her red face as a result of the sI.ap, then her tears.

He took off his jacket and covered her with it first, then he faced the trembling guys.

“Strlp” he commanded.

Without waiting, the guys strlpped quickly, their things ringing church bells as they stood nkedly.

Rosario got a knlfe from his pocket and walked to the first one.


“How dare you lay your fking hands on her” he muttered, grabbing his flngers.

He cvt off the ten flngers at once.

“Argghhhhh!!!!” He screamed, his bI.ood flooding down.

The remaining two guys were already crying.

Mary’s eyes widened at the scene.

Rosario proceeded to his dk and cvt it off too.

“Fk!!!!!” He cried.


“Don’t mess with what’s mine” Rosario muttered.




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