Clyde was watching everything from the apple tree, and immediately Rosario went out of sight, he smiled shortly.

“Interesting” he muttered.

“Get down!” Terrius said from the base of the tree.

“What’s up?” He asked, looking down at him.

“We need to go spill some blood” Terrius replied, and Clyde climbed down immediately.

“Someone tried to hack into the systems, whoever it is has been tracked” Terrius said.

Clyde immediately led the way, rushing to the underground park.

“Mary will be dead by now, don’t you think?” Terrius asked as he walked beside him.

“RIP to her” Clyde replied.

“Mean bstard” Terrius said when they entered the park.

Hellcat, Bullet and Virus were already waiting.

Nightingale and Romanio joined them.

“Where’s Rosa?” Romanio asked immediately.

“He’ll be here in a bit” Hellcat replied.

“Where’s he?” Romanio asked again.

“I said he’ll soon be here” Hellcat replied glaringly.

“Hey you’re crossing the line again” Romanio said, throwing a gum into his mouth.

Rosario walked in immediately.

“Where the fk were you?” Romanio questioned.

“Somewhere” Rosario replied gently.

Romanio inhaled before talking again.

“Rapunzel and Pandora were attacked by The Imperium”

“Lucifer just became the boss, and he’s already begging for de.ath?” Nightingale smirked, smoking.

“We should take care of this first, then we talk about Lucifer later” Rosario said, and they all got in three different cars.

They drove out to the streets, and the address led them to a poor neighborhood.

They got to the surprisingly small house and Rosario broke down the door.

There are more than thirty people inside, they’re all definitely hackers, cos they’re all working on systems.

Everyone of them stood in shock immediately the Messengers of de.ath came in.

“Spill” Romanio ordered, and the falcons started the bloodbath.

Clyde pvnched the nearest one, and that single pvnch knocked life out of him, he fell down d.ead.

He shoved a knlfe into the neck of another one, making his head drop.

Terrius grabbed one, grinding his head on the wall mercilessly till the skin on his head peeled with the wall.

He let go of him and got his gvn, shooting his mouth.

Hellcat kept sending them to h’ll with her kller kcks.

She never kcks twice before klling, a kck to h’ll.

She kcked another one, sending her head to the table, she st..abbed the head together with the table.

Nightingale $hoved her long naiIs into the eyes of one, drawing out the balls before dropping him d..ead.

Bullet and Virus are busy flipping them, once they flip them on the ground, they sh.oot at their heads.

Romanio kept cvtting off h.eads, four h.eads are already rolling in front of him.

He cvt off another, and the h..ead smashed on the wall, splashing bI.ood.

Rosario sh.oots them directly, cos to him, they’re too simple to waste his energy on.

Five minutes later, they’re all down.

BI.ood filled the whole place, both the walls and the ground.


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