Mary started shaking tremblingly,full of fear for the ruthless metal that was placed on her

“I’m…I’m… sorry…” she stammered, unable to look up at him.

“Apply the rest yourself” he threw the container on the bed and withdrew the gvn, then he started walking out of the room.

“I…” Mary said, and he stopped.

He looked back slowly.

“I…. I… Need…pad.. I’m…on my…flow” she said, her face still down.

He gave her an indecipherable look and left without replying.

His dk still remained hard till he arrived, and he continued feeling h..orny, feeling like fking someone till that person bI.eeds.

“That girl, dmn!” He ranted, shooting at no one in particular.

“It shouldn’t have been her, not her” he mumbled, trying to keep his dk in check, but it kept bulging at the thought of her.

He grabbed his phone and called Terrius.

“At your service boss” Terrius voice came.

“Send a moll to my mansion, right now” he ordered.

“Huh?” Terrius said shockingly

It has never happened before, Rosario ordering for a moll???

“Wanna die?, Send the fking moll!” Rosario yelled.

“Sure boss” he replied.

Rosario hung up and threw his phone on the bed.

Three minutes later, a knock sounded on the door.

“Get the h’ll in” he replied, and a bursty girl came in, she was already nked.

She walked to him and waited for orders.

Rosario took off his pa..nts, his erect thing getting the girl excited.

He suddenly pulled her closer by the @ss, dipping three fingers into her at once.

“Oh my!, Yes Lord!” She gasped and mo…aned and a time.

Seeing that it fitted in, he withdrew his fingers and made to insert his thing, but it went down already.

The bulge disappeared!

“Fk” he muttered

The girl looks surprised too, not until the next order came.

“On your knees”

She knelt in front of him and didn’t wait for the next order before taking his thing in her palms.

She started caressing the heavy long thing, but he wasn’t feeling any pleasure, and he’s not getting hard.

“Sck on it” he ordered, and she took it into her mouth, scking it bchily.

He held her hair roughly.

“If I don’t get hard or feel pleasured, I’m gonna wound you” he said seriously.

Her eyes widened, and she immediately increased her pace, chocking on him repeatedly, rubbing her mouth walls with it.

She let it h!t her throat and tightened her mouth around it, expecting a groan from him, but it never came

She drew it out and put it in again, but Rosario felt nothing at all… hardness nor pleasure.

He pushed her head away from his size, and like he promised, he got his gvn.

“I can try again boss!, Please give me one more chance and I promise to make you hard and feel pleasured boss!, I…

He shot at her back, and she held her lips together as she started bI.eeding, she dare not make a sound.

” Leave” he ordered, and she ran out of the room

He threw the gvn on the be.d and pulled up his p.ants, getting out of the room.


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