Hellcat was still crying with the others at the shore when she suddenly saw rough movements in the other side of the sea.

She strained her eyes, focusing more on that part.

The others noticed too, and a loud turbulence happened…

Accompanied with the turbulence were Rosario and Mary.

Their heads came up first, and they released the breaths they’ve been keeping in.

“Hold me” Rosario said, and Mary looked him in the eye before hugging him from behind.

He started swimming, taking the two of them back to you the shore.

“Rosario!!!” Hellcat screamed.

“Lord Rosario!” Rapunzel said shockingly.

“It’s him, him!” Pandora said happily.

“Fk, that was scary” Terrius smiled.

Clyde let go of Romanio and they both looked back to see them.

“Rosa!” Romanio said and started swimming to the shore too, Clyde followed suit.

Rosario got to the shore with Mary, and Hellcat hugged him so tight immediately, the hug almost knocked breath out of him as it was so tight.

“I’m fking suffocating” he said, trying to break the hug but she tightened it.

Mary looked at them and bit the side of her mouth.

“Are you ok?” Rapunzel asked her, and she nodded.

Pandora smiled at her, and she returned it slowly.

“It’s ok now” Rosario said and pulled away from the hug.

“It’s a good thing you’re alive” Hellcat smiled, holding his arms.

Romanio came out of the water and took three long steps to Rosario, hugging him tighter than Hellcat did.

“Did you miss me that much?” Rosario smiled, hugging him back.

“Bstard!, just shut the fk up!” Romanio shouted, tightening the hug.

Rosario smiled again and started patting his back.

“I’m sorry I scared you bro”

Clyde came out and started staring at Mary, he badly wants to hug her and hold her in his arms right now, but the fear of Rosario kept him on his spot.

But seeing her like this is just ok for now, at least she’s alive.

“Are you ok?” He asked gently, his body stinging as if pepper was disposed on it.

“Yes, what about you?” Mary smiled, taking a strand of wet hair away from her face.

Clyde nodded, and she bit her lip, he quickly looked away.

Romanio finally broke the long hug and punched Rosario on the face immediately.

Hellcat gasped as Rosario staggered.

“That’s for making me cry, dummy!” Romanio shot an icy glare.

“I’m sorry” Rosario smiled.

“You were already out of the ship before it blew up?” Hellcat asked.

“Yes, I could already smell gasoline immediately I stepped in, so I knew the fire arrow would come, the arrow hit the ship immediately I jumped out with her” Rosario replied

“So… Gucci came all the way from the US like she said in the note, and she’s now working with the rogues?” Rapunzel said.

“The serpents would have dispersed, we stole all their money anyways” Romanio said with a victorious smile.

“Her rogues are down too, she’ll work with another person” Rosario replied.

“Lucifer” Clyde said.

“That’s right, she’ll find shelter with the Imperium, and they’ll start making another plan” Pandora said.


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