“Roma gosh!”

“I missed this!”


“Fk me till I die!”

“Kll me baby!”

“Kll me with your ck!”

“Break my Iegs baby!”

Nightingale’s ear-splitting screams could he heard even twenty feets away from the mansion as Romanio knacked her angrily.

It wasn’t like the usual ones, but her pssy is always ready to take even something worse.

He was lying on the b.ed with her right side, and he was lying behind her same way, fking her hole, and at the same time, he was fingering her pssy with four fingers at once.

“Roma I love you I swear with my life!”

“I swear… please fk me harder daddy!”

“Give it to me daddy!”

Romanio’s fingers sunk more deeply and faster into her pssy, and loud sounds like footsteps accompanied the drilling.

He removed his fingers and concentrated on fking her mercilessly, her mouth never closed for once, she was screaming like a mad woman.

He held her bvm apart with his palms and he rowed faster, reaching her spot at each drill.

He suddenly let go of the @$s before holding up her right leg, he pulled out and she looked back at him.

“Please fk me again, I can’t get enough Roma” she begged.

He gave her lips a brvtal kss before returning his dk, into her pssy this time.

“Daddy yes!”

“I love you daddy!”

He was already inching close to an orga$m, so is she.

His hands worked on her bbs in the front.

He was pressing her tips so hard as if to get milk out of them forcefully….

He was about to come down from his high when the door kicked open and Rosario came in, interrupting them.

Romanio didn’t stop though, he kept fking, and she kept screaming.

“We need to talk, Roma” Rosario said simply and left the room.

Romanio pulled out of her and poured his cvm on her pssy, it started dripping down as he stood.

“Get out” he ordered, throwing on his pants.

He left the room and met Rosario in the living room.

He picked a smoke and made to lighten it, but when he remembered his smoke problem, he stopped and threw it on the ashtray.

“I’m sorry” Rosario said, and he looked at him.


“Everything, it’s only now I realize how selfish I’ve been” Rosario replied, and Romanio smirked.

“I won’t chose Donna over you, but you also have to understand me Roma”

“Then tell me everything in details” Romanio replied.

“That girl… she’s a proof that I’m a man”

Romanio’s eyes widened.


“She makes me hard” he replied, and Romanio’s eyes widened again.

“Hold on, she makes your dk rise?”

Rosario nodded simply.

“What the fk!”

“Yeah, I fked her a number of times already”

“Fk!, Rosa!” Romanio shouted shockingly.

“Stop shouting” Rosario replied and Romanio fell on the couch.

“You should have told me motherfker”

“Here comes the reason for my sorry” Rosario replied.

“So… she’s your dk tamer, nothing more…. right?” Romanio asked, looking him in the eye.

Rosario looked away.

“She’s your sx toy, nothing more…. right?” Romanio asked again, coming closer.

“Nothing more” Rosario replied at once, and Romanio patted him.

“We’re good”

“But come to think of it, isn’t it ridiculous that she’s the only one? A sister for fk sake” he further said.

Rosario sighed.


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