“My…my Lord” Mary whispered shockingly.

He brought his right hand to her hair while the left remained on her back, pressing her body closer to his own.

“Don’t do things that make me lose my temper” He said gently, and she blinked once.

“Yes… my Lord” she said slowly.

He closed his eyes and started rubbing his fingers on her hair, it was even reaching her scalp.

She slowly raised her arms to his back too, hugging him back as tightly as he was hugging her.

She felt safe and peaceful in his arms, so much that she was unaware of when she asked the next question.

“Y…you .. don’t hate me…. right?” She asked, and he broke the hug immediately.

She quickly looked down and took in her lower lip cutely, hoping that the question didn’t get him angry.

“Donna” he called, and she looked up.

“My Lord” she replied calmly.

“I can never hate you” he said, and she blinked.

He brought his right hand to her face, holding it up.

He stared at her lips for a while before looking into her eyes.

It didn’t take long before she started smiling cutely.

It’s now he notices she has dimples, not-so-deep ones, and it’s cute!

She drew closer and hugged him gently, resting her head on his chest.

“I promise never to defy you anymore, I’ll always listen to you, and I’ll…

“I hate promises” he interrupted, and she stopped talking.

“I’m sorry my Lord” she whispered, and he broke the hug.

“Tell me everything in details” he said.

“He told me about it some days ago, and I had plans to tell him that it’s not a good idea, but the moment I ran into him, even after I turned him down, he…

She stopped and took in her lip.

“Details” he said.

“…ss” she said slowly, and his eyes widened in anger.

Now he wants to kll him again, how could he!

He got down from the bed and drank from the brandy again, seems like it’s helping.

“The multicoloured woman snapped a picture of my face when she was dragging me to the sea” she suddenly said, and he dropped the bottle.

He knows exactly what that means, so he got his shirt and put it on.

He got one of his shirts and threw it on the bed.

“Get that on your body” he ordered, and she took it.

He walked out of the room immediately.

Mary got out of the duvet and put on the shirt, it barely even covers her bvm, it’s so short .

She lay back on the bed and covered herself, but she suddenly sighted his phone on the bed, right beside her.

She took it and pressed the on button.

His lock screen wallpaper is the tattoo of the crescent moon at the back of his hand.

She sighed before dropping the phone.

“It must mean something big to him” she muttered, remembering his face.

She has never seen his smile before, but even his mean and dvilish expressions are hot, now that she’s thinking about it.

Immediately his thoughts flooded her head, she felt her cIlt spreading apart on their own, her pssy got wet.

She had to press her thighs together to control herself.

“‘Whats wrong with me?’ she thought, and her mind went to their last sx on the couch.

Her pssy got wetter.

“Gawd” she muttered, licking her lips as she covered herself completely, pressing her thighs more tightly on each other.


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