Mary’s eyes was on his fat thing as he climbed with her.

“On all f.ours” he said, and she obeyed.

He pushed his thing inside her directly, and her breath seized immediately.

He held her bvm and started the hardest b.ang ever.

Right from the first thrvst, tears were already escaping her eyes, it was harsh and brvtal, so painful.

He was fking her with all the might in him, as if he’s in a battleground.

“Ouchh!, It’s painful!”

“Please go easy on me!”

“Go easy on me I beg you!”

“My Lord I’m sorry!!!”

He didn’t listen, all he did was fk her harder as she pleaded, he started pressing her tips so hard, pouring more p.ains into her body.

“AHHHH!!!! She screamed, more tears escaping her glassy eyes.

He pulled out and gave her pvsy a loud painful sI.ap.

“Have mercy my Lord!!” She cried again, and he shoved his size back in again, continuing the fast bang.

This is nothing like the sxes they had, this is pure to.rture.

It was nowhere near pleasure, her head was spinning and her tears kept pouring as she held the sheets tightly.

“I’m sorry my Lord!”

“I promise to always listen to only you!!’

“I’m in pains!!”

“Forgive me Lord Rosario!!”


More tears fell on the bed from her eyes, and Rosario stopped moving

“I’m so sorry…I’m sorry” she sniffed gently.

He pulled out of her and got down from the bed, putting on his p.ants.

Though he planned to punish her till she faints, but he just can’t.

Her tears hurts his ears.

He got a bottle of brandy and drank directly from it before walking to the window, leaning on the frame.

Mary sat on the bed and draped the duvet over herself, still crying slowly.

‘I deserve it’ she thought.

Rosario took another gulp from the bottle and left the window, dropping the bottle.

He climbed the bed with her and she shifted back, but he held her shoulder to keep her still.

Their eyes met, and he brought his thumb to her face, shocking the fk out of her.

He started wiping her tears, attaching no emotion to his eyes though.

She looked him in the eye throughout, as his cold hands wiped her warm tears.

When he finished wiping, he finally looked into her eyes, and she swallowed hard.

His eyes shifted to her tempting lips, and his Adam’s apple moved slightly as he started leaning in.

Mary swallowed hard again, and her eyes started closing slowly, slowly, and slowly.

Rosario kept leaning closer, closer and closer.

His red pouty lips switched route, and he placed it on her right ear instead, her eyes flew open.

“I’m sorry” he whispered, and her eyes widened as he wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug.


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