By Authoress Popcorn

Chapter Forty Two

Erica shot her eyes wide open as Kelvin kissed her. She felt like it was another dream of hers but it wasn’t.

She quickly pushed him away, glaring hard at him.
She was speechless for some seconds. What she could only do was to leave, which was what she did.

She threw the door open and left his room with the glass. For some seconds, she wished she didn’t go to his room.
Erica didn’t go back to the dinning room, she went to her room and laid quietly on the bed.

Few minutes later, Ava came knocking.
“Erica?” She called out but poor Erica didn’t want to answer. She just kept mute, laying on the bed as the image of Kelvin kssing her replayed in her head over and over again.

“Erica?!” Ava yelled louder and banged the door hard.

Erica snapped out of her dreamland and came back to reality.
She hopped towards the door and opened it.

“Sorry..” she said and hopped back to the bed.

“Were you asleep?” She asked. Erica shook her head.

“Calvin and I waited for you at the dinning but you didn’t come back” she said and sat on the bed with Erica.

“I was just dizzy so… I came to take my drugs” Erica lied.

“Oh… I will be off now. I have to resume work on Wednesday and… Woah, I have tomorrow left” she said.

“That’s good” Erica said with a happy voice, deep down, she was thinking about what happened minutes ago.

“That’s good? Is that all what you can say?” Ava asked, giving Erica a questioning look.

“Yeah, I mean… What else do you want me to say?” She asked.

Ava sighed, still staring at Erica.
“I think something’s wrong somewhere. What happened between you and Kelvin?” She asked.

“Nothing!” Erica replied too quick.

“I know there’s something wrong with both of you. Last time, at the pool you were acting strange. Now, the same thing. Did he ask you out? Or is he jealous that his brother won the game”

“No, he didn’t. Nothing like that happened. I’m just tired, you know… Ice cream, chess and.. I’m just tensed” Erica tried to explain, even if she was lying.

“Look Erica, you don’t have to te me what’s going on. I’ll find it out myself” Ava said and head to the door.

“He kssed me..”

Ava stopped halfway and turn to stare at her friend.
“What did you say?” She asked as she shot her eyes and mouth wide open.

Erica wished she didn’t have to say that. She watched as Ava sat back on the exact spot she sat before.

“Kelvin kssed you…?” She asked again, this time louder.

“Keep your voice down. Don’t let anyone hear you” Erica frowned.

“Oh please… Kelvin kissed you.. like.. mouth and mouth?”

“That’s the reason I didn’t want to tell you. Just please Ava, let this stay between both of us” Erica pleaded.

“I wish.. but I’ll try. I knew he liked you”

“No, no he doesn’t. It was just a mistake and I’m sure about that”

“Look, we’ll discuss about this tomorrow. I have to hurry, it’s getting late. Next time… React to the kss…you know, grab his neck, pull his…”

“Okay that’s enough. You have to leave already” Erica said and pushed her out of her room.


Erica locked the door behind and hopped to her bed.
She stopped halfway and furrowed her eyebrows like she was forgetting something.

“Oh yeah…” She said and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth.
She wanted to brush away Kelvin’s lips print from her mouth.

She stared at her reflection on the mirror and stopped.
“I can wash away the print but not the memory..” she murmured.


The next morning, Erica didn’t come down for breakfast. She laid on her bed, she didn’t want to see Kelvin at all. Not even a glimpse.

Calvin and Kelvin were in their home office.
They were looking for a particular file.

“Found it…” Kelvin said.

Calvin grabbed it from him to confirm. He heaved a breath of relief and hugged his brother.

“Thanks saved my life today. Here! Have it, I may forget it when going for the meeting” Calvin said and handed the file to his brother.

Kelvin collected it and walked away.
He went into his room to get ready for the meeting. As he closed the door behind, he remembered what happened between him and Erica last night.

“The explains why did didn’t come down for breakfast today” he murmured and went into the bathroom.
Calvin was already ready for the meeting. He saw Barbie entering his room. She sat on his bed and pouted her lips like a child.

He saw her reflection on the mirror and turned to stare at her.
“Why are you here?” He asked.

“Oh my lovely brother…” She stood up and walked towards him.

“Today is Tuesday and.. you know the mall is full and..”

“I don’t have my card with me… I gave it out as a present” Calvin said.

“What? How could you give away almost four billion dollars?!” She yelled.

“It was a bet.. so she won”

“What? A she? Who the fk is she?!” She yelled.

“It’s Erica. I gave her as a gift for saving your life”

“You could have given her other things. Argh! How am I gonna…”

“Barbie..” he interrupted her.
She raised her head and glared at him.

“You are celebrity but you don’t enjoy using your own money. You are greedy. Ask Erica for some money and if she gives you, then I’ll advice you to learn from her” he said and left the room.

He got out the same time with Kelvin. They both left the house together but in their different cars.

Barbie stumbled her feet on the ground like a child who just lost his candy.
She summoned courage and went to Erica’s room.

She knocked the door softly.
“Come in” she heard a soft reply from behind.

“Hey Erica…” She greeted.

“Hi..” Erica said and sat up from the bed, looking a little but tired and stressed out.

“I want to… You know just check on you as your future in law” she chuckled.

Erica smirked.
“Why are you here Barbie?

“Oh that.. um, I just wanted to check on you because you weren’t at the dining today to have breakfast with us” she lied again.

“I see… Excuse me.. I need to take this call” she said and answered her phone.

“I see.. yeah, she’s here with me. She didn’t want to ask me. Thank’s for calling. Bye!” She disconnected the call and threw her phone on the bed.

“Was that Calvin?” Barbie asked and she nodded.

“Oh my goodness, he told you already?” She asked, almost yelling. Erica nodded again.

“Ah! Why? Erica please, I really need that card. I’ve been using it for shopping until now he..”

“Calvin didn’t tell me anything. I just tricked you. You could have just asked” Erica said and pulled her lower drawer.
She took the card and handed it over to Barbie.

“Really?” Barbie asked, giving her a shocking expression.

“Of course… I don’t mind. I really don’t know what to do with four billion dollars”

“Thanks Erica. Thank you so much!” Barbie squealed and ran out of Erica’s room.

She went to her room and changed into something nice. She entered into her car and drove herself to the mall.
Erica was alone in the house, except the maids. She ate her little breakfast and left the dining table.

As she got to the sitting room, the door flung open as Josh walked in wearing his uniform.

“Why are you here?” Erica asked.
Kelvin was driving behind his brother. He stared at the passenger seat and noticed he was forgetting something.

“Sh!t the documents” he yelled. He quickly took a u-turn and head back home.
“I asked a question Josh…”

“Why? I’m the one inspecting your case. I’m here you protect you”

“I know you are lying, okay? Just leave, I don’t want to see you” she said.

Josh shook his head and walked closer to her.
“You have to see me Erica, I’m the one for you”

“How shameless. How can you say such a thing?” Erica yelled. She was upset and angry.

Josh chuckled.
“Just kidding..”

“Kidding or no kidding, leave!”

“Erica… Relax. You are injured. I was just kidding, okay? Trust me, I will never harm you” he said and walked closer to her.

Erica kept mute and watched him, get closer to her.
“Why are you here then?”

“I just… Wanted to..” he stammered as he grabbed her crutches.

“We could talk about this in your room..” he said.

That was when Erica knew he was up to something.
She grabbed her crutches back from him with a huge frown on her face.


As he opened his mouth to speak…

“You heard the lady.. leave!”

They turned and saw Kelvin standing behind them. No one knew how long he had been by the door.

Josh saw Kelvin and shook a little.
“I’ll speak to you later. Take care of yourself” he said and left.

They both watched him as he left.
As soon as he was out of sight, they both exchanged glances.

Kelvin diverted his gaze and walked pass her, towards the office.

“Kelvin…” She called out and he stopped walking.

He turned and gave her questioning look, not wanting to utter a word to her.

“Thank you” she said.

“Why thanking me? It’s all thanks to your boyfriend I had to come back” Kelvin said and wanted to turn.

“What does Calvin has to do with this? Why are you always…”

“Look, Erica I’m late for my meeting” he said.

Erica pulled his hand, stopping him.
“Why did you kss me?” She asked.

“Kss you? You call that kssing?” He scoffed.

Erica didn’t believe what Kelvin just said.

“Erica.. I didn’t kss you. I only touched your lips with mine that’s all” he said and turned to leave.

A smile crept on her face.
“I guess I’ve gotten my answer. I just wanted to be sure about who my dream man is and it’s obviously not you. You can never be a good person. And yes… Kssing or touching lips with lips is a no no for me..” she warned as she left. She believed that Kelvin doesn’t have any feeling for her at all.

She thought of a way to get more closer to Calvin. He was obviously her dream man.

“There’s no way that id!ot would ever be mine..” Erica murmured and went to her room. She slammed the door hard and threw herself on the bed.


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