By Authoress Popcorn

Chapter Forty Three

Kelvin sighed and left to get the documents he forgot. He entered into his car and drove back to the company.
They had their meeting for almost six hours.
Erica was bored at home, she was on her phone throughout the day. She became tired of the phone and closed her eyes to sleep. She was going to the company tomorrow. She hoped nothing goes wrong again, just like the last time.

That was the opportunity for her to think about her father’s enemies.
“Dad never had any enemy. Who’s after my life? Our lives?” She asked herself. She grabbed her phone and dialed her brother’s number.

It rang for some seconds before she heard his voice.
“What’s up Erica?” He asked.

“I’m doing fine bro… I just wanted to ask you something less important right now. Are you chanced?” She asked.

“I’m never busy for my sister. Talk to me…” He said.

Erica sighed and sat up.
“You are way older than me. You know dad more than me. Does he have any enemies?” She asked.

“Erica… You also know dad. He doesn’t” he replied.

“Yeah, I know. But who is then after our lives?” She asked.

“I have no idea Erica. I’ve not been in the country for some years and when I’m back, all this sht started”

“I’m really sorry for that. It’s all my fault. It’s all because I opened the case. Even if we find the culprit, it still makes no difference to their de.ath”

“So are you going to close the case?” He asked.

“Yeah, I will. I mean, I have to. I can’t put Calvin and his family’s life at risk. I just hope he allow me close the case”

“It’s alright. Just let me know when you’ve done something” he said.

“Sure, bye” Erica said and disconnected the call.
She wished she doesn’t have to close the case. She could feel the culprit close by, staring at her, watching her every move but she can’t just know who it is.


Josh pulled his car over. He alighted and saw that he had a flat tyre.

“Fk!” He groaned and kicked his tyre.
Then he heard his phone vibrating in his pocket. He brought it out and placed it on his ear.

“Hello, detective Josh speaking..”

“It’s Winnie. I’ve gotten the three properties papers” she said.

“Oh, I never expected you to be fast. Well then, we’ll meet tomorrow. Bring the documents to Greg’s mansion” he said.

“But my…”

“No but… 11 am. Don’t be late!” He said and disconnected the call.
He slipped his phone back into his pocket and stared at his flat tyre again.

He had no idea on what to do.


Erica was in the sitting room, watching TV. It was a stand-up comedy.

She had some pop corn by her side.
That was when Barbie walked in with some loads of clothes.

“Yello” she greeted.
Erica turned and saw the stuff she bought.

“Hey… Barbie?” Erica called out. She couldn’t believe Barbie could buy so many things.

“Oh my goodness, what are you doing with so many stuff?” She asked.

“Well, I need new dresses” she simply replied.

“What about your old ones?”

“I give them out… You know… charity”

Erica rolled her eyes and threw herself back on the sofa.

“Hey Calvin.. welcome Kelvin”
Erica heard Barbie’s voice. She turned and saw that they’ve arrived quite late.

Calvin neglected his sister’s greetings and walked towards Erica. He sat beside her and placed his hands over her shoulder.

“I got your message. Is it something important?” He asked.

“Woah… I’m jealous..” Barbie jokingly said and went into her room with her new dresses.

“No, it’s not” Erica said and touched his hair. She was trying to make Kelvin jealous.

But Kelvin wasn’t moved at all. He just wanted to know why she sent him a message.

“Then what happened? Talk to me” Calvin said with concern in his voice.

“It’s about the case” she said.

Calvin furrowed his eyebrows.
“What about the case?” He asked.

“I want to close it” she said.

Calvin shook his head.
“Why?” He whispered.

She turned and stared at Kelvin.
He just walked away. He has already heard what he wanted to hear. He walked upstairs, straight to his room.
“I can’t put you and your family’s life at risk just because of the case. What if he hurts Barbie but I’m not able to save her again. What about you?”

Calvin gave a silent chuckle.
“I don’t care Erica. All I care about is your life and we must catch the culprit. How sure are you that he would stop terrorising you if you close the case?”

Indeed, he has a point.
Erica lowered her gaze.

“I have no idea Calvin. I’m confused and scared!” Erica said she sniffed in.

“You don’t have to cry. I’ll do everything in my power to find that culprit and I’ll make him pay for everything he has caused”

She raised her head and placed it on his chest.
“Thank you Calvin” she murmured.


Erica had her dinner in her room. She hasn’t heard from her friend since the day started.
She decided to call her brother to tell him about the final decision.

“Yes, I’m not. Calvin gave a point. What if he doesn’t stop after we close the case?”

“You are right, I mean. He is right. You just carry on. I will also try my possible best to find that id!ot” he said.

“Good night” she said and disconnected the call.


The next morning, she was woken up by Ava.
She was looking so hot on her first day.

“Hey bch” she greeted as she entered into the room.

“Oh my gosh, Ava?” Erica cheered as she sat up from her bed.

“Come on, get your a** off that bed and get ready for work. Thanks to you and your card… I got new dresses” she said.

Erica smiled. As she threw her legs out of the bed, she heard a soft knock on the door. Then it flung wide open with Calvin walking in.

“Good morning ladies…”

“Good morning.. ” they both chorused.

“Erica… You won’t be going to work for the meantime” he said.

Erica felt like her heart was broken.
“What? Why?” She asked.

“Just to keep you safe” he said.

“I have my body guards with me. It’s fine” she tried to convince him but he wasn’t listening.

He walked closer to her and squatted.
“No Erica, no. You can work from home and don’t worry, I’ll pay you” he said.

“No, I don’t…”

“Erica, please try to understand. I’m trying to protect you. Ava…” He turned to face Ava, hoping she could explain better to her.

Ava sighed.
“He is right Erica. Calvin is right. You just have to stay hidden for sometime. We are going to find the culprit as soon as possible so that you can come back to the company”

Erica sighed.
“Fine. I’ll stay here and work from home. You just bring my laptop”

He smiled and quickly hugged her.
“That’s my girl. If you need anything, just let me know” he said.

Erica nodded.
He watched as they both left her room. Ava wished Erica followed her.

They left the house and saw Kelvin standing by the car. He was waiting for them to arrive. He leaned on the car, staring at his phone as his left hand laid in his left pocket.
“Let’s go bruh..” Calvin said and opened the door.

He looked round but he didn’t see Erica around.
“Where’s Erica?” He asked.

“She isn’t coming” he said.

Kelvin looked disappointed.
“Uh.. I’m not feeling quite we. I need the doctor” he said.

Calvin furrowed his eyebrows and stretched his hand to touch his forehead.

“You are not hot..” he said.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m going in, you take care of everything today” he said and head in.

Ava folded her arms. She already knows what’s happening.

“Let’s go Ava..” Calvin said and they went into the car.
She wished she was there to see what would happen between those two but she can’t.

She put on her seatbelt and they drove off with their bodyguards driving behind them.
Calvin was on his phone throughout the whole journey.


Erica used her crutches and walk herself to the kitchen.

“What can I get you mistress?” One of the maid asked.

“Uh, nothing. I’m fine. I can take care of myself” she quickly replied. She didn’t like the idea of being called mistress.

She started looking round for ingredients to make herself breakfast. She grabbed the bread from the refrigerator and toasted them. She took the peanut butter jar.

“Where is the sugar?” She murmured.

She raised her gaze and saw it on the cupboard.
“Argh, why is it so high?” She asked herself.

She leaned her crutches by the wall and took a stool. She climbed it with a foot and tried to reach it.
The stool was a little bit wobbly but she still tried to get the sugar.

Her hands still can’t reach it.
“Ah!” She groaned again.

“What are you doing?”
She heard a familiar annoying voice behind. She already know who it was. She kept mute and continued struggling, trying to reach the sugar jar.

“That’s not the sugar. It’s in the cupboard beside you” he said.

Erica started panting hard. She couldn’t get down from the stool because she was standing with a foot and the stool was wobbly.
She still doesn’t know how to ask for help from Kelvin.

“Thank you” she said, expecting him to leave but he still stood there like a rock.

“Why are you still there?” He asked.

“The stool… Is..”

He didn’t even listen to her fully before he grabbed her by the waist and carried her to the floor.

She packed her hair to the back of her ear.
“Thank you” she said and opened the cupboard. She saw the sugar lying there.

She picked it and started making herself a cup of hot tea.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“Why are you here Kelvin?” Erica interrupted him. There was a little bit of anger in her voice.


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