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Chapter Forty Nine

Ava left to the office with Calvin. Calvin was so busy to check on his girlfriend.

“How is Erica?” He asked Ava.

“She’s good” she replied.
He nodded and stared at his tablet.

“What’s on today’s agenda?” He asked again.

“Uh.. you have a meeting with your father and..”

“Oh yeah, drive to palace restaurant” he ordered the driver.

“Yes master…” He said and turned the car around, heading to palace restaurant.
“The grand opening is in two days, I hope you are ready Ava”

Ava chuckled softly.
“I guess so. Do I get transferred?”

“Do you want to be transferred?” He asked.

“No, I don’t want to” she secretly rolled her eyes.
Calvin smirked and stared back at his tablet.

Ava wished they went to the company. She needed to talk to Kelvin urgently. She wondered what Calvin had to discuss with his father.


Few hours later, they got to palace restaurant. The whole building was booked already because Mr Greg and Calvin’s mother was there. They needed privacy.

“This way master…” They said to Calvin and Ava as they led them into the restaurant.


“Oh my son..” Mr Greg said and hugged Calvin.

“Hello sir, greetings ma’am” Ava said softly.

“Hi..” Calvin’s mom replied.

They pulled out the chair and sat comfortably.

“Did you replace Erica?” His father asked. He knew that Erica was his assistant.

“Oh no father, she’s Kelvin’s assistant but I need her to come with me here” he said.

“How’s Erica?” He asked.

“She’s good. She’s at the mansion presently. I asked her to work from home, the culprit hasn’t been caught” Calvin said.

“I see, I hope he’s caught soon. Her father was the best assistant I ever had” he said.

Calvin scoffed.
“So father, I have something to talk to you about” he said.

“Tell me son” he said.

“Waiter..bring the meal already” Calvin’s mom said and clapped her hands.

“I want to get engaged to Erica” he said.

They both shot their eyes wide open.
“You want to get engaged to her?” He asked again as if he didn’t hear his son.

“Yes father…” He said. He expected his father to be shocked and a little bit violent.

“Then you have my support” he said. Calvin was surprised at first.

“Really father?” He asked.

“Of course, you are my son and I want the best for you”

“You have my support also. She’s a sweet girl, even if I only met her once” his mother said.

“What about Kelvin? Is he still grumpy?”

“No dad, he isn’t like that anymore. He’s a changed person” he said.

“That’s great news… Cheers to that”

“I want to spend the night at my son’s place to see my daughter in law” his mother said, staring at her husband.

“Fine by me Tracy”

“No, if you are staying you can’t let her know I want to get engaged to her. It’s a secret and a surprise for her”

“What if she rejects you sir?” Ava asked with a little smile on her face.

“Trust me, she won’t” he said and smiled at his parents.
They all cheered and started eating their meal.

Ava couldn’t believe that Calvin’s parents agreed to this quickly. She also noticed that they loved Calvin way more than Kelvin. Now she understood why he’s different from his brother.
They ate and went back to the company. The driver drove Tracy to the mansion. She saw Erica in the kitchen wearing a shirt with a huge top that belonged to Calvin.

“Greetings mistress, you have a guest” one of the guard said.

“Who is it?” She asked.

“It’s Calvin’s mother” he replied. Erica was shocked.

“Why’s she here?” She asked as she washed her hand. She wiped it clean and left the kitchen.

“Greetings ma’am” Erica greeted, with a smile on her face. Tracy leaned forward and touched her cheek.

“How are you doing young lady?” She asked.

“Very well thank you” she said.

Tracy nodded and looked round. She saw how neat and beautiful the house was.

“What can I offer you ma’am?”

“I’m Tracy, call me Tracy” she said.

Erica shook her head.
“With all due respect ma’am, I can’t call you by your name ma’am” she said and bowed.

“Fine, get me a glass of juice” she said and sat on the couch.

Erica nodded and left to the kitchen.
She poured some fresh juice into the glass and took it to her in the kitchen.

“Here is your juice ma’am”
Erica handed it over to her.
She collected it and sipped from it.

“Tasty, get my room ready for me. I’m tired”

“Yes ma’am, I’ll call Calvin to inform him about your arrival” she said and left.
Erica went to her room and grabbed her phone. She wondered what Calvin’s mother was doing here.

“Hey baby” she said.

“How are you doing my love?” Calvin replied.

“I’m good. Your mom is here” she said.

“Really? That’s great news, just make her feel at home”

“Sure I would. She’s really beautiful” she said.

Calvin gave a silent chuckle and wore a secret smile.
“Thanks Erica, I have to go now” he said and disconnected the call.
Erica went to the room opposite hers and prepared the room for Tracy.
It was almost evening. Ava was with Kelvin in his office.
“You have to sign these papers sir, you won’t be at the office tomorrow” she said to Kelvin.

“Leave them there.. ” he said without even looking at her.
She placed it on his desk and left to her own desk.

Kelvin stared at the paper and looked away.
He hasn’t gotten any call from his investigator so he had to do things his own way. He quickly sprung up and head towards the door.

He stopped when he heard Ava’s voice.
“What?” He called out.

“I want to talk to you about something” she said, leaving the paperwork she was doing.

“If it’s about Erica, I don’t want to listen to you”

“It’s about her..”

As Kelvin heard that, he turned to leave.
“Please Kelvin” he said and hastily grabbed his hand.
The pen she was holding, tore his skin, giving him a wound on his wrist.

“Fk!” He groaned and gazed at her.
Ava moved back from him, closing her mouth.

“I’m sorry, I’m ready sorry. I didn’t mean to..” before she could complete her words, Kelvin left the office.

Ava ruffled her hair and threw her pen away.
“Argh!” She groaned.
She wished things didn’t turn out to be like this.
Kelvin got into his car and slammed the door hard.
He stared at his wrist and saw that he was bIeeding. He rolled his eyes and drove to his mansion.
He got there after an hour. He didn’t forget to buy some meal for Tim.
He got into the house and went straight to Tim’s room. He noticed that he wasn’t looking bad after all.

“Welcome sir” he greeted.
Kelvin placed the food on the table and sat opposite him. He took the food and started eating.

“Mars is” he said.

Tim heard that and dropped his spoon.
“What? That’s impossible! He was arrested”

“Yes, yes he was arrested by the cops but someone klled him in jail, risking the lives of other criminal in the prison”

“So?” Tim frowned.

“What I’m trying to say is that there’s someone else. The main culprit that’s trying to kll Bruno family”

“I don’t know who he was but I’m sure there’s someone. Mars just called him boss” he said.

“Boss? I see. Then the investigator was right. There is someone else and I have to catch him. The problem is that, I don’t know where he is, who he is and what he look like”

Tim didn’t say any word, he just ate his meal in silence. He saw the look on Kelvin’s face.

“Why do you want to find him so badly?” He asked.

Kelvin turned his gaze to Tim and shook his head.
“I really want to see the person trying to kll the one I love” he murmured.

“I see, you loved Mrs Bruno”

Kelvin squeezed his face.
“No, oh no..not her. It’s her daughter” he said and rolled his eyes.

“Oh, her daughter. So you loved Mr Bruno’s daughter, Erica?” He asked.

“How do you know her name?” He asked.

“Is it surprising? The culprit always mentioned her name” he said.

“That means, he’s really close by and…”

“It could be a she. I don’t know though” he said and continued eating.

Kelvin nodded.
“Thank you Tim. Bye for now. Anytime you are hungry just call me, but please don’t try to escape. My dogs are loose” he said and gave him his phone.

“I’m enjoying my life here, I don’t want to escape” Tim yelled as he stuffed the chicken into his mouth.

Kelvin scoffed when he heard Tim say that.
He got into his car and head back to the mansion.
He called his special investigator.

“Yes master..”

“Okay, I just got some information from Tim. I think the culprit knows everything about Erica’s family. He knows everything about their movement and everyone of them. Look into his relatives and other people you think they know about him. One of them could be the kller” he said.

“Yes master…” He said.

“And yes… While Mars was in jail, look into the people that visited him” he said.

“Yes master, I will get back to you” he said and disconnected the call.

“Getting close…” Kelvin said and increased the speed of his car. He went to the mansion and pulled over in front of the building.

“Welcome home master…” They greeted him. He nodded at them and went into the house.

He stopped when he heard that familiar voice. He knew it wasn’t Erica’s voice. He turned and saw his mother.

“Mom?” He called out.

“Come on here big boy!” She said.
Kelvin missed his mother so much. He walked towards his mother and hugged her.

“Here’s your glass of water ma’am” Erica said and placed Tracy’s water on the table.

“Thank you my dear” she said.

Erica smiled and stole glances at Kelvin. She quickly turned and left.

“Oh my big boy, come here let me give you some massage” she said and pushed him to sit on the ground.
He sat down and enjoyed some massage from his mother.

“Argh!” He moaned.


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