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Chapter Forty Seven

Throughout the week, Calvin spent more time with Erica. She was having fun with him more than anyone in the house. Sometimes he would leave the company early just to see Erica.

They were having a lot of fun being together. They went on numerous dates just within four days. He still didn’t her go to the company, sometimes they even talked about marriage.

Kelvin tried his best to avoid Erica, it was clear that she doesn’t want to see him nor talk to him, he also believed that she was his brother’s woman and doesn’t want anything to do with her because he didn’t want to hurt his brother.

He was seated in his office going through some files that was on his table.

There was a sudden knock on the door. He raised his head and stared at the door.
“Come in!” He said with that cold voice once again.

Ava walked into the office and placed a file on his desk. She gave a loud sigh, with her hand on her waist.
“Woah! I’m so tired” She groaned loudly.

Kelvin just glared at her. If she weren’t Erica’s friend, he would have sent her away.
“What’s this?” he asked.

“Dad wants you to read the opening speech for the grand opening”
Kelvin raised his head and saw his brother walking into his office.

“Why? That’s your thing not mine” he said. Kelvin knew his father loves Calvin more than him. He wouldn’t let him do the most important thing related to the company.

Calvin smiled and sat majestically on the chair.
“I know it’s my thing but I have an important thing to do that very day and you are going to help me. I’ve talked to dad about it and he so much loves it”

Kelvin’s lips curved into a smirk as he leaned back on his chair.
“So what is this THING about?” he asked.

“I’ll be proposing to Erica” he said.

Slowly, Kelvin’s smirk turned into a jealous and upset expression. Ava also shot her mouth and eyes open. Calvin turned to face her and gave her warning look.

“This is between us” he whispered, placing his finger on his lips. Ava nodded and imagined a fake zipper on her lips.

“What makes you think that she would accept you?” Kelvin asked with a little coldness his voice.

“Oh don’t worry about that brother. She would…” He said and left his office.
Ava smiled awkwardly at him at left to her little desk. She hoped Calvin was making the right decision by proposing to Erica.

Kelvin leaned back on his chair and spinned. What his brother just said was stuck to his head.

Suddenly, his phone rang. He picked it up and stared at the caller ID. It was his special investigator. He stared at Ava and saw that she was lost in her own thought. He answered the call and placed the phone on his ear.

“What news do you have?” he asked softly.

“Master… I just spotted the truck driver who was paid to crush Mr and Mrs Bruno” He said.
Kelvin leaned away from the chair and placed his hand under his nose, feeling his moustache.

“Where is he?” Kelvin asked.

“I’ll text you the location right now” His special investigator said and disconnected the call.
Quickly, Kelvin sprung up and stormed out of the office. Ava got distracted when he slammed the door hard.

“Kelvin must be upset. I’m sure he’s going to do something to stop the proposal. I should confirm something from Erica” Ava said and left the office also. Since her boss was out of office, she also had the opportunity to leave.
Ava took a cab and head to the mansion.
“Welcome ma’am!” They greeted as Ava walked pass them.
Ava didn’t have enough time to answer them. She just held her bag tight and rushed into the house.

“Erica!!” She yelled as she walked into the house.
there was no sign of her anywhere so she went to her room.

“Erica?” She said as she threw the door wide open.

Erica was having a soothing massage in her room. When she heard her name from that familiar voice, she was forced to raised her head.

“Hey Ava, You came at the right time girl. Come on, join me!” Erica said, smiling weirdly at her.

“I’m not ready for this sh!t Erica. I need to talk to you about something really serious” She said, wearing a very serious expression.

“You’re kidding right?” Erica asked still smiling.

“Really? Do I look like someone who is joking huh?” She asked, still wearing her serious face.

“Oh no, you’re not. A little privacy please…” Erica said to her trainer. She bowed and left the room. Erica stood up and adjusted a little.

“Talk to me…” Erica said.

Ava sat close to her and started touching her hair.
“I am your friend Erica, your closest friend. you can tell me everything right?” Ava asked. Erica gave a soft chuckle and stared at Ava.

“Why are you suddenly asking me such questions? Of course you are my best friend. You are more than a sister to me. So tell me, what’s up?” She asked and adjusted again, moving closer to Ava.

“I know i gave you a day to think about who you think is the man in your dreams between Kelvin and Calvin” She paused and stared at Erica to know if she’s listening.
“It’s four days already so, tell me…who do you think is the man in your dreams?”

Erica’s lips curved into a smile.
“I really do not need to explain things to you. Calvin is the man in my dreams, besides he was the one met first. Remember at the club, duh!” she rolled her eyes.

“What then do you do with Kelvin?” She asked. Erica didn’t understand what Ava was talking about. She gave her questioning look and furrowed her eyebrows.

“What do you mean by that?” She asked. Ava gave a mocking smile.

“Seem like you didn’t notice that two brothers actually fell in love with you huh? Ava asked.

Erica shook her head. She didn’t understand what Ava was talking about. Even if she understood, there was no she could believe it.

“What do you mean by that? There’s no way that sh!t is possible” She said and angrily sprung up.

“Believe it or not, they both love you. I know it’s ¢razy but you just have to believe it so you also have to believe it” She said.

“Kelvin never told me he loved me or anything. That’s why I don’t really give him any attention”

“Now you know, you have to think again. i need to report back to the company, your boyfriend might need me” Ava said and left.

Erica started to recall everything Ava just said. She needed to confirm for herself before believing it.
Kelvin got to the location his investigator sent to him. He saw it was a bar, just like the ones in the 90’s. He wore his sunglasses and walked into the bar. He sat at a spot and ordered a drink. He wanted to use that opportunity to look for the one he was looking for.

As he sipped his drink, his eyes scanned the whole bar. He suddenly found a familiar face and checked his photo on her phone to make sure he was the one. He glanced at the picture and back to him.

“BINGO!!” He said and sprung, walking towards the man.

“Hello Mister! I have something to talk to you about” He said.

The man dropped his drink and stared at Kelvin.
“Who are you?” He asked with a cracked voice.

Kelvin smirked at him, giving him a crazy look. The man recognized him and moved back from Kelvin.

“You are that billionaire I see on television. Why are you here?” He said with a smile on his face

“Oh yeah, i am the one” He replied, showing him a cool face.

“I’m here to pay you for klling Mr and Mrs Bruno. I hope you can remember them” He said, secretly threatening his life.

The man shot his eyes wide open as he remembered what he did to those poor couples. Sometimes, he wished he didn’t kll them.
But now that a billionaire knows about his secret, he knew that he was going to jail next.

He tried to escape but Kelvin was quick enough to catch him. He brought out his pi$tol, trying to kll him but he kicked it from his hand and made him fall on his knees with two hands behind him.

“Nice moves man, but don’t forget that you are old now” Kelvin said and pulled him up. He led him out of the bar and pushed him into the car. Kelvin got into his car and drove downtown. He had his special mansion that he kept to himself, his brother also has his. They both received it as a gift on their tenth birthday. It took him hours to get to the mansion.

When he finally got there, he pushed the man into the house and gave him one of the finest room. He had no cook and foodstuffs here at the house so he ordered some meal for him. He placed the food before him and watched him as he ate.

After eating, he stared at Kelvin wearing a confused expression.
“Why are you treating me to dinner? giving me nice clothes and all of this. I’m a bad person” He said.

Kelvin smirked. That expression contained anger, frustration and vexation. He was just trying to keep them all in and not pour them on the poor man.

“Like I said, I want to thank you for klling Mr and Mrs Bruno….”


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