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Chapter Forty Six

Kelvin watched as Erica walked out on him, leaving him hanging. He dropped the towel and went to his office.

“Arghh!” He groaned as he sat on the chair. He wished he never approched her at all. He felt everything he was doing was making her hate him more and more.

“Ah Erica” he murmured and drew himself closer to the desk. He worked all night trying to get Erica off his mind.
The next morning, he was woken up by his brother.
“Kelvin? Were you here all night?” He asked as he entered into the office fully.

“Yeah” Kelvin replied and stretched. He stared at his brother’s outfit and noticed he wasn’t wearing his office wear.

“Why are you putting on your gym outfit?” He asked.

“Oh I..”

“Take it off now. I can’t allow you gym” he said.

“Oh Kelvin. Just for today. Erica asked for it” he said.


“Come on baby, let’s go already” Erica walked into the scene also wearing a hot gym outfit.
Kelvin traced his hand to her waist.

“Coming… Just wanted Kelvin to join us” he said.

Erica turned and glanced at Kelvin.
She sighed deeply and turned back to stare at her boyfriend.
“Meet me at the gym” she said and left.

As she walked into the kitchen and grabbed a table water, she saw Ava walking into the kitchen.
“Hey bch” she greeted.

Ava opened her mouth when she saw Erica in her hot gym outfit.
“Sht! This is so ¢razy. Erica, you are la bomb la hot!” She said and they both laughed.
They remembered that was what one of their lecturers usually say.

“Thanks Ava” she said and threw the empty can into the trash can close to her.

“I love the new Erica. Please don’t go anywhere” Ava said. Erica giggled.

“It’s just.. I really don’t feel comfortable wearing these stuffs. They are too tight, showing my…”

“A** and curves. I never knew you had those until today. You are a star, more like a model”

“Whatever…” Erica said and wanted to leave.

“Are you doing all of this on purpose?”
Erica heard Ava’s question. She turned and stared at her.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Erica, I understand that you are having a difficult choosing between Calvin and Kelvin. It doesn’t have to be so”

Erica lowered her gaze. She can’t lie to her friend, besides everything was practically obvious already.
“You are right. I’m having a difficult time choosing between them. So, what do I do?”

“I’ll give you the whole of today to decide who you think is the man in your dream” she said.

“I don’t know Ava. I’ve stopped seeing that part of my dream ever since I met them and they are so identical. It’s hard to tell who is who”

“Erica baby!”

“Coming my love!” Erica yelled as she heard Calvin’s voice.

“I made Calvin not to go to work early today so you would have to join us to exercise your bones and body” Erica said teasing her.

Ava wasn’t feeling happy at all. She was really upset with Erica.
“Fine, I’ll do as you say. It’s not my fault that they are both in love with me”

“I understand Erica. But the truth is that, just one person belongs to you and the other is for someone else. You just have to find the one that you think is yours. Everything is making two of the get more closer to you”

“I’ve heard you already. Just stop talking about this sht!” Erica said and walked out of the house.
Calvin was outside his brother’s closet, waiting for him to change his outfit.
He remembered something. He quickly dialed Josh’s number and waited to hear his annoying voice.

“Yes master”

“It’s the third day already. Why haven’t I seen anything?” He yelled.

“Master… I..”

“You what?!” He interrupted.

“I was at your mansion yesterday and your brother took it” Josh quickly said.

“Kelvin? Why would he?” He murmured.

“I have no idea master. The documents and properties are ready. She just need to sign it and it would be legally hers” Josh said.

“I’ll ask him, sorry for yelling at you” Calvin said and disconnected the call.

He held his phone tight, waiting for his brother.
After some seconds, he walked out of the closet.

“Woah, that is one ¢razy outfit” he commented but Kelvin didn’t show any sign of appreciation.

He grabbed his phone and walked towards the door, expecting his brother to go after him but no.

“Uh, Kel…”
Kelvin heard his name and turned to stare at his brother, giving him a questioning look.

“Josh said that you took some documents from him yesterday”

Kelvin cursed Josh within. He never wanted to bring that out so that it wouldn’t cause any more harm to Erica.
“Sure he did. I forgot to give it to you” He said and walked to his table. He grabbed the file that was laying on it and handed it over to Calvin. He then turned and left the room.
Calvin glanced at it as he left the room also.


“Okay… I’ll be your trainer for today. I remain the famous beautiful Barbie!” Barbie said as she stood in front of everyone.

Erica was beside Calvin, clinging to him. She was feeling uncomfortable with it but she just had to, to find the man in her dreams.

“First, we are gonna do a sit up” Barbie said. They all obeyed and did the sit up.
They worked out for almost an hour.
“Okay guys, for the last one. It’s gonna be a push up. The guys only..” Barbie said and giggled. She signalled Erica and Ava to watch.

They both sat up and watched everything. They saw as Kelvin and Calvin did the push up together.
Kelvin was more faster because he was stronger.

“Okay ladies, pick a fking partner. Not to fk.. just lay on his back” Barbie said. Ava shook her head.

“No” she whispered to Barbie. Barbie acted like she didn’t see Ava.
“Waiting…” She said.

Erica knew Calvin was not strong but she still chose him.
She gently laid on his back. She heard his voice as he breath hard. It was like he was struggling with her lungs.

Erica quickly stood up and watched him as he fell on the floor, gasping for air.
“Calvin…” She called out.

Barbie quickly rushed to him. She faced Kelvin and shook her head.
“He needs the injection” she said.

Kelvin went to the drawer beside one of the machines and threw the syringe at her. She caught it and gave him a quick shot.
Calvin gasped back to life and sat up. He coughed loudly and started panting hard.

“Sht!” He said and laughed.
Kelvin exhaled deeply and hugged his brother’s head.

“Fk you Calvin… No gym for you again” he said.

Erica thought everything was her fault. She even thought about the injection. Was he suffering from any illness?

She stood up and walked towards the chair. She sat on it, watching everyone from distance.

As everyone cheered that nothing happened to Calvin, forgetting all about Erica. Calvin chuckled and turned his head. He sighted Erica from distance.

“Sorry guys” he said and stood up. He walked towards Erica.
Ava turned and saw the jealousy in Kelvin’s eyes but there was no hatred for his brother. It was just like he wanted Erica so badly.
“Hey baby…” He said and sat close to her.

“Hey” Erica replied in a low voice, which was obviously cracking.

“What’s wrong?” He asked her. She sniffed in and stared at her.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to kll you” she said.

“Oh no, it’s not your fault. You did nothing. It’s actually mine. I should have told you that I can’t gym. It’s not advisable for me” he said.

“I’m still sorry…” She said and leaned her head on his shoulder. That one was not to make anyone jealous. She was deeply sorry.


Kelvin saw as his brother and Erica chatted, smiled at each other.
He turned his head for a second and stared back at them.
He saw them kssing each other. They were deep in it as Erica sprung up and sat on his lap. He saw as his brother went to her neck, kssing it and rubbing his hand on her a**.

He couldn’t bear to hear her mo.aning loudly.
Kelvin scoffed and shook his head. He walked towards his brother and pulled Erica away from him and punch him right on the cheek. He fell on the floor, touching his cheek.

“Dude, what was that for?” He asked.

“Don’t ever touch Erica!” He said and raised his hand to give another hard pvnch.
“Kelvin.. Kelvin!” Barbie slapped his arm, trying to bring her brother her brother back to reality.
He snapped out of his wild imagination and faced Barbie.

“Why are you still here?” She asked.

He turned and stared at the spot Erica and his brother was. They were no longer there.

He smirked.
“Nothing…” He said and left.
“You don’t have to do this. But thank you, I owe you one”
Kelvin saw Erica hugging Calvin tight, with their body rubbing again each other.

“It’s nothing. You just have to sign them”

“I really don’t need them Calvin. I mean, what am I to do with them?” She asked.

“I have no idea. They are what your parents want to to have. You have to own it and do what you suppose to do with it” he said.

Erica smiled broadly and gazed at him.
“I owe you one” she said and left.

Calvin watched her as she left, staring at her moderate a** as it shook. He stared at his brother will have been staring at them.

“Hey dude…” He said.

Kelvin gave a quick smile in reply and went to his room.
Kelvin had something in his mind about Erica’s case but doesn’t know if he should go on with it. He was scared that she won’t appreciate his hard work after everything.

“Fk!” He yelled and slammed the door hard.


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