By Authoress Popcorn

Chapter Forty Five

Erica turned to stare at her bodyguards.
“Take them all” she said and walked to the other role.

“Uh….I wanted to tell you about the function that’s coming up next week” Calvin said.

Erica stared at him and gave him a questioning look.
“What function?” She asked.

“’s like a ceremony. Dad’s opening another company so, the grand opening party would be in the evening”

“More like a dinner night?” She asked as a smile crept on her face.

“Sure, just like that. You don’t have to come to the ceremony itself. To be honest, it’s boring” he said. Erica coughed out some laugh and led herself to the counter. She was already tired. She wasn’t use to shopping and all that.

“Wait, I think I should get a ball gown that you would pick for me. Something that I would wear to the party” she said.

“Oh yeah, I love the sound of that” he said and followed her into the gown section.


Erica walked into the house with a lot of bags. She saw sighted Kelvin staring at her as she walked into the house.

He sprung up, wanting to talk to her but she snubbed him. She just walked pass him and head to her room. She didn’t want to stand a rock on his own path. So she had decided to focus on the one who she thinks is the man in her dreams.

Kelvin just wanted to talk to her about something important. He stared at the file on the table and stared back at her as she walked away from him.
Ava and Calvin drove back home together. Ava was eating a bowl of ice cream which Calvin bought for her.

“This is very yummy, I love it” she cheered as she continue to eat the ice cream.

Calvin stole glances from her and stared at the laptop that was on his laps.

Ava saw that he didn’t reply her so she peeped at what he was doing.
“Are you trying to unlock that laptop?” She asked.

“As you can see…” He replied and continued trying whatever he could think of.

“Try 070806” she said.

Calvin glared at her.
“What’s that?” He asked.

“Just try it” Ava said.

He input it and pushed the enter key.
Suddenly, the windows came up.

“Woah, it worked!” Calvin said and glance at her.

“I told you…so you owe me another ice cream” she said, giving him a serious face.

“Sure I do” he said and started going through the laptop.

“So, whose laptop is that?” She asked, stuffing a huge spoon of laptop into her mouth.

“It’s Erica’s” he said.

“Why are you going through it?” She suddenly asked.

“I just wanted to… Never mind!” He closed the laptop and glared at her.

“How did you know the password?” He asked.

“Why should I tell you?” She frowned and turned away from him.

“Another bowl of ice cream?”

“That’s the date her parents died” she said.

Calvin suddenly kept mute. He wished he didn’t ask that question.
“I’m sorry…” He said.

“You should tell that to Erica not me” Ava scoffed.

“How did she even survive without her parents? She was so young!”

“Well, according to her she wasn’t really pampered. Though she was the last child and favourite. They gave her everything she wanted but also thought her to be independent” she explained and paused to take another scoop of ice cream.
Calvin gave her a what the f*ck look.

“So?” He quickly asked.

“After her parent died, her aunt didn’t treat her well. She ate once in a day but still had the opportunity to complete her education because she worked really hard to get enough cash. But, hearing that their accident was actually a murder still sounds strange to me. According to the news report which Erica still had, they were crushed my a truck and the…”

“Wait, the news was publicised?” Calvin asked.

“Yes, yes it was” she said.
“Tell me more” Kelvin spoke to his special investigator on Erica’s parent case.

“The news was publicised and it’s here with me. I could send you the information and pictures right now” he said.

“Sure, send them to me. Look for camera footage around and get the plate number of the truck. Make sure to send me the recording” he said.

“Yes master..” he replied.
Kelvin disconnected the call. He was finding the information quite interesting and confusing. He hoped he was doing the right thing.


Calvin dropped Ava off and gave her the ice cream he promised her.
He ordered the driver and went back to the mansion.
Few minutes later, they got to the mansion. He alighted from the car and stepped into the house with Erica’s laptop.

“Greetings master..” the maids and guards greeted as he walked pass them.

“Hello…” Calvin greeted back. He stepped into the house and went straight to Erica’s room.

He knocked on the door and waited.

Erica walked towards the door and opened it.
“Hey…” She said.

“Hey baby…”
Kelvin heard his brother’s voice and also Erica’s voice.
He rolled his eyes and went through the pictures that his special investigator sent.
Calvin went into Erica’s room.
He watched as she secretly hopped back to her bed.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

She turned and stared at him, giving him a questioning look.

“I mean, your foot. Why are you hopping?” He asked.

“Oh I’m fine. I guess it’s because I wore heels today. I’ll be fine”

“You don’t have to look beautiful for me. Your beauty wasn’t what make me like you at first” he said.

Erica blushed secretly and lowered her gaze.
“I’m flattered” she blushed.

“Oh yeah is your laptop” he said and handed it to her.

“Oh thanks” she carefully took it from her and placed it on the bed.

“I missed you baby…” She said.

“Oh, I missed you too” Calvin blushed.

Erica turned to stare at him.
“Oh no, I was talking to my laptop. Whatever..” she said and continued staring at her laptop.

Calvin smiled.
“Incase you need anything Erica, don’t hesitate to tell me” he said softly. Erica nodded and we watched him as he left the room.

She opened her laptop and saw that she was still logged in.
“That’s weird. I never forget to log out” she murmured.
She saw the load of work that was waiting for her.

“Now I know how to spend the night” she murmured and placed the laptop on her lap as she started working.
Barbie walked into the house. She was very tired from the movie she was shooting.
She got a call from her manager.

She answered it and placed it on her ear.
“How can I help you?” She asked and threw herself on the couch.

“You have an interview next weekend”

“Cancel all plans for next weekend. I’m busy” she said and disconnected the call. She threw her phone on the table. It landed on a file which was lying on the table.

“What’s that?” She murmured and stretched her hand to pick it.
But someone reached it before she could.

“Hey Barbie” he said and turned to leave.
Barbie stood up and pulled him back.

“What’s in that file?” He asked.

“It’s my test report…” Kelvin lied.

“What test report? You don’t look sick” she frowned and folded her arms.

“Do I have to be sick before taking a test?” He asked, trying not defend himself.

“Well, you are right. But I don’t believe you” she said.

“I don’t have your time Barbie. I need to learn my speech for the grand opening” he said and turned to leave.

“I thought you said it was your test results” she squeezed her face.

“It’s a big file, the two of them could be inside” he said and quickly left.

Barbie strained her eyes.
“I need to figure out what’s in that file” she murmured.
Kelvin got into the room again and went through the files. He noticed something was odd but couldn’t figure out what was that.

He threw the file on the table again and laid back on the bed.
He tried to sleep but couldn’t. He stirred round the bed but still didn’t get some sleep.

“I should work..” he said and sprung up from the bed.

He wore his complete nightie and left his room. As he walked to his office, he saw some rays of light flashing from the kitchen.

“Who is that?” He murmured and went into the kitchen. He was sure it was a bugler. No one could be up at this time of the day. He grabbed a kitchen towel and slowly crept behind her.

He covered her face with the towel and pulled her to the ground.
“How dare you try to steal here huh?” He yelled, trying to choke him.

Erica couldn’t breath well. She struggled to get loose from his grip. She tapped his hands repeatedly.

Kelvin sighted her hand and saw the nails that she fixed.
“Nails?” He murmured and let go of her.

Erica removed the towel from her head and glared at him.
“Are you kidding me?” She yelled.

“I’m sorry. I thought you were a thief” he said.

“Not cool Kelvin!” She said and took the fruits she was looking for in the fridge, coupled with her cup of coffee. She glared hard at him and walked away from him.

“Wait, Erica I have to talk to you about something important” he said but Erica didn’t listen to him.
She just walked away and left him hanging.


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