THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30


Eric looked around the exterior of the house with interest as they all got out of the car. The building looked quite impressive, and he could guess that it was a private property belonging to her father since it looked too grand to be something she had rented, and he wasn’t sure she had built it or bought it either. It didn’t look like the kind of structure a female like her would want to buy or build for herself. Two other cars were parked at the garage, a blue 2017 Toyota Camry, and a white 2018 Kia Forte. He said nothing as he let both ladies lead the way into the house.

“You’re welcome to our home. Please make yourself comfortable. We will join you shortly.” Kimberly said as she hurried inside with Prisca.

Eric didn’t need anyone to tell him she was going inside to consult with her friend. And he was certain it would take sometime before she returned, so he decided to continue with her list of ‘don’ts’ while waiting for her.

He frowned when he realized she had cancelled the rest of the things on the list. It seemed like she had made a mistake and had wanted to start afresh on a clean slate. He looked over her list of Dos and Don’ts again, and shrugged. He was just going to have to come up with his own rules before she returns, so he took out a pen from his pocket and started making his own corrections on her list.

Meanwhile inside Kimberly’s bedroom,

“So?” She asked Prisca the moment they stepped inside her room and shut the door behind them.

“So what?” Prisca asked in confusion as she dropped the files she had brought home on Kimberly’s bed.

“I mean what do you think about him now that you’ve seen him?” She asked again.

“Oh!” Prisca said with a broad smile, “Mehn! you carry eye go market! That guy fresh die! Plus I think he is really cool too. Did you notice the way he speaks? And his face? Handsome is an understatement. Now I know why you just proposed marriage to him without thinking. Me too would have done the…”

“Prisca!!!!” Kimberly said through gritted teeth, “That isn’t what I’m asking you. What do you think about his personality… You see the way he speaks to me like he doesn’t regard me, and he doesn’t even seem scared of the fact that I’m richer than he is. Shouldn’t someone in his position be groveling at my feet?” She asked with a confused frown.

“Oh! That. Yeah, I noticed he doesn’t really care much about who you are. Like the guy nuh send you at all. But he doesn’t really strike me like someone who is poor, so maybe that is why. Did you take note of his clothes? They’re all designers. He seems to have a good taste in clothes, unless of course he borrowed them. He gives a rich and confident kind of vibe. But we can’t tell sha, this Lagos were everybody pretends to be what they’re not.” Prisca concluded thoughtfully.

“So after all these your analysis what do you suggest I do? Should I be worried about his character towards me?” Kimberly asked impatiently.

“I suppose it’s a good thing he doesn’t worship you like most golddiggers would do, and he also doesn’t seem like the clingy type either. So I think we can trust him to handle this whole thing like a pro. Maybe you should just speak with him and find out what his own terms are before we make any decision.” Prisca suggested.

“And what happens if I’m not okay with whatever he says?” Kimberly asked with a frown.

“Then feel free to decline and then we can find someone else. It really isn’t a big deal as you’re making it seem. You’re worrying too much about all of this, and it is so unlike you. You need to see this as you would be a business proposition and treat it as such.” Prisca said with a sigh, “Now stop wasting the man’s time and go out there. I’m going to my room to freshen up. I’ll join you in the kitchen in a bit.” Prisca said before walking away and heading for her own room.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30

Kathleen was beyond exhausted by the time the bolt driver finally dropped herself and Amanda in front of the house later that evening. She took out the bunch of keys Pete had given to her for her house, and unlocked the gate, before carrying the things she had gotten earlier into the compound.

“You must be very tired, right?” She asked Amanda who had been quiet for most of the drive to the house. It was past 7 PM already, and they had been stuck in traffic for more than forty minutes.

“I’m fine. Daddy isn’t coming home yet?” She asked again as they got close to the door. They both paused when they noticed the door was open, and then exchanged a look since they both knew it wasn’t Pete, and his car wasn’t even parked outside.

“Let’s go over to my room so I can drop these things.” Kathleen suggested first. The last thing she wanted was for Amanda to see anything or anyone she wasn’t supposed to see.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30

Amanda meekly followed her to her apartment, and then she dropped the things on her table before turning to look at Amanda, “Remain here while I see who is inside the house. Don’t come out.” Kathleen warned before dropping her handbag and heading for the main house.

She took off her shoes by the door, and then opened the door as quietly as she could. She looked around to be sure no one was in the living room before tiptoed inside the house. The home theater was on, and 2baba’s ‘Amaka disappoint me’ was playing in the background.

She had spoken with Pete few minutes before they arrived home, and she knew without doubt that Pete wasn’t at home. And neither had he mentioned having any visitor, so who could this person be?

One of his siblings? There was no way they would visit without his knowledge, and he surely would have mentioned it. She knew these rich people didn’t always behave like poor people. They had more manners, and were usually better behaved.

She tiptoed to the kitchen and narrowed her eyes when she saw used dishes in the sink. Whoever it was had even fixed noodles for himself. Could it be the lady Pete had passed the night with that weekend? No! He would have mentioned it, right?

Maybe it was a burglar. She was from Delta state after all, and had heard several tales of burglars breaking into the house through the ceiling and then taking anything they could lay their hands on, even if it was a pot of soup.

It was possible the burglar had heard the owner of the house lives abroad and had broken in so he/she can stay here for sometime. Of course she could remember Papa Ada telling them a story like this too. But if this was true then the burglar’s informant would have informed him that the owner of the house was back, right? Why was she always overthinking things? Kathleen asked herself with a sigh. This overactive imagination of hers was beginning to bother her.

She picked up a pestle and hid it behind her before returning to the living room. She figured it would be easier to explain to whoever it was, IF it was family member why she was with a pestle, than to come across a burglar empty-handed.

Having prepared her mind for the worst she walked over to the table, picked up the remote control and turned off the music which seemed to be on repeat. There was no way she was going to start going into all the rooms to search for where the intruder was hiding. She was certain he or she would come out to check why their music had stopped.

“After waiting for a moment and she didn’t hear anything she decided to call for their attention, since they could be more than one, right? “Hello! Who is in there?” She called out, moving towards the door of the passage way, while holding her pestle in front of her defensively.

Chidi who had just stepped out of the bathroom frowned when he heard the female voice. He had been in the shower when the music stopped, but now he was wondering why he was hearing a female voice instead of Pete’s voice. He quickly slipped on his short, and slung his t-shirt over his shoulder before heading out of the room.

He paused by the doorway when he saw the shadow of a lady holding something which looked like a pestle, “I’m my mother’s only son o, if you hit me with that thing you’re holding I will just die.” He called out jokingly making Kathleen frown. How had he known she was standing there with a pestle? Kathleen wondered with a frown as she edged closer to the passage way door to see who was talking.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30


Kimberly dropped her handbag on the bed and took in a deep breath before taking off her shoes and putting on her fluffy in-house slippers. She would have preferred to shower and change out of her work clothes into something more comfortable, but she needed the formal clothes to feel in control of the situation.

She checked her reflection in the mirror and applied a touch of red lipstick on her lips before walking out of the room. She stopped by the door when she saw him. She had expected him to be busy looking around the house or touching one thing or the other, but instead he was seated on one of the couches like he was deep in thought.

She cleared her throat, “Sorry I kept you waiting for so long.” She apologized when he turned around to look at her.

“I’m fine. The interior of your house is lovely.” He told her politely.

“The house of an interior decorator should at least make a statement.” She said with a small smile making the corners of his lips twitch. It did make a statement, and he was impressed.

“I guess so.”

“Are you a beer, spirit or wine kind of guy?” She asked as she moved towards her wine cabinet.

“I suppose it depends on the occasion.”

Kimberly paused, “So what should I offer you for this occasion?”

“You. I’d rather we just talk instead. Have you had something to eat yet?” He asked looking her over as though he felt she was too skinny.

“Not yet. We were going to order a takeout on our way home before you showed up.” Kimberly said with a shrug.

“Order a take out? You meant what you said earlier when you said you can’t cook earlier?” He asked as he stood up to face her.

“Yeah, but I could try and prepare something with Prisca’s assistance if you are very hungry, or we could just stick to the plan and order something.” Kimberly suggested.

“That won’t be necessary. I prefer home-made meals. Show me to your kitchen, we’ll fix dinner together while we talk.” He said with a straight face making Kimberly frown.

“You can cook?”

“Isn’t it a basic survival skill for every adult? Especially one like me who doesn’t have money to order takeouts?” He asked matter of factly making her scowl at him.

“So you’re indirectly trying to say I’m not an adult because I can’t cook, abi?” She asked, since that was what she could deduce from his statement.

“I didn’t say that. I’m sure you have your own reasons for not learning how to cook. Just lead the way to your kitchen and then we can whip up something simple.” Eric suggested again as he rolled up his sleeves and undid the rest buttons of his shirt. He almost rolled his eyes when he noticed the way her eyes were following his every movement.

“Wait! You’re not taking off your clothes, are you?” She asked in a tight voice making him raise a brow.

“Why? Do you have a problem with that?” He asked, cocking his head to the side while he watched her very closely.

‘Treat this like a business proposition. He’s a business partner and not a man.’ She reminded herself over and over again. “I don’t think you should.” She said without meeting his gaze as she moved over to her dinning table where she had left her rechargeable shisha pen.

“I wasn’t going to take it off. I just need to be comfortable since the kitchen is going to be hot, and I can’t get all sweaty in this since.” Eric assured her, and then raised a brow when she took a puff from a shisha pen.

“You smoke?”

“I didn’t figure you out as the type to ask obvious questions.” Kimberly said as she led the way to the kitchen expecting him to follow her.

“It doesn’t suit you.” Eric said with a hint of disapproval in his tone.

“I don’t remember asking for your opinion. When I need it I’ll be sure to let you know, but until then, do us both a favour and save it.” Kimberly told him as she walked into the kitchen.

“With me you won’t have to ask before you get my opinion, and I’d like you to always remember that.” Eric said in an indifferent tone.

“Whatever. So what do you want to fix? I should probably call Prisca to show you around the kitchen and tell you where everything is kept.” She said heading for the door, but Eric was still standing there leaning against the door frames and staring at her in an amused manner.

“You can’t do anything without her, can you?” Eric asked with a slightly raised brow.

“Why would you think that?” Kimberly asked with a displeased frown.

“She works with you at the office, she drives you around, she lives with you, she cooks for you, and it seems to me like you also seek her opinion before you do anything, am I wrong?”

“Of course I don’t! Don’t be ridiculous.” Kimberly said with a scoff of her own, trying to hide her embarassment and discomfort at the way he was staring at her like he could read her.

She returned to where she had been standing by the counter earlier and took another puff from her shisha pen.

Without taking his eyes off her for a second, Eric took few strides in her direction. She was tempted to move backwards because of how intimidating he looked as he hovered above her. But this was her house and she wasn’t going to allow herself be intimidated by any man, especially not in her own kitchen. So she stood her ground as he walked over to where she was standing. And before she could understand what he was up to, he collected the shisha pen from her hand.

“Like I said, this doesn’t suit you, and I’d rather you don’t do it in front of me if you really want us to do this marriage thing.” Eric warned in a very low tone which made her nervous.

She needed to do something with her hands or at least put some distance between them, so without looking into his face she moved to the side, “I’ll just go get Prisca.”

“I was doubtful at first, but now I’m very certain you can’t do anything without her. I think you rely on her for everything, and I’m very sure you can’t spend an entire day without her.” Eric said in a challenging tone.

“I just said I can do without her!” Kimberly snapped at him defensively.

Eric decided one of his own conditions would be that Prisca doesn’t live with them for the one year duration they would be together. He would like to see just how well she could function on her own without having to depend on Prisca for everything, “Then prove it.”


“Well, why don’t you start by giving her the evening off?” Eric asked, holding her gaze.

“Sorry I’m late, what would you like to have?” Prisca who had changed into a three quarter short and big polo asked as she joined them in the kitchen, oblivious to the fact that she was the subject under discussion. She paused when she saw the way Eric was standing in front of Kimberly with his back to her, and noticed the tension between them.

“Don’t worry, we have things covered over here. You can just take the evening off. Get some rest or do whatever you want, she’ll serve you dinner when we are done. Won’t you, Kim?” Eric asked in a challenging tone making Prisca glance at Kimberly as though she couldn’t believe what she was hearing,

Kimberly serve her dinner? She never got a day off talk more of an evening off unless Kimberly was out clubbing or doing something else that required her to be alone. Prisca noticed that neither Kimberly nor Eric had taken their eyes off each other. It seemed like they were having a sort of battle of wills or something, and she could see how tense Kimberly was. She was surprised Kimberly had not reached for her Shisha yet. Just then she saw the Shisha pen in Eric’s hand, and she didn’t know whether to be happy or concerned. A domineering husband was something she believed Kimberly needed, but she also wasn’t sure if Eric was only going to be domineering or abusive as well.

Kimberly hated to be told what to do, and she hated it even more that Eric was challenging her in this manner, “You can take the evening off.” Kimberly finally yielded. She let her gaze drift from Eric over to Prisca, and gave her a reassuring nod that she was fine.

“Okay then, I’ll be in my room in case you need me.” Prisca said, and turned to leave when she sensed that they needed privacy.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30

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