THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30


“Guy I tried that already, it didn’t work.” Pete told Ken over the phone later that night after Amanda has slept off and Chidi had retired to his bedroom.

“Ah! The babe harsh o. You must have really pushed her hard.” Ken said with a sigh. It was partially his fault though, since he had been the one who had suggested that Pete take advantage of the fact that she had failed to read the contact, “Just tell her you can’t find it na. That you will have to draft it out again, then I’ll bring a new copy to the office, that should work, abi?” Ken asked.

“Yeah, that should definitely work.” Pete said with a nod, as he wondered why he hadn’t thought of that before.

“I need to go to bed now. I’ll stop by the office later. Wait, what do I need to add to this new agreement?” Ken asked before Pete could hang up.

“Just include that she has to make herself available whenever she is called up on, and that Amanda’s welfare takes precedence over every other thing. Then for benefits include a car and accommodation on the basis that I the employer finds her living environment unsuitable for my child’s welfare.” Pete said making Ken whistle.

“Car? For ordinary babysitter?” Ken asked in disbelief.

“She’s not an ordinary babysitter since she works at the company, and is also taking care of my daughter and will be helping me keep my home in order. Besides, when I’m not around I can’t have her jumping from bus to bus with my daughter, that is too risky. And I have more than two cars anyway, so I can make one available for her use.” Pete said reasonably.

“Just kuku marry her na, everything you’ve said are duties of a wife sha.” Ken said with a chuckle before adding, “Okay o, no wahala. I’ll drop by the office with the new document tomorrow. Goodnight.” Ken said before disconnecting the call.

The picture of Ella which he had been staring at before Pete’s call had come in, remained displayed on the screen, making him sigh.

She had not only blacklisted his number but had also gone ahead to block him on all social media platforms, so how the he¢k was he supposed to reach her? He had avoided bumping into her this whole time because he knew he was going to start feeling this fked up way if he saw her. And now that he had seen her, he felt even more sorry seeing how angry she was. That told him how much his actions must have hurt her. He had even been unable to toast Prisca on Sunday because he had been thinking of Ella the whole time while flirting with Prisca.

He certainly deserved whatever insults she threw his way, but all he needed was a chance to explain to her that he had walked out that morning for her own good. He remembered how he had watched her sleep that night, and all the while wondering what it would be like to marry her. But how could he marry her with all the mess in his life? He was a damaged young man who didn’t want to get married. He was too scared that he might end up treating his wife like his father had treated his own mother.

He had watched his father beat up his mother almost every night. Himself and his elder brother had lived in fear of their father and had been unable to do anything about it, while their mother gradually became a shadow of herself. They had pleaded with their mother to leave the marriage and save herself, but she had insisted that divorce was a sin, and ‘God hates divorce”. She had said she was a Sunday school teacher in church, and a marriage counselor, what would happen if she left her marriage? What would people say? She had asked them.

They had been too young and scared to tell anyone what was going on in their home, and had told no one the reason they always told visitors their mother was asleep or had traveled each time they asked after her, was because she couldn’t show her bruises and scars to anyone.

He had been ten years old, and his brother thirteen when their mother had died. How could he tell anyone that his mother hadn’t really died from an accident but had actually been pushed down the balcony during the last fight with their father, because his brother had finally dared to speak up? Their father had accused her of trying to turn his children against him, and that had been it.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30

How could he tell anyone that his elder brother hadn’t really gone missing but had actually run away from the home that night after the doctor declared their mother dead?

It had taken his mother’s death and his brother’s disappearance to bring his father back to his senses. He had done a good job covering up his evil deed and playing the role of the grieving husband and father, but Ken had known the truth, and had been too frightened and confused to speak up. He had hated his father, and had been more than relieved when his mother’s twin sister had insisted on taking him with her after his mother’s funeral. That was how he had moved from Abuja to Lagos and had met Pete in school. He had told them his mother was dead, but he just hadn’t told them the real story behind her death, or why he had refused to go for his father’s burial, when the man died.

As far as he was concerned, his mother’s twin sister was his mother, and her husband his father. They had made him the person he was today, and he had become a lawyer for this purpose. Fighting for the rights of women facing domestic violence and abuse.

So yes, even though he had been scared that Pete might disapprove of him having anything to do with Ella knowing how much he womanized, he had been even more scared of being a jerk to her. He knew that sometimes these things could be in you without your knowledge and the thought of it scared him shitless that he might ever raise his hands on his wife.

He was just going to find a way to talk to her and get her to hear him out. He still wasn’t going to date her though, but he just needed her to forgive him so they could coexist in peace as they used to in the past.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30


“You’re sure you want to return to the mainland by this time? It’s late already.” Kimberly said as she glanced at the time on her phone. It was past 9 PM already.

“Don’t worry, I live in festac, so it’s not that far. Besides my friend is on his way here to pick me up already. Thanks for dinner by the way.” Eric said with a polite smile as he stood up to take the dishes to the kitchen.

Prisca who had come down to drop her plates quickly took the dishes from him, “Abi we should be thanking you. Not only did you teach this madam how to cook, you also gave me a restful evening. Do you even know I’ve never tasted her food before?” Prisca asked making Eric chuckle, while Kimberly glared at her.

“How is that even possible?” Eric asked as he followed Prisca into the kitchen, while Kimberly followed from behind.

“As long as there are eateries and restaurants, and she has the money, Kim will never learn to cook. In her own words, ‘Why cook when you have the money to buy the already made food?'” Prisca said mimicking Kimberly’s tone. Kimberly hissed again at the traitor she called her friend.

“Well, I’m sure that will change, right Kim?” Eric asked Kimberly who rolled her eyes, but said nothing.

“What are you still doing here? Go and rest jor, I’ll do the dishes. Thanks.” Prisca said with a friendly smile when she saw Eric trying to wash the dishes.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30

The man was a complete gentleman. One thousand yards husband material. Only thing he was lacking was plenty money, if not girls would have been rushing him back to back. Prisca thought as she looked at him. She really hoped Kimberly would fall in love with him and hold this one tight, if not it’ll be her loss.

“Okay, I need to check on my friend and find out where he is, I’ll be right back.” Eric said as he stepped out of the kitchen leaving both friends alone.

“You like him already.” Kimberly said in an accusing tone, looking at Prisca curiously.

“Well, don’t you? Look, maybe you don’t know, but this guy is husband material so better agree to his terms whatever they are. Shey you know that saying, ‘If you snooze, you lose’? That’s what I’m going to tell you in this case.” Prisca said as she focused on doing the dishes.

Kimberly rolled her eyes at that, “I’m not looking for a life partner or a husband material. Just a one year partner. So simply because he joined me in the kitchen and made me cook, he is husband material?”

“See this babe. It looks like you don’t know that good men are scarce in this present times. I really think this guy will be perfect for you and I’m advising you to grab him with all your might.” Prisca said passionately.

“So what if one of his terms is that he wants you to move out of the house?” Kimberly asked sarcastically.

“Ehen? Am I supposed to live with you all my life before? Are you my mother abi am I your wife? I will eventually leave you some day, so if he wants that, I can do that.” Prisca said as matter of factly making Kimberly hiss.

“You’re a very stupid girl. So you’re tired of living with me before and you didn’t want to say it?” Kimberly asked making Prisca giggle.

“You sha know I am telling you the truth. But what are his terms? Have you both talked about the pay? How much is he asking for?” Prisca asked curiously.

“That’s the confusing thing about it, he doesn’t want to talk about the money.”

“What? He doesn’t? What is he asking for then?” Prisca asked in confusion. Which broke Nigerian guy wouldn’t want money?

“He didn’t say anything in particular. But honestly you really think he’s okay? I think he is too controlling though, but not in a very bad way sha.” Kimberly said with a confused frown.

“As long as he isn’t using physical force, it’s okay. He gave you his terms though?” Prisca asked thoughtfully.

“I’ll tell you about that later.” Kimberly said with a sigh, and they both adjusted when they heard Eric approaching the kitchen.

“He’s just around the corner. He’ll be here in less than ten minutes.” Eric informed them as he joined them in the kitchen.

“Okay, you both should go and sit outside and collect fresh air while you wait for him.” Prisca suggested, since she wanted them to spend more time together.

“Did he complain that the kitchen is hot? Abi what happened to the Air conditioner in the living room?” Kimberly asked dryly making Prisca snort.

“You should know AC is nothing like fresh air.” Eric said with a grin.

“Exactly! Especially in the island. I feel the air on the island is different from the one in the mainland.” Prisca said, and Eric nodded in agreement.

“True. This one is fresher.” Eric said in agreement making Prisca giggle while Kimberly looked at them both like they were saying nonsense.

“Let’s just go and conclude our discussion before you leave.” Kimberly suggested and led the way outside to where one of her cars was parked.

“You still haven’t signed the papers yet, and you’re yet to tell me what you want in return for all this.” She reminded him.

“I thought we agreed you have to speak with your father first about keeping the marriage small and private?” He asked with a slightly raised brow, “I can’t agree to any of that until I’m sure my privacy will be protected.”

“And the payment?”

“Just leave that aside for the time being. Let’s talk about it after we’ve both agreed to all the terms.”

“Alright. Uhm… About your former boss’, I was wondering if you could help me reach him?” Kimberly asked but before he could respond his phone started ringing.

“Excuse me for a moment.” Eric said as he moved away from her to take his mother’s call.

“Tunde Eric Obasan!” Eric’s mother called in the tone that told him she was about to scold him, and if he didn’t do anything about it, this was going to be a really long conversation.

“I love you too mom, but can we do this later? I’m in the middle of something at the moment.” He said in a whisper.

“Please tell me it’s a date. I’m tired of waiting for you to bring a wife home. At this rate I’ll go and get one for you from the village since you still don’t want all the fancy girls in Abuja and Lagos.” She said with a sigh.

Eric tried not to roll his eyes at that, “Mom I’ll call you back, okay? I’m really busy right now. My regards to Wumi. I’ll call you both later. Love you.” Eric said before hanging up.

“Sorry, that was my mom.” He said apologetically.

“That’s fine. So I was asking you about Chief Obasan’s son, Is there a way you can arrange for me to meet with him?” She asked again.

Eric looked at her for a moment as he thought of what to do, “Let’s do it this way, you can talk to him through me. He really doesn’t like meeting people, so give me your proposal, I will review it on your behalf before presenting it to him. I hope that is okay by you?”

“You’re really that close to him?” Kimberly asked curiously.

“Something like that. Just let me know when you have the documents ready. I should leave now.”

“But your friend isn’t here yet.” Kimberly protested.

“Yeah, I don’t want him to meet me here… I will meet him down the road.” Eric said before turning to leave. He paused and turned around to look at her when something occured to him, “You really shouldn’t look down on drivers, there is nothing ‘mere’ about their job. Goodnight.” He said before walking away, making Kimberly frown.

Why was he bringing that up again? She hadn’t really meant that, but had only said it because she was angry. Kimberly thought with a scowl as she returned inside the house.
This is just the beginning….

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30

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