THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30


Kathleen wasn’t sure how much longer she was going to be able to stand going to work in the same car with Pete. It always seemed cool with Amanda in the car, but became a torture whenever they were alone in the car. She always became uncomfortable whenever they dropped Amanda off.

She wasn’t used to feeling this much discomfort around men, since she didn’t really care about them. But around Pete she was always trying not to breathe too much, or not to turn her head in his direction for fear that he might be watching at her. Maybe if her boss was a older, less attractive and married man, she wouldn’t be feeling this way. And the episode with him in the kitchen that morning was still very clear in her head, so she was a complete case of nerves at the moment.

Pete on the other hand was trying to push out conversation with Amanda out of his head. For reasons he wasn’t ready to think about, he felt slightly offended that she had called him just her employer, but had said Chidi was like a friend. Chidi had only just come to the house yesterday evening for fk’s sake! It wasn’t like he wanted her to like him, but his ego felt a bit bruised by her response to Amanda’s question.

“So you don’t like me?” Pete suddenly asked, breaking the silence in the car.

Kathleen’s heart skipped a beat, “Huh?” Kathleen asked, wide-eyed.

“You said you don’t like me.” Pete repeated again

“I didn’t say that.” Kathleen denied very quickly. What if he decides to fire her or throw her out of the house because she says she doesn’t like him?

“You said you don’t have to like me but to work for me. That indirectly meant that you don’t like me.” Pete said matter of factly.

“No it didn’t.”

“Okay, so you like me?” Pete asked, turning to spare her a glance. Kathleen swallowed nervously, and looked away uncomfortably. Why was he doing this to her? Why was he asking her questions like this?

“I suppose the question makes you uncomfortable?” Pete asked sounding slightly amused. What was so difficult about answering such a simple question?

“I like you in the Bible, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ kinda way.” Kathleen finally managed to say.

“I don’t remember asking you to describe the way you like me. But since you say so, is that the same way you like Chidi? In the Bible ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ way?” He asked, turning to look at her, since they were now stuck in the hold up at Lekki Tollgate.

“Yes.” Kathleen said with a nod, still holding her breath. If she continued this way she was definitely going to die before her time.

“Okay. That is good enough.” Pete said with an amused but satisfied smile. His ego had just been suited.

Kathleen felt slightly relieved when he started driving again, and was about to relax but he opened his mouth again, “So you tell people ‘Waka’ too?” Pete asked unable to stop himself from teasing her. He almost chuckled when he turned to look at her and noticed the way she closed her eyes in embarassment.

“I’m sorry.” Kathleen murmured.

“If it was someone else, I mean another employee, I would probably have felt very offended by it. But somehow, coming from you it amused me. Didn’t your pastor teach you that it is a sin? Or is it only fornication that is a sin to you?” Pete asked making Kathleen frown. She wasn’t sure she wanted to have this conversation with her boss.

“I know it is wrong, and that is why I just said I’m sorry.” She repeated.

“So, your boyfriend or fiance, you both don’t indulge in ‘immorality’ I suppose?”

Kathleen bit back the sharp response that came to her lips, and drew in a deep breath to calm her self. This man was either making her speechless or making her speechful, “With all due respect I don’t think you should concern yourself with that.”

“I shouldn’t? But if I remember correctly you were concerned about my ‘immoral’ way of life just few days ago, weren’t you?” Pete asked making Kathleen sigh.

“That doesn’t mean I asked you any question about it. Is this deliberate or do you just naturally know how to make me sound rude?” Kathleen asked making Pete’s lips twitch in amusement. He was kind of glad they were stuck in traffic, so he could lean back in his seat and look into her face.

“Here I was thinking that after our little conversation last night, and after all that ‘sir’ you kept calling me this morning, you have changed for the best.”

“How can I change for the best when you always do and say things to test my patience?” Kathleen asked heatedly. Yes she was grateful for his kindness and for the house he had given her, but she wouldn’t have to live in his house in the first place had he not made her spend the night at his place. Kathleen paused to rethink what she had just thought. Okay maybe that wasn’t exactly true. It would have been the same thing since she would have been at the church at that time too. But who knows? Maybe her prayer in church would have prevented that fire outbreak and saved her from all this.

“You’re hot tempered.” Pete observed, “What did your Bible say about being slow to anger?” He asked making Kathleen sigh. It seemed the only time she could be comfortable with him was when she was pissed.

“You seem to know all the Bible verses that point out my flaws.”

“Flaws? I don’t think they’re flaws. It’s good to know you’re human after all, else I would have agreed with Chidi that you’re a mammy water.” Pete said making Kathleen laugh.

“Ah! You actually laughed! I was beginning to think only Chidi was capable of making you laugh. It’s good to see that I’m wrong.” Pete said with a satisfied smile.

“I’d laugh more if you weren’t always trying to get on my nerves.” Kathleen murmured, more to herself than to him. Yes she was still aware he was her boss, and she was sure she would never speak to another boss in the manner or tone she used with Pete, but somehow she really couldn’t control her temper or mouth around him, and she had him to blame for it. She could only pray it wouldn’t cost her her job. Or maybe her village people were just trying to use Pete to frustrate her into saying and doing things that would cost her job.

“I just want us to get along, okay? And I’m sorry I asked such a personal question. I had no right asking you such a question.” Pete admitted, reasoning that if he didn’t apologize now, the next thing she would probably be demanding for would be a copy of the contract and he didn’t want to talk about that yet.

Just like that? Kathleen wondered as she eyed him suspiciously. Was he really being sincere with his apology or was there going to be a catch somewhere?

“Why are you looking at me like that? I’m never too proud to admit I’m wrong, you know? I’m not all that bad, even though I know you think I am.” Pete said with a resigned sigh.

“I don’t think you’re all that bad either.” Kathleen admitted, “Maybe a bit, but not all that bad.” Kathleen added, making him chuckle.

“I would have been surprised had you ended with the first sentence. Anyway, your hair, is it that you don’t like fixing it often or you just prefer your natural hair?” Pete asked as politely as he could, even though what he had really meant to ask, was if she wasn’t fixing it because of money.

“Well, my wigs were in that fire.” Kathleen pointed out, even though she knew those wigs were probably going to be happy about the fire since she had worn the life out of he wigs. They were looking like sponges already, and the fire had only saved them from the abuse and assault she was putting them through.

“Oh! I’m sorry about that.” Pete said, remembering the fire once again, he was going to have to replace some of her wigs, since he still felt partially responsible for her loss.

“I’m sorry we are late.” Pete said apologetically when he saw the way Kathleen was looking at her wristwatch with a worried frown, “Don’t worry, when I get to the office I’ll give your office head a call and let him know you were late because we were stuck in traffic…” Pete said, but Kathleen quickly stopped him.

“That won’t be necessary please. I’ll explain to him myself. I’d rather they not know I live in your house or come to work with you.” Kathleen rushed to say, making Pete raise a brow.

“I suppose this is about the rumors you mentioned?” He asked, recalling that she had hidden in his car the previous day too.

“Yeah. Everyone is talking already, I just don’t want to give them evidence to support their speculations.” Kathleen said making Pete look at her thoughtfully.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30

He knew most women would probably want to take advantage of the situation and ride on his coattails, but this one was trying to distance herself from him instead, “I suppose I’m making you resume work late. How about you take driving lessons to brush up your driving skills and then you can come to work in one of my cars? That way you don’t have to be late because of me.” He offered making Kathleen’s eyes widen.

“A car? How will I explain how I managed to get a car? New boss, new clothes, new car? No way! I’d rather take the BRT bus.” Kathleen said making Pete look at her irritably.

“Explain to who? Are you always so concerned about what people think of you?”

“Are you not? Are you not worried that they might think you’re having an affair with your staff and…”

“And what if I was? Is there anything wrong with me having an affair with my staff? It’s not like I’m married, and neither are you. So why do I owe anyone an explanation?” Pete asked, making Kathleen sigh.

He was right in a way anyway, she was worrying her head too much, and it wasn’t necessary, “You’re right. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.” Kathleen conceded.

“And neither do you. And honestly I think if they really think we are dating, nothing you’re going to do or say is going to change their mind. So maybe you should just relax and let them think whatever they want. Eventually they would stop talking and let you be.” Pete said as he finally drove into his reserved parking lot.

He shook his head when he noticed how Kathleen was trying to discreetly get out of the car, “Are you being serious right now? You don’t think what you’re doing is going to attract even more attention?” He asked when she bent down tried going around the car.

Kathleen didn’t respond as she hurried away, leaving her lunch pack behind.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30


After thinking about it for sometime, Kimberly finally decide to give Eric a call. Not because she missed him or wanted to hear his voice, but because she was curious to know what they had talked about the previous night. She dialed his number, and stood up to pace around the office while the phone rang.

“Good morning sleeping beauty.” Eric greeted in a teasing tone, the moment he took the call.

“Good morning.” Kimberly said with a grimace. Now that he had taken his call she didn’t know how she was going to ask him the question she had in mind.

“I suppose you slept well. I did too. So why are you calling? I know it’s not to check on me.” Eric said as he wiped the sweat on his forehead which his hand towel. Chuka had left for the office, so he was cleaning up the house to make it more presentable.

“I’m just calling to check on you.” Kimberly lied, making him chuckle since he had guessed she was going to fall for that.

“If you’re calling to find out if you said something embarassing last night, the answer is NO. You only told me how handsome you thought I was and how you would like to…”

“Stop! Just stop! Don’t say anything else.” Kimberly pleaded, making him smile.

“Oh! I thought that was why you called. I’m sorry I made a wrong assumption.”

“No. That wasn’t why I called.” Kimberly lied, ,”I wanted to check on you and let you know I’ve told my father about the engagement.”

“So? What did he say?” Eric asked as he sat by the edge of the bed to listen properly to what she was saying.

“Well, I haven’t spoken to him directly, I asked his wife to talk to him about it, I’m sure he’s going to agree.” Kimberly said, making Eric sigh.

“I see. You want to come over to see where I live after work? You should at least know that much about me before marrying me.” Eric suggested.

“Oh! Uhm, I’ll inform Prisc…” She stopped when she remembered what he had said about her relying on Prisca for everything.

Eric understood why she paused, so he said nothing as he waited for her to make up her mind herself.

“You can text me the address. I’ll come over when I’m done for the day.” Kimberly said instead.

“Without Prisca?” Eric asked to be sure she was coming alone.

“Yeah, without Prisca.” Kimberly said with a sigh. Maybe he was right. Maybe she was too depended on Prisca, and she needed to work on that.

“Good. And like I said, you didn’t say anything very embarassing last night, so don’t worry your head about it. Maybe when you come over, I’ll let you listen to the recorded conversation on my phone.” Eric suggested making Kimberly’s eyes widen in surprise.

“What? You recorded the call?” She asked in horror.

“Nope. I was only pulling your legs.” Eric said with a husky laughter which made Kimberly’s heart skip a beat.

She cleared her throat, “Uhm, I have to get back to work now. Don’t forget to text me the address.” She said before disconnecting the call. She let out a sigh the moment she dropped her phone, and closed her eyes. She glanced down at her phone when she remembered she was yet to save his number. What was she going to use in saving it? Eric King? She wondered with a sigh. Eric would be okay, it wasn’t like she was the mushy this anyway. She briefly wondered what he must have used in saving her name. Maybe she would find a way to check it when she visits his house. Kimberly decided as she picked up her phone and saved the number with ‘EriK’ instead. The ‘K’ should stand for the king. She thought as she dropped the phone again and turned her attention to the documents in front of her.

After sometime she stopped when she noticed she wasn’t following. Her mind was still on Eric. Eric King… What did she really know about him? So far she knew just his name and that he used to work at iGlobal. She also knows he has a friend who is a cab driver. What else? Maybe it was time to get to know him properly. She would try to ask him more personal questions when she visits him. Questions like ‘why was he single’? Not that it was exactly her business though, but he seemed like a catch, so he wasn’t really supposed to be single.

She picked up her phone when it beeped with a WhatsApp message notification, and she smiled slowly when she opened it to see it was a message from EriK, “Sorry I’m chatting you up, I didn’t have enough airtime to send you a text message, so I’m sending the address via WhatsApp.” He texted, and then attached the address to it.

He didn’t even have money to buy common airtime yet he was always so proud? Kimberly thought with a scoff. She copied his phone number and logged on to her mobile banking app, and then transferred him a thousand naira worth airtime.

“It’s fine.” She texted back, before taking note of his profile picture. She clicked on it, and felt her lips twitch as she observed his indifferent pose in the photo. It seemed like the picture had been taking without his knowledge, but he had been smiling at someone or something in the background. She saved the picture before returning to see the new message he had sent her.

“You sent me airtime?”

“Yes. If you’re marrying Kimberly Abambam, you should at least have airtime on your phone.” Kimberly texted back, making him send a rolling eyes emotion along with the ‘Thanks’ he sent. Although he was embarassed by the fact that she had sent him airtime, but he definitely couldn’t do anything about it now.

“Send me a photo of you. I want to see what you wore to the office.” Eric texted, making Kimberly look down at what she was wearing.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30

After sending him airtime, I should still send him a photo of me? Kimberly asked herself like she couldn’t believe what she was seeing… But still positioned herself and took a selfie before sending it to him.

“Hmm… I wanted to see your outfit, not your face. But you look okay anyway. I have to get back to what I was doing. See you later.” Eric said before turning off his data. He chuckled to himself, and wished he had a way of seeing the expression on her face. Knowing her she would probably be seething with anger at his response.


Just like Eric was thinking, Kimberly stared at her phone in disbelief before bursting into hysterical laughter, “Me? I look okay? Kai! Kimberly you have suffered!, this ordinary friend to a cab driver without airtime on his phone?” She told herself as she kept looking at Eric’s response with disbelief.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30



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