THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30


Just as she walked into her bedroom her phone started ringing, she smiled when she took it out and saw it was a call from Kathleen, “This one you’re calling me so early in the morning, did something happen?”

“Good morning.” Kathleen said, feeling nervous about the request she was about to make. Such things were usually very difficult for her, and she had already called to ask Sharon for help, but unfortunately Sharon was going for an impromptu trip with her sugar daddy that morning, so the only person she could ask was Ella.

“Are you okay? Why is your voice sounding somehow?” Ella asked in concern.

“I need a favour from you. I don’t want you to feel it’s because we just became friends and I’m trying to take advantage of our friendship. So you really don’t have to worry if you can’t do it, I’ll find another way, but…”

“Madam just say what you want first before all these plenty unnecessary talk. What is wrong?” Ella asked interrupting her.

“Well, the thing is that my younger sister is sick, and my mother wants to bring her to Lagos so we can get a good doctor over here. I’ll be at work, and I might not be able to pick them when they arrive, so I was hoping you could help me pick them and drop them at home.” Kathleen explained in a rush.

Ella shook her head as she listened to Kathleen, “Is that the reason for all that plenty talk? Of course I can do it. It’s not a big deal nau. Just let me know when they enter Lagos, and I’ll prepare to pick them up. Send me their number too, so I can track their movement in case you’re busy with work.” Ella said making Kathleen sigh in relief.

“You have no idea what you just did for me. Thank you so much. You’re just too nice.” Kathleen said making Ella giggle.

“It’s nothing jare, just see it as the advantage of having a big woman friend.” Ella teased making Kathleen to laugh, “But wait, what is wrong with your sister? I hope it’s nothing life threatening?” She remembered to ask.

“It’s kind of serious. I’ll tell you about it later. Let me hurry so I can meet up with your brother before he leaves.” Kathleen pleaded.

“No wahala. Let’s talk when you get to the office then.” Ella said before hanging up.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30

After dropping the phone Kathleen looked at her reflection in the mirror. Now that neither Sharon nor Amanda were here to supervise her outfit, she wasn’t sure if she was properly dressed. It would be embarassing to dress anyhow after the compliment she had received the previous day.

She combed back her long black natural hair allowing it fall over her shoulder, unlike her recent pattern of just packing it in a ponytail. She eyed some of the makeup products on her table, and after contemplating for a few seconds she settled down to apply the make-up. By the time she was done, a satisfied smile was pasted on her lips as she picked up her handbag and headed out in confident steps.

“Chai! Nne you look like a goddess abi is it mammy water?” Chidi who was just stepping out of the house exclaimed in a thick Igbo accent, making Kathleen smile shyly.

“Aww! You look so pretty.” Amanda added with an approving smile as she looked Kathleen over. She was wearing a knee-length corporate red gown with three quarter sleeve, and a slit in front.

“She does, doesn’t she?” Pete asked, impressed by Kathleen’s outfit. Kathleen preened in pleasure at the compliment and attention she was receiving from them all.

“Thanks.” Kathleen managed, unable to meet Pete’s gaze, especially when she remembered their encounter that morning, so she focused her attention on Chidi and Amanda instead,

“Good morning, I hope you had a restful sleep?” She asked Chidi who grinned at her.

“Of course I did. And then I woke up to the aroma of that Spaghetti, Kai! Nne, you’re just an angel.” Chidi said making Kathleen giggle, while Amanda rolled her eyes. Pete watched Kathleen as she laughed, and felt his lips curve in a smile. Even though she wasn’t laughing because of him, it felt nice to hear her laughter, and to see her eyes twinkle with mirth.

“We should leave now, I don’t want to be late for school.” Amanda announced, taking Kathleen’s hand and dragging her towards the car so she wouldn’t respond to Chidi anymore.

“Yeah, let’s leave.” Kathleen said as she opened the back seat of the car to get in with Amanda.

“Are you not riding in the front with me?” Pete asked with a slightly raised brow.

“I thought he was coming with us.” Kathleen said, glancing back at Chidi who was dressed like he was going out.

“He’s not. Get in the front.” Pete told her quietly before getting into the car.

“See you around then. Have a pleasant day.” Kathleen told Chidi as she got into the car and shut the door.

They drove in silence for a while, before Amanda decided to break it, “Kat?”

“Hm?” Kathleen asked distractedly as she gave her attention to her phone.

“Do you like uncle Chidi?” She asked curiously, making Pete glare at her through the rearview mirror, but she quickly looked away, pretending like she couldn’t see her father’s face.

“Yeah. Why?” Kathleen asked, oblivious to what was going on in the child’s head.

“You really do?” Amanda asked in surprise.

“Yeah, don’t you?” Kathleen asked, turning to flash Amanda a smile before returning her attention to her phone.

“What about dad? Do you like him?” Amanda asked making Pete want to wrap his hands around her tiny neck.

Kathleen had a frown on her face as she raised her head from her phone. Where were the questions going to? How was she supposed to answer this? Kathleen wondered, before sneaking a peek at Pete. His face was blank, but something told her he was waiting for the answer to the question too, because if he wasn’t he probably would have called his daughter to order by now.

Kathleen cleared her throat, “Well, the thing is, your father is just someone I work for, and I don’t have to like him to work for him, do you understand?” She asked, hoping that was going to be the last question for the day.

“And Uncle Chidi? What is uncle Chidi to you?” Amanda asked making Kathleen close her eyes in exasperation.

“Well, I suppose he is my employer’s cousin who is also like a friend to me.” Kathleen explained thoughtfully.

“Already? But he only just came last night and dad has been here this whole time. Why is dad just someone you work for and uncle Chidi your friend?” Amanda asked in an accusatory tone making Kathleen turn to Pete for help.

“That’s enough Amanda. She has every right to choose who her friends are.” Pete warned making Amanda pout sadly as she threw her face to the side. What was she going to do if Uncle Chidi decides to marry Kathleen? Who will be her mother? Amanda wondered with a sigh.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30


“You really want to do this? Won’t it be against the rules or something?” Chuka asked as he folded his clothes.

“Leave those clothes, you won’t be needing them.” Eric said as he sat up on the bed to give Chuka his complete attention, “We were the same size of clothes, so I’m sure the clothes there will look good on you. Besides, you don’t expect that I would allow you to keep being a cab driver, right? Take your documents to the company today, I already told the head of HR that I’m sending someone over for a job.” Eric said making Chuka pause to look at him.

“Guy! You are joking abi?” Chuka asked suspiciously.

“Why will I be joking about something like that? You can make use of the cars and all. I’ll let you know when I need you to do something for me.” Eric said, making Chuka narrow his eyes at him.

“Hope you’re not just giving me the job for the time being o? Shey you won’t take back the job after your bet with your father is over sha?”

“Have you only been deceived all your life? Just arrange your things and leave. I need space to think.” Eric said dismissively but Chuka kept looking at him unconvinced.

“What kind of job is it first?”

“Come, will you do it or not? Stop asking me stupid questions. Just take your documents to the head of HR and tell him I sent you, he’ll assign you to an office.” Eric snapped at him impatiently. But instead of Chuka to get angry, a broad smile covered his face.

“God ooooo! I done blow! My goat done born cow! I done arrive! My level done change! Lagos girls I done show!” Chuka exclaimed as he jumped around the room happily, making Eric shake his head.

“Your village people are frying akara with your brain, abi? The first thing on your mind is Lagos girls? Not even ‘mama I have made it’? I sorry for you.” Eric said making Chuka pause.

“Na true you talk so o! Mama I have made it!” Chuka yelled, making Eric burst into laughter.

“You’re just a useless son. Do and leave the house let me see road abeg.” He said as he stood up and headed for the bathroom.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30

As he brushed his mouth, thoughts of Kimberly came to his mind and he smiled. He had called her last night when he finally got home.

“Huh? Who is this and why are you calling by this time?” She had asked in a sleepy voice the moment she took the call.

“It’s your husband to be.” He had said making her sit up abruptly when she heard his voice.

“Eric?” She had asked in confusion.

“Yeah, or you have someone else already?” He had asked in a teasing tone.

“Uhm, I just wasn’t expecting a call from you.” Kimberly had explained with a yawn, trying to fight off the wave of sleep that hit her as she lay down on the bed once again.

“Well, I called to let you know I’m home now, and to say goodnight to you.” Eric had explained.

“Thanks for coming over, and for teaching me how to prepare the egg sauce.” She had muttered sleepily, and then had muttered other unintelligible words which had told him she was now sleep talking. He was kind of looking forward to watching her sleep talk in person. That should be entertaining and fun. Eric thought with a grin.

“See the way only you dey brush dey grin. Nuh go lose focus and fall in love with who nuh go love you o.” Chuka warned.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30

“Blood of Jesus!” Kimberly exclaimed in surprise the moment she picked up her phone.

“What is wrong?” Prisca asked as she placed a plate of noodles in front of Kimberly. Because Kimberly always had ulcer pains whenever she skipped breakfast, they always had to eat before leaving for the office everyday.

“Eric called me last night.” Kimberly said, looking at Prisca with round eyes.

“So?” Prisca asked with a frown, wondering why Kimberly was overreacting because of something like that.

“We talked for about three minutes.” Kimberly said, looking at Prisca with an horrified expression, as she tried to remember what they had talked about. While she was in the shower earlier she had remembered sitting up on her bed to speak with Eric over the phone last night, but had somehow thought it had been a dream, until she picked up her phone to confirm it.

“That’s good. Why do you sound so horrified by that?” Prisca asked as she picked up her fork and started eating.

“I was already fast asleep when he called! I don’t remember anything we spoke about!” Kimberly cried out making Prisca giggle.

“Oh! You use sleep eye follow am talk? Eric!” Prisca said making Kimberly glare at her.

“It’s not funny. What if I said something bad? What if I embarassed myself?” Kimberly asked, closing both eyes as though to block off the image.

“It is actually funny. But don’t worry, Eric is a gentleman. I’m sure he would have understood you were sleep talking.” Prisca assured her, “Eat up, you have three different meetings to attend today. The first is by ten at Eko hotel and suites.” Prisca reminded her.

“Yeah, I’m aware.” Kimberly said with a sigh as she picked up her fork and started eating.

“So still on Eric, today is Tuesday already… I will suggest you call your dad and talk to him about Eric’s term so we can know our next line of action, whether it will be Eric, or we have to go out there and cast our net.” Prisca suggested.

“Yeah, I think you’re right. Do you think I should call his wife instead?” Kimberly asked, biting her nails nervously.

“I never understand how you’re always quick to call her names, but when you want something from your father you keep going through her.” Prisca said with a shake of her head.

“Because she is less scary than he is. I fear him, but not her, and since he loves her he will listen to her.” Kimberly said with a shrug before taking out her phone to dial Amaka’s number. Amaka is the name of the young lady in her early thirties who is married to Kimberly’s dad who is in his early sixties. As far as Kimberly was concerned, Amaka was a golddigger out to get her father’s wealth.

“Don’t you think it’s too early? What if she is still in bed?” Prisca asked when she realized Kimberly had already dialed the lady’s number.

“By past eight in the morning? Won’t her son go to school? Besides as my stepmom she’s supposed to take my call even if I call by 3 AM.” Kimberly said with a snort.

“It’s only when you want to do evil you remember she’s your stepmom.” Prisca said with a giggle, and quickly closed her mouth when Kimberly raised a finger for her to keep quiet.

“This one you’re calling me this morning, it must be a good day!” Amaka exclaimed the moment she received the call.

“Good morning MOM… I hope I didn’t disturb your sleep?” Kimberly asked with a roll of her eyes making Prisca giggle.

“Your father isn’t here, so just cut the act and tell me what you want as usual.” Amaka said, sounding amused by Kimberly’s ploy.

Kimberly cleared her throat, “Well, it’s about that marriage stuff…”

“I can’t help you there. Your father has made up his mind on that already…”

“I’m not saying you should convince him otherwise… My boyfriend doesn’t want a loud society marriage. He says he doesn’t want his picture and all in the papers, so I was hoping you could convince dad to do something small.” Kimberly said in pleading tone.

“Why doesn’t he want his face in the papers? Is he a kidnapper abi is he owing people money? Are you sure he isn’t married already?” Amaka asked in concern.

“He’s not. He is just a very private person. Do you think you can convince dad to agree?” Kimberly asked making Amaka sigh.

“I’ll try. Call me back in the afternoon, and I’ll tell you what he said. Take care.” Amaka said before hanging up.

“For someone who doesn’t like her, you seem to trust her a lot sha.” Prisca observed.

“That I don’t think she married my dad for love doesn’t mean I think she’s entirely evil.” Kimberly said defensively.

“Yet you call her a witch. You’re lucky she hasn’t tried to separate you from your dad sha.”

“Can she try it? Abeg talk better thing jare. Let’s hope my dad agrees, then we can go on with this whole marriage thing and face other more important things.” Kimberly said.

“Why am I feeling like you’re looking forward to the marriage with Eric? Abi you done dey like the guy small small? e dey enter your eye abi?” Prisca asked with a teasing wink making Kimberly roll her eyes.

“Enter my eye ke. Is he the only fine guy in Lagos? He’s cool no doubt, but it’s nothing special.” Kimberly said dismissively.

“Okay o! If you say so.”

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 21 – 30

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