THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80


“You are Eric Tunde Obasan, aren’t you?” Ken asked immediately they were alone, startling Eric who had thought he had succeeded in making Ken believe they didn’t know each other.

Ken smiled when he saw the surprise on Eric’s face. Of course it was obvious that he was right. He had recognized Eric immediately he had said he was out of job, but had chose not to say anything since it had seemed like Eric didn’t want them to know who he was.

“Tunde Obasan? Isn’t that the name of the current CEO of iGlobal?” Pete asked as he took a closer look at Eric.

“How did you know of him?” Ken asked Pete curiously.

“You know my father… He keeps talking about how iGlobal has been successfully passed on from generation to generation without hitch while I’m trying to run away from my responsibility. I just remember him mentioning the name… But you’re really Tunde Obasan? Not Eric King?” Pete asked, returning his attention to Eric once again.

“When did you figure it out?” Eric asked Ken his shrugged.

“What kind of a lawyer would I be if I can’t recognize faces? Besides I could see from your body posture and the way you were answering my questions that you were uncomfortable. I only kept asking you questions because I wanted to be sure you were really bent on hiding your identity. Why if I may ask?” Ken asked curiously.

“I take it Kimberly doesn’t know who you are?” Pete asked, looking at Eric with interest. He always found it funny how people pretended to be who they were not. He could understand poor people pretending to be rich just to fit in, but what he could never understand was rich people pretending to be poor.

“No she doesn’t. And I don’t want her to find out now either.” Eric said, before picking up his glass of wine and sipping from it.

“I don’t get it. How did you both get married if she doesn’t even know your real name?” Pete asked, looking at him thoughtfully.

“It was probably a court wedding. His aunty is the chief judge so I guess that makes things easy. But why are you married to her?” Ken asked in confusion. It was obvious Eric wasn’t a gold digger, so there was no way he was married to her for her money. And Kimberly didn’t really have a good reputation, so what could it be? Perhaps they had sex and he enjoyed it so much he wanted to keep her? But why do so under a false identity?

“Because I love her.” Eric said with a sigh, “Look, it’s complicated and I really don’t want to get into it. But trust me, my intentions for her, are good. I’m just in the middle of something with my father, so I can’t really tell her who I am. Also, I’m really not working at the moment, and Eric King is also my name, so I’m not exactly lying about that.” Eric said, and left it at that, hoping they would understand his need for privacy, and not pry.


“Alright.” Both Pete and Ken said with a nod even though they still had a lot of questions they would have loved to ask him.

“You know I didn’t invite you and Kemi over just so you sit here with me, right? Go and look for her.” Pete said to Ken, nudging him by the side.

“You are worse than Kathleen’s mom, you know?” Ken asked with a chuckle making Pete frown as he wondered what Kathleen’s mom had to do with the subject.


“I mean your matchmaking skills nau. I didn’t know you admired me so much that you’ve been eyeing me for your sister.” Ken said with a chuckle making Pete punch his arm playfully.

“See this ode! Because I’m trying to help your useless life. Call me ba$tard if I help you again.” Pete said while Ken kept laughing.

“You be bastard already.” Ken responded, while Eric watched them both in amusement.

“Your papa na ba$tard. (Your father is a ba$tard).” Pete fired back with chuckle, “Why did you mention Kathleen’s mother sha? Did she tell you anything?” Pete asked curiously.

“It’s obvious that she has chosen you as her son in-law nau. Besides Ella said she has been saying so from the first day she arrived. I wonder what she saw in a bastard like you.” Ken said with a chuckle.

“Something you obviously can’t see because you’re blind. Why am I even talking to you?” Pete asked before turning to look at Eric who was quietly watching them both with interest.

“I’m just curious about something though, did you take over the family business line because you love it or because it was forced down on you? Isn’t there something you love to do for yourself?” Pete asked curiously, making Eric smile.

“I’ve always loved the business since I was a kid. My father always told me about work even though most of the time I couldn’t understand what he was saying. So it was difficult not to love it, you get?” Eric asked making Pete pause.

“Your father used to have time to talk to you despite building his company?” Pete asked in disbelief.

“Of course.” Eric said with a chuckle, “I wasn’t even allowed to have home teachers as a kid. It was always either one of my parents teaching me. Family first, is our family motto.” Eric said with a shrug making Pete look at him with envy.

It was clear to Pete that the difference in their upbringing was actually the reason Eric loved his family business, while he hated his. Growing up, his own father had always been busy with work and had hardly had time for his family. Although he seemed to have time for his wife who was very supportive of his business. But as a result of that, he had personally detested his father’s business and had promised himself to do only something that would give him time for his family.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

Ken on the other hand just sat there listening to them both as they spoke, and the only thing on his mind was the irony of it all. He had envied Pete’s family as a kid. It had seemed like they had it all, and he had even wished his own father was like Pete’s father so he wouldn’t even have time to beat his mother. But here was Pete envying Eric, who actually seemed to really have it all.

“I take it you have something else you’d rather do than run your father’s company?” Eric asked curiously, since he could tell Pete wasn’t very excited about working in his father’s company.

“Yeah, but it’s not like I have a choice right now.” Pete said with a sigh. For the sake of his siblings, he couldn’t just ignore his father’s decision and move on with his life.

“Well, I think you do. We always have a choice.” Eric said making Pete look at him with interest.

“Really? So what choice do you think I have? What do you suggest I do?”

“Well, for one you could incorporate whatever you want to do into the company since you are at the helm of affairs now. I mean, like a subsidiary. Think about it, your father’s company already has a reputation, so if you decide to start your business under it, it’s a win-win for both you and him. That way you can do what you love while also doing what is expected of you by your family.” Eric said with a shrug making Pete turn to look at Ken.

“I think it makes sense. Say you establish an eatery or a five star restaurant under the Howells Group of company name, it’s going to be a hit from the go, and I don’t think your parents would have any issue with you being a chef as long as you’re also running the company at the same time. It might take more of your time to run the restaurant as well as the company, but at least you’ll know you’re doing something you love to do.” Ken said with a nod.

“Plus I don’t think I have to cook everyday either. I just need to make new recipes and teach my staff how to prepare them.” Pete said in excitement as he looked at Eric who was also grinning, “Thank you so much for this brilliant idea. I wonder why I never thought about it.”

“It’s simple. It’s because you don’t have sense na.” Ken said making Eric chuckle.

“You with all your sense did you bring the suggestion? I just met him tonight and he is already being useful unlike you that I’ve known all my life.” Pete fired back, while Eric laughed some more at the banter. He had to admit he liked the friendship they shared.

“When you have a problem most times, it’s difficult to think clearly, so I’m sure that’s why you didn’t think in that line.” Eric offered instead.

“Maybe you should teach this idiot how to woo a woman too.” Pete told Eric.

“Ode! Shey you’ve been the one teaching me how to woo all the girls that have been following me since ni?” Ken asked with a snort, “Don’t worry, when I’m done, you will receive our invitation card directly from your father.” Ken added with a chuckle.

“That’s if Kemi agrees to date an idiot like you, nuh let me spoil your market o.” Pete responded with a chuckle.

“Spoil it nau, I will just follow Kathleen.” Ken promised.

“You’re dating his sister?” Eric asked before Pete could respond. He loved Chuka no doubt, but the thought of a friend of his dating his sister or sleeping with her was something he didn’t want to even imagine. He couldn’t just imagine Chuka or any other one of his friends dating Wumi.

“I’m still on it. So who is your football goat?” Ken asked, wanting to change the subject, “I need to know your goat before I decide whether or not we can be friends.” Ken said with a grin.

“I’m not an ardent follower of football, but if you’re asking me to choose between Messi and Ronaldo, I will say I love them both equally. I don’t think there is any reason for such comparisons between them. Comparisons like that only breeds strife, and as a Christian I don’t like getting involved in things like that.” Eric said making Pete and Ken exchange a glance.

“I’m sure you’re probably wondering why I’m bringing in Christianity into football.” Eric said with a knowing smile when he noticed the look they exchanged, “I don’t like being compared with others, so I don’t like comparing others either. Everyone is unique in their own way, including Ronaldo and Messi. Also, the Bible says in second Corinthians 10:12, comparing themselves with themselves, they’re not wise.” Eric said making Ken sigh.

“Surely you have favorites. It’s not comparison. It’s just saying who is your favorite player between them.” Ken said with a frown.

“I enjoy both their games. They’re both great footballers in their own way.” Eric said making Ken shake his head wearily.

“I’m sure Kathleen and Ella will love you.” Pete said with a shake of his head. How could he turn a simple football discussion into a sermon? He was just as bad as Kathleen, if not worse.

“I can’t believe Kimberly ended up with a pastor like you.” Ken said after a while making both Eric and Pete chuckle.

“I’m not a pastor. Just a practicing Christian.”

“Yet you tell lies.” Pete pointed out.

“Never said I was perfect. I’m human after all.” Eric said with a shrug.

“You’re cool anyway. I hope we find time to hang out like this one of these days. Just us guys.” Pete suggested.

“Yeah, would like that. So how long have you both been friends?” Eric asked them.

Before either Pete or Ken could respond to the question, Ella came running up to their table breathlessly, “You guys need to come down quickly.” She called urgently.

“What is wrong?” Both Pete and Eric asked in unison as they all stood up immediately.

“Just come down. Kathleen and Kimberly are in trouble.” She called back as she made her way downstairs again.

They all hurried downstairs in time to see Kathleen holding a broken bottle of Heineken and pointing it at a burly young man aggressively, “If them born you well, touch me again!” She was yelling at the guy angrily, while Kimberly was standing behind her fearfully.

“What is going on here?” Ken asked as they all got to the center of the dance hall. Different people were gathered around them, already feeling entertained by the drama which was going on.

Before anyone could answer Ken, Eric was already tapping the young man’s shoulder, “What do you want with them?” He asked the guy in a cold tone.

He turned around, ready to swing a punch at Eric, but one look at the angry scowl on his face, and he thought twice his action. Unfortunately for him Eric grabbed the collar of his shirt roughly, in a manner which caused him to choke before turning to look at both Kathleen and Kimberly, “What is the problem?”

The guy looked around them, and noticed that the crowd had doubled now, and his friends were all watching so he couldn’t afford to fall his hands, “Who the fuck do you think you are to lay your hands on me in this way? Do you know who I am?” The guy asked angrily and tried beating off Eric’s hand from his neck, but Eric only tightened his grip the more he struggled, forcing him to relax.

“I’m going to only ask one more time before I have you thrown behind bars, what do you want from them?” Eric asked again.

“You can’t throw me behind bars! And you have no right to touch me because of those stupid sluts! I was only…” Before he could finish his next sentence Eric punched him right in the gut with his left hand.

“You don’t call my wife names.” Eric warned in a quiet growl, and turned to glare at the bouncers who were now standing close to them as though to stop him, but once they recognized him they stepped back. The guy yelped in pain and tried to attack Eric, but Eric delivered another punch to his gut.

“Eric please stop…” Kimberly pleaded tearfully. She was beginning to feel embarrassed by all the attention they were getting, especially as she knew most people in the club knew exactly who she was.

One of the guy’s friends stepped forward angrily, “You can’t be hitting him for making passes at her or calling her names when he didn’t know she’s married. Besides why are you so angry when everyone knows she sleeps around with different men every weekend. Even your friends here know it. Or weren’t you the guy she went home with last weekend?” He asked Pete who looked away in embarrassment.

Eric pushed the guy away roughly, making him fall on his arse, “I don’t care which of you she has slept with, but the next person who calls her names or makes any derogatory remark about her is going to have me to contend with.” Eric warned as he let go of the guy’s collar by pushing him down on top of his friend, “I’m only letting you go because it seems my wife can’t stomach violence.” Eric said before turning to Kimberly.

“Let’s go home.” He said, extending his hand to her. Kimberly fearfully stepped out of Kathleen’s back before taking his hand.

“Thank you.” She whispered to Kathleen but didn’t make eye contact with anyone as she let him lead her outside the club, while Ella hurried upstairs to pick up her hand bag.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

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