THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

Episdode 78

Now seated in the car, Kathleen kept viewing the pictures on her phone. It had been long since she last updated her Instagram and Facebook profile pictures. Maybe she could do so now, and also change her WhatsApp display picture too. She had to admit that money was good though.

She sent one of the pictures to Ella alongside a short message of gratitude for sending someone over to beautify her.

“Wow! See my brother’s wife!” Ella replied, making Kathleen blink in surprise.

“Wife ke?” She asked.

“Stay there nau. From the moment I saw you, I knew this day would come. My Spirit never lies.” Ella texted.

“Okay o. Thanks once again.” Kathleen said before turning off her data.

“So where are we going to?” Kathleen asked curiously.

“You’ll see when we get there.” Pete said, and then turned to look at her, “About my trip.”

“Yeah? What about it?” She asked, knowing he had stopped just so she would ask.

“I don’t know, I just felt I need to let you know that I’d be traveling with my secretary since she has been the one traveling with my father, and knows more about the conference than I do.” Pete explained.


“Okay?” Pete asked, turning to look at her.

“Yeah. Why?”

“You’re not worried I’m traveling with her?”

“Should I be? If I have to worry about something like that, then I shouldn’t be going out with you in the first place, should I?” Kathleen asked, making Pete smile.

“Well, it’s fine if you don’t feel jealous or insecure. But you can’t go on a date with another guy while I’m away.” Pete said, making Kathleen turn to look at him.


“Why what?” Pete asked with a frown since that wasn’t what he had been expecting her to ask. Wasn’t it obvious why he didn’t want her to go out with another man?

“Why don’t you want me to go on a date with another guy?” Kathleen asked reasonably.

“Would you like it if I go out on a date with another lady?” Pete asked curiously.

“I don’t know. Maybe not.” Kathleen said with a shrug. Travelling with his secretary was one thing, but going out on a date with her would be very annoying no doubt.


“When did you start answering questions with questions?” Kathleen asked irritably.

“Since you came into my life. I learnt from the best.” Pete said with a grin, before appearing all serious again, “You won’t, right? Like you won’t go on a date with anyone else.”

“A date? I’m not sure about that. But I could have lunch with Chuka without you stalking us this time.” Kathleen said in amusement.

Pete’s heart skipped a beat, and then he turned to look at her, a mixture of surprise and embarrassment on his face. She knew? How?

As though she had read the question on his face, she giggled, “We saw you.”

How was he supposed to respond or react to this? Pete wondered in embarrassment, “Saw me where?” He asked, trying to find out how much she knew.

“Outside the restaurant of course. Why? Are you going to deny it?” Kathleen asked with a giggle. He was fond of laughing at her expense, so she felt very good returning the favor now.

“You make a pretty lousy spy though. What were you hoping to achieve anyway?” Kathleen continued, still laughing heartily.

“If you knew why didn’t you say anything?” Pete asked grudgingly as he kept his eyes fixed on the road, while enjoying the sound of her laughter, even though she was laughing at his expense.

“Because I wanted to know why you did that of course. Chuka said it was because you liked me, but I didn’t think so. So we were just waiting for you to make your move.” Kathleen said with a shrug making Pete sigh. It was obvious she had so many coaches on her side.

“So that talk about him liking you was all just talk, and you thinking of giving him a chance was all just talk?” Pete asked curiously.

“Yeah. We speak the same language, so he sees me like a sister.” Kathleen explained.

“And he didn’t try to kss you at the restaurant?”

“Kss? Of course not. Why would he do that?” Kathleen asked with a frown.

So he had been worried all for nothing? She was fully his? Pete wondered with a satisfied grin. He didn’t mind her laughing at his expense, as long as Chuka remained in the brother zone.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

Kathleen couldn’t help wondering why Pete had bothered to get her such fancy clothes if he was taking her to somewhere so simple. The interior of the restaurant was pretty fancy when compared to the basic exterior. It was her first time being somewhere this posh, but she was sure any one of the clothes she had gotten from Ella would have done just fine for this date.

“Why are you so quiet?” Pete asked quietly as they were both led to the table he had reserved for them.

“Because I have nothing to say.” Kathleen whispered, scared to speak out loud, lest she drew the attention of other patrons to them.

“Why are you whispering?” Pete asked with a grin as they stopped by their table, and he pulled out a chair for her to sit, before taking his own seat.

“What do you think? Do you like the place?” Pete asked curiously.

Kathleen shrugged, she couldn’t care more about the place or any other place. It all seemed the same to her. “Yeah. It looks okay.”

“That’s fine.” Pete said before signalling to the waiter to bring them the menu.

Pete watched Kathleen’s face as she picked up one of the menu, and grinned to himself when he saw her eyes widen, ‘Bush girl’ he thought to himself, and pretended to focus on his own menu, while watching her under his lid. He knew without doubt that she was going to pick the cheapest drink on the menu.

“What would you like to drink before the starter is served?” Pete asked Kathleen who had a frown on her face as she kept looking at the list of drinks. Luckily the waiter had left them to decide, so they were alone.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

Kathleen pretended not to hear him as she thought about what Sharon had told her earlier. “Don’t go there and be acting like a village poor girl. Your boss has lots of money, so don’t embarrass him by asking for the cheapest items.” Sharon had warned.

“You’re having a difficult time making up your mind? It’s not JAMB, you don’t need to think too hard.” Pete assured her.

“I’ll just have Chapman.” Kathleen said, as though making up her mind. The Chapman was the second cheapest cocktail on the list, and it cost two thousand five hundred naira, unlike Pineapple sour which cost two thousand naira.

Pete chuckled when he saw her choice, “Why that?”

“Because it’s the only expensive non-alcoholic drink here. I figured since you brought me here, I shouldn’t ask for cheap things.” Kathleen said honestly, making Pete chuckle quietly.

“Okay. That’s fine.” Pete said with a grin as he signalled to the waiter again, “We will have the Forest Berry Mojito, and a Chapman, please.” Pete told the waiter politely before returning his attention to the menu.

“Is there something special you want on the menu or do you mind me making the orders?” Pete asked Kathleen who looked at the menu in confusion before giving him the go ahead to place the orders.

“So while we are waiting for our drink and food, why don’t you tell me more about yourself, apart from the obvious.” Pete asked making Kathleen look at him curiously.

“And what are the obvious?” She asked leaning forward in her seat, showing him he had her complete attention.

“I mean aside from the details I already know about you. Tell me something I don’t know.” Pete rephrased.

“So what do you know? Let’s see if you know me.”

Pete smiled at the challenge in her tone, “Hmm, let’s see. You’re a Christian but can be very judgemental at times. You can be very annoying and stubborn when you want to be. You’re hot tempered and you have follow come crase. You’re very hard-working, you’re a very good cook too. You are the eldest child of your parents. You’re very naive and pretty decent. You have a good sense of humor. You like wearing cheap things. You have a beautiful body that you’d rather hide in ugly clothes than wear sexy outfits. You are very sxy and hot, and your eyes literally light up when you smile. You have a very beautiful smile by the way. You have an award at jumping into conclusions and making assumptions. You’re vengeful even though I know you’re going to deny it. Your nostrils widen when you’re mad. Your lips are very distracting when you talk, and you speak very fast when you’re upset. The sound of your laughter is very sxy and it sometimes makes me wonder how you’d sound when you moan. You don’t make eye contact when you feel embarrassed like now… Should I go on?” Pete asked with a grin when he noticed she was looking very embarrassed now.

“What? You’re speechless? The only times you’re speechless is when I kss you, so why are you speechless now?” Pete asked with a teasing smile. He hadn’t realized how much he even knew about her until he started listing them.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

Luckily the waiter arrived at that moment with the drinks, so she didn’t have to say anything. Pete waited until the waiter had left before facing her again, “So are you going to tell me about you, or you want me to continue with the list of things I know about you?” Pete asked again.

“What do you want to know?” Kathleen asked as she took a sip from her glass using the straw. Before Pete could guess what she was doing the glass was empty and she was looking at it with a frown.

Two thousand five hundred naira was gone just like that? Kathleen wondered as she looked at the glass. If they had gotten a bottle of coke, or even malt, it would have lasted longer than the Chapman, and they were even sweeter too. Why was the drink so expensive anyway? Were they paying for the chair they were seated on or the interior decoration? Kathleen wondered.

“Do you want another glass?” Pete asked with a grin since he could tell she hadn’t meant to finish the drink just like that. The last time they had eaten together he had noticed she had gulped down the entire content of the glass of juice the moment she raised it to her lips.

“So that these people will use your money to open another branch? No. Thank you.” Kathleen said with a shake of her head making Pete burst into laughter as he signalled the waiter over to get her another glass.

“You never cease to amuse me Kat.”

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

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