THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80


“That’s not the point Kat.”

“What is the point? Do you love me?”

Pete considered her question only for a moment, “I thought we agreed we are still in the getting to know each other phase? I know it’s probably your first time doing this, but it’s a process. I care about you really much, and I’m attracted to you.” Pete said very carefully, “It’s that good enough for you?”

“Sure, since I also don’t know how I feel about you yet. So since we’ve both agreed it’s a process, don’t you think you should take things easy with the accelerator? We do not want to miss any step.” Kathleen said with a sweet smile.

“As long as you don’t keep going back and forth every time something gets you upset.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Kathleen said with a nod as they drove into the estate again.

“We will leave within the next two hours, so get ready.” Pete said as he parked the car inside the compound.

“Sharon!” Kathleen exclaimed excitedly, and quickly got out of the car when she saw Sharon standing by the door looking at her with a big knowing smile.

“Stop shouting my name like a bush girl.” Sharon whispered to her before turning to look at Pete, “Good morning.” Sharon greeted with a polite smile.

“Good morning Sharon, I hope we didn’t keep you waiting for too long?” Pete asked politely.

“Not at all. I don’t mind waiting. Waiting is my hobby.” Sharon said with a grin making Pete chuckle while Kathleen rolled her eyes.

“Funny girl.” Pete muttered in amusement as he walked into his house.

“When did you get here? Why didn’t you call me to let me know you are here?” Katheen asked as they both returned to her apartment.

“So that what will happen? Come give me gist wey I wan hear jare (Come and tell me what I want to know).” Sharon said excitedly.

“Aproko (Gossip). Where is the bread you brought from your trip?” Kathleen asked playfully as they went inside the house.

“Bread ke! It was flight we took, no where to buy bread.”

“So no bread at the airport or the road you passed abi?”

“Na bread be your problem for life? (Is bread your problem in life?) Abi your Bible didn’t say man shall not live by bread alone? Abeg leave bread matter and come and give me gist jare.” Sharon said as she followed Kathleen into her bedroom and sat down on the bed, looking at Kathleen expectantly.

“Wait! Is that the gown he got you?” Sharon asked when her eyes fell on the gown which was hanging on the wardrobe door, “Omoooor, your boss get good taste I swear down!” Sharon exclaimed as she went over to pick up the gown.

“He bought that shoe, and the purse too. As well as that wig.” Kathleen said making Sharon whistle.

“Mehn! This is so beautiful! I envy you!” Sharon said with a smile as she looked at the shoe and purse.

“This shoe suppose size me.” Sharon said wanting to try it on but Kathleen snatched it away.

“Abeg don’t spoil it with your wife leg.”

“I blame you? But these things look expensive sha.” Sharon said as she picked up the human hair and felt the texture.

“Hmm, his sister said it must have cost up to an hundred thousand naira, can you believe it? Me, Kathleen, will wear something worth hundred thousand for just one outing?” Kathleen said in awe making Sharon giggle.

“Local girl. PeopIe wear even more expensive things. But I think this costs more than that sha. I’m sure he sees and knows your worth. I’m very happy for you.” Sharon said as she looked at Kathleen with eyes glistening with tears.

“Why is your eye shining like you want to cry?” Kathleen asked with a frown when she saw the tears gathered in Sharon’s eyes.

“It’s nothing. I’m just happy for you.” Sharon said with a sad smile.

“Nah, I’ve known you for how many years? You think I believe that? I noticed you’ve been smiling too much, and you only do that when you’re trying not to show you’re not okay. Is there a problem? Are you in trouble?” Kathleen asked with a concerned frown.

Sharon sighed, “Well, somehow everything you said have kept replaying in my head. So on our way back from Abuja, I decided to try him to see what he will say, so I told him I wanted us to stop seeing each other.” Sharon said as tears dropped from her eyes.

“You did? That is a very good move. Well-done.” Kathleen said as she embraced Sharon and patted her back.

“He didn’t even feel bad about it. He just looked at me, and said it was okay as long as that’s what I want. He even went further to say he had been thinking of a way to end things, so he was grateful I was asking to end things myself.” Sharon said as tears kept rolling down her face, “I dated him for almost a year, yet he didn’t even look the least bit affected. The same person who claimed he was going to divorce his wife and marry me. Kai! Kathleen, men are wicked!”

“I know you need me to console you, but I’ll tell you the truth as usual. You played with fire, and you got burnt. What were you expecting? That he would beg you not to go, when he has a wife, and I’m sure he has kids too? No need for the tears, I think it’s for the best. Now you can repent and pray for God to send you your own man.”

“Yeah. I know you’re right. But it just hurts. Call me stupid, but I actually thought I meant more to him than that. Men are scum! Lagos men are the worst.” Sharon said with a sniffle.

“So because he paid your house rent and buys you nice things you assumed he loves you? For a rich man, I’m sure all that money means nothing to him. And I know you knew it deep down that he really didn’t care, but you just decided to believe what you wanted. Cheer up, okay? You can stay here with me until you feel better. Oya let me give you gist to cheer you up.” Kathleen said as she pulled away from the hug.

Although Sharon was feeling hurt, but Kathleen was glad she had been able to do what was right by letting him go, no matter how painful it was for her.

“Let me give Ella a call first, so she can send the make-up artist over, then I will give you the gist while I get ready.” Kathleen told Sharon as she took out her phone to give Ella a call.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

Few minutes later Sharon was laughing like a lunatic as Kathleen told her all that had been happening between her and Pete, “Wait, like the pastor legit raised that prayer point?” Sharon asked as she continued laughing.

“It was just so embarrassing and funny.” Kathleen said with a giggle.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

“Don’t you think we should have told the therapist the truth about our relationship? I don’t think there is any reason to give him false information.” Kimberly told Eric an hour later after their meeting with Mr Ola, her therapist.

“Why? Aren’t we married?” Eric asked patiently.

“Yes. But…”

“You’ve answered the question. The rest of the explanation is not necessary. We are married, that is all himself and everyone else needs to know.” Eric said logically.

“What if he needs to know about our sx life? How do I tell him I’m not having sx with my husband? Do I have to make up a lie? Maybe tell him you’re impotent, or have erectile dysfunction?’ Kimberly asked, making Eric smile.

“Is that what the problem is?”

“I just think if I’m really going to get help, I need to be totally honest every step of the way, else I’ll be paying such a huge amount of money for nothing.” Kimberly explained.

“Okay. Let’s have sex once we get home.” Eric suggested, making Kimberly’s heart skip a beat.

“Se….ex? I didn’t mean that. I… thought you said…”

“I know what I said, but we can do it if you really want to. Especially since you don’t want to lie to your therapist.” Eric said, turning to smile at her.

Kimberly shook her head, “No. No I don’t want it. Let’s just stick to it.” Kimberly said making Eric raise a brow.

“You’re sure you don’t want it?”

“I mean, we don’t have to do it just so I can tell… Why are we even having this conversation?” Kimberly asked when Eric started chuckling.

“You’re overthinking things, Kim. And if he asks you about our sx life, you can just tell him it is great, cause I can assure you it’s going to be great when we eventually walk down that path.” Eric said making the butterflies in Kimberly’s abdomen flutter at the thought. Kimberly cleared her throat and looked away, making Eric smile.

“Our next stop is the salon, right? Where do you make your hair?” Eric asked after a while.

“The Salon is at Festac. You can just drop me off, and then you go do whatever you want to do. I’ll order a bolt ride to take me home.” Kimberly said as Eric turned the car in the direction they were headed. Although there was traffic, but thankfully it wasn’t looking so bad.

“Alright.” Eric said with a nod, making Kimberly turn to look at him with a scowl. She had expected him to offer to stay at the salon with her, or even pick her up like some romantic men usually do. She hadn’t been counting on him just jumping on her suggestion like that.

“Is there a reason you’re frowning at me like that?” Eric asked curiously when he spared her a glance and caught the scowl on her face.

“Nothing. I was just thinking about something. So where are you going to after you drop me off? Your house?” Kimberly asked, wanting to know what plan he had that was more important than spending his time with her at the salon.

“Not exactly. I need to meet up with a friend.”

“So what if I hadn’t suggested you leave with the car? Would you have just left after dropping me off at the salon?” Kimberly asked, making Eric turn to look at her. Women were just troublesome creatures. You do what they want, trouble. You do what you want, more trouble.

“We are married, not Siamese twins. That means I don’t have to be your shadow. I have to at least give you space. Don’t worry, I’m not taking the car. I could just order for a bolt ride, and my friend would pay.”

“That’s not the point. When I was telling you my plans for the day, you didn’t mention that you had plans too.” Kimberly murmured.

“Why are you trying to pick a fight? You want me to sit with you at the salon? Is that it?” Eric asked, turning to look at her again.

“I didn’t say that.” Kimberly said defensively as she looked away from him again.

“Fine. I will just sit with you at the salon, and go see my friend after I drop you off at home.” Eric said making the side of Kimberly’s lips twitch with a triumphant smile, but she made sure he didn’t see it.

“You don’t have to. It’s not like we are Siamese twins like you said. And you’re definitely not my shadow either, so you’re free to go see your friend if that’s what you want to do. I’ll just sit at the salon all by myself and go home when I’m done fixing my hair and nails. But if you insist on staying with me, then I guess I have to let you do what you want.” Kimberly murmured making Eric grin, despite his annoyance at the tactics she was using.

“I’m going to indulge you just this once, Kim. But I’d rather you state what you want next time, instead of pulling such stunts. If you want me to do something, it’s best you ask. I’m your husband, so asking me to accompany you to the salon shouldn’t be such a big deal.”

“I didn’t exactly ask you to. You offered to accompany me yourself.” Kimberly pointed out, feeling embarrassed that Eric knew what she had been doing.

“Really, Kim?”

“Okay. Fine. I’m sorry. I usually go to the salon with Prisca. I just don’t want to be alone there.” Kimberly said apologetically, leaving out the fact that she also wanted to know what it felt like, having a man there with you, watching you while you got all glammed up for him.

“Then you should have just said so instead of making a suggestion and then feeling bad that I agreed to go along with it. And for your information I had no intention of leaving you there either. I only agreed to what you said because I assumed you needed space.” Eric explained.

“Oh! Sorry.” Kimberly said flashing him a wide smile now.

“Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’ve been curious about something you said last night…” Eric said, making her glance at him curiously.


“You love dirty talks? Like it gets you turned on?” Eric asked with a wink.

“Eric!” Kimberly yelled in embarrassment, making him laugh out loud.

“It’s okay.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 71 – 80

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