Henry woke up sweating profusely as someone who is being chased by a lion itself, he switched on the bedside lamp immediately to be sure that he was sleeping alone. Lo he was sleeping alone as the dream kept flashing back into his memory, anytime he closes his eyes he saw the image of him with Amanda lying naked on the bed. But at least he thanked God that it was a dream not real, he looked at the clock and the time tells 11:05 pm. What a scary dream “he said to himself thinking whether it’s a mere dream or Amanda is planning to drug him so as to have s*x with him. He covered himself and slept off.

Next day

Henry was seen in the class looking so moody and dull, it’s obvious that the dream he had seeing Amanda drugged him to have s*x with her still disturbs him. Melody watched him from a distance thinking about what could possibly be the cause of his dull mood.
Harry who was Henry best friend walked to him asking him about his mood only for Henry to tell him that all is well.
Gladys too was still in school making sure that melody is safe, all this while the three groups that were to compete in the competition always meet to have the issue solved.

Mr Stephen Henry’s father came back from work to see the house so cool and silent, he saw Henry’s phone lying on the centre class table which was strange to him because Henry always uses his phone either to play games or listen to music anytime he’s back from school without caring to study his books. Mr Stephen walked to Henry’s room and twist the door open, seeing Henry reading his books and solving physics assignment by himself without using any text book really surprised him to the bone which he didn’t know how it happened but planned on surprising Henry as he left the room unnoticed.

Henry was still in his room when his ringing phone distracted him as he rushed to pick the call only to see that it was Amanda calling him thus reminding of the dream he had the previous night, he contemplate whether to pick the call or not. The phone kept ringing for the third time and he placed the phone on his ear after picking it.

“Hello Henry ”

“yes Amanda, I’m listening ”

“Please can you be of help to me? “she asked using a calm voice

“What’s that?” he asked

“Please I’m very sick and I won’t be able to come to school tomorrow so p… ”
She didn’t finished her statement when Henry hang up the call as his heart began racing fast. That was the same thing that happened in the dream, Amanda called him give the same excuse which she later drugged him to have sex with her. The thought alone made Henry scared, so it was not a mere dream but a revelation on what that is going to happen so as to save Henry from Amanda’s trap.

Melody got home, still reading her books as usual preparing very well to be the winner of the competition, she never rest a day without reading and solving some questions just then Henry called entered her phone as the phone vibrated because she normally hide it from her mom this making her to put it on silent mode always to avoid her mom hearing it when it rings. She excused herself to where she normally picks her call to talk with Henry. They talked at length after which Henry told her I love you ”

“I love you too dear”she said as Henry ended the call.

“I said it melody “her mom interrupted as she turned back in shock to see her mother standing behind her which means that she heard everything they said with Henry as her phone fell down and her lips trembling. The looks Mrs Armstrong was giving her was a deadly one which means that she was not in support of the mess melody has gotten herself involved.

“I’ve been suspecting you all this while “Mrs Armstrong said without melody saying anything.

“Get back to the house now and wait for me “she commanded as melody picked up the phone to go.

“No, give it to me you are no longer using this again “she said and collected the phone from her as she thinks about how she’s going to stay without hearing Henry’s voice.

People who knew Henry to be a dull brain type mocked at him hearing that he was choosed to also compete in the competition knowing that he will woefully fail not knowing that someone has really changed his life to the best one.

The day was drawing near for the competition as ss2 students especially those that were choosed prepaid very well for the competition. Henry got home only to meet his father at home which was strange because he always comes back from work 5:00pm .henry greeted his father wondering what makes him to come home early.

“Henry drop your bag and dress up we are going out together “Mr Stephen said

“Dad, anything the problem? “he asked

“Not at all boy, we need to hang out as fatger and son”he said and Henry smiled heading inside just then his father’s phone started ringing interrupting them both

“Hello “Mr Stephen said after picking the call.

“Okay, you can bring it if so cause I’m waiting in the house, don’t delay oo”he said and end the call calling Henry back

“I’m sorry son, we have to cancel the trip till next time I’m sorry “he said pretending as if he doesn’t know the meaning of the call he just answered.

After 30 minutes, the gate of Mr Stephen house flung open by the gate man as two expensive cars drove inside the compound, one was a very brand new car as the other was an old one.
Mr Stephen called Henry out which got him surprised wondering what he has for him as he stepped outside.
The men that came with the car alighted from the car having a clean look at the environment.

“Henry, look at who we have here”his father announced

“Who are they dad? He asked looking confused

“They are special people from special place which is so unique. Congratulations my son, you’ve really surprised me”.
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