Melody and Henry were scared seeing Gladys at the door who stood there smiling(who were you thinking) but their fear died down instantly as Gladys walked in and drag melody out leaving Henry alone who couldn’t help than to smile that finally his prayers have been answered.
Amanda went back to her class with the thought in her heart to inform Desmond about the latest improvement, they later went to the see Mrs Hannah during the break time as she advised them to work hard so as to be the winner because the price is high.
Melody was a bit relieved from thinking as all her thoughts now we’re on how to win the up coming competition.

“Henry, we need to talk “she said after telling Gladys that she has finally accepted Henry’s proposal not knowing that she saw everything.

“Okay queen of Africa, I’ve heard you “he replied and they giggle
Melody was enjoying the moment likewise Henry too.

The school was cool that day as the students were discussing on how the competition is going to be.

Henry sat in the school garden expecting melody’s arrival as one could see two youghurt in his hands one for melody and one for him. Just as she was expecting melody, Amanda came and out nowhere and stood before him.

“Hi Henry, expecting someone ?”she asked but deep down she knew it’s melody he is waiting for.

“Yeah I’m expecting someone “he replied

“Okay I just wanted to apologize to you on all that happened, I’m deeply sorry Henry” she said sitting down without being told to.

“I’ve heard this part before, so no need to say it again. We are friends already “Henry replied her

“Thanks Henry “she replied giving him a friendly hug just then melody saw them both hugging each other as she approached and Amanda disengaged as she smiled at Henry.
Melody finally arrived where they were sitting, and sharing pleasantries with both as Amanda left giving them space to discuss.

“Melody once again thanks for making me a man”

“It’s nothing forget about that one”

“Okay, ”

“Henry, I want us both to be having an hour class after school ” she said and Henry knew where she was driving to

“You mean the both of us? Melody shake her head in a yes gesture

“Why not make it in my place or your house? Henry asked

“No, I’m not ready to answer big questions and I don’t trust you silly boy “she replied jokingly and they end up laughing

“I’m a good boy ooo, don’t spoil me ”

“See good boy, Please be silent joor” she said

“As you wish my queen “he replied making melody to smile.

“The lesson starts next week”she announced as they both stood up to left the place.
Amanda too didn’t want to loose the competition to melody also got prepared.
Days passed as their relationship keep increasing from the lower Concerntratin to the higher concentration. Melody was loving Henry because of his funny behavior. It was in a hot Thursday afternoon after school as usual melody and Henry were seen in the Jss1 classroom having their lessons,melody was a great teacher herself as she keep teaching Henry who was lost in her beauty which she noticed it.

“Please don’t make me loose control with that looks “melody finally said and stopped

“I know but you are just beautiful ”

“Thank you but that’s not why we are here, so let’s concentrate ”

Melody continued from she stopped and to her surprise Henry was really learning fast and was improving which made her to be happy.
She gave him an assignment to submit the next day on chemistry on chemical bonding to list and explain the types of bonding that exist.

“Close your eyes “Henry said after the lesson while they were preparing to leave

“What for? She asked

“Just obey it don’t ask many questions ”

“Don’t kiss me ooo, or else I will tell my mom “she said and Henry laughed out ?

She finally closed her eyes and Henry brought out a bag from his school bag which contained something.

“Now open your eyes “he instructed which she obeyed and open her eyes to find a brand new techno H7 stairing at her.

“What’s it for? Who has it and why showing it to me? She asked

“Too many question at a time, allow me to speak”

“okay sir ”

“Fine, I’ve been trying so hard to communicate with you but I found out that you don’t have a phone so I decided to buy you one”

“Henry, I do appreciate your care but I don’t think I need it ”

“Why melody?

“What will I tell my parents? Who will I say that give me?
Henry knew that she didn’t just reject it but she wanted to make everything goes well.

“Can’t you hide things and keep things? He asked

“You can’t hide phone that easily remember, the urge for you to press it normally comes at times and you can’t overcome it ”

“So what will I do now? Henry asked

“Keep it for now ”

“Fine, bye bye till tomorrow “he said and stood up to leave

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to turn down your offer but you need to understand me please Henry ”

“I do understand you but you are acting like a child “he replied

“Fine, I will accept it “she said and collected the phone from him thus making him to smile.

“Look there !Henry said while melody looked away and Henry kissed her on the cheek.

“That’s for trying to make me feel sad ” he said

“that’s a crime for you to kiss me without my consent ” she said.

“Sorry Queen Elizabeth ”

“Let’s go home, it’s getting late already ” melody said as they head out of the school building

“Won’t you call your driver? She asked after they have walked a long distance

“No dear I wants to know how it feels to be walking for a long distance ” he said and melody smiled.

Henry escorted melody to her streets and then returned back.

Melody got home as she hid the phone in her school bag not to be caught by her parents especially her mom,she quickly tore the package open immediately she finished her meal when nobody was there,she inserted the battery on and boot the phone which on immediately.
The features where just so stunning as she went through everything that she didn’t know when her mom walked to the door.

“Melody! She called loudly while melody jerk up in fear throwing the phone and the screen cracked as she was afraid of what her mom reaction will be when she sees the phone.

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