By Cisca. H.


Enya sat in her room with her friends; Elizabeth, Cynthia and Rosalie. They had come to pay her a visit.

She told them about Lord Riguez’s intention and why he had decided to test both her and her sisters.

Elizabeth told her that she has always been putting her in her prayers despite her sister’s intentions.

Enya also told them about her win at the first test and Anna’s at the second. They also encouraged her to do whatever it is to pass through the third test.

Rosalie has been quiet all through the conversation, she had decided not to say a word to them.


No one was going to listen to her even if she has to talk.

“ It is obviously clear that one of your sisters will end up being the chosen wife.” She finally said when she saw they were quiet. “Lord Riguez picks interest in Arwen, he spends most time with her and sometimes with Anna.

But he barely even look at you, why would you keep pushing further?” she questioned. “ Let this go, Enya, and wait for your own fate.”

“ Oh please, Rosalie, you have said this before, you do not have to remind me over again. Lord Riguez loves me as much as I do, my sisters has only poisoned his mind to themselves.”

“ That is no poison, my dear friend, they haven’t done anything to his mind. It is he who have decided to love them.”

Enya sighed. She was tired of listening to Rosalie’s words.

Rather she wanted something encouraging, and not discouraging.

“ The third test will come up any minute from now, I must get ready.” She said.

“ Then we must be on our way.” They all stood up.

Enya then tells her friends that she will walk them out but Cynthia refused.

“ I will walk you out.” She stood up too.

“ Oh no, Enya, you must stay back.” Cynthia refused her to escort them.

“ Why? I did not complain, did I?’ she insisted. “ We must get going for the weather is a bit dark.”

She escorted her friends out of the castle until they had reached to the gate, she stopped. “ Good bye, dear friends, I will send a letter to you all as soon as the bride is choosen.”

They nodded in agreement.

Enya watched as they climb into the carriage they had used to come, waving as it slowly departed.

She returned back to the castle. Not quite long, she was called for the third test which is to play the cello.

This time, they were going to do it one after the other. Among the sisters, Enya appeared less learned in playing the cello.

She regretted not listening to her sisters when they had asked her to learn how to play the cello.

She wished she had obeyed them despite how difficult it was.

Though she knows the keys of the Piano, but she was no good at playing it. “ Oh heavens, what is she to do?”

She remembered one which her played played for her with her sisters when they were little. It was her mother’s favourite and it only made sense if only you have to listen more closely to it.

She was of no doubt sure that she wasn’t going to make it to the win. While she played the music, she had only played it for her mother and not for him, not winning wouldn’t be a coincidence.

Quickly as she had finished playing the cello, she left to her mother’s room only to find her racking her wardrobe in anger.

She has never seen her mother in such manner and she wondered what it is that might be the cause.

“ Mother?” she called from the door.

Lady Moreen paused, shocked to see her daughter in her room. “ Enya?’ she called, surpised. “ You should be participating with your sisters.”

“ I have undergone mine, Anna and Arwen are not over yet.” She answered, shutting the door after her. “ What happened?” she asked, studying the room. “ Here looks like a mess.”

Lady Moreen heaved heavily. ” I am seeking for the perfect dress to wear, but then I found this one. I tried to put it on only to find out that it is torn already.”

She sighed again. “ This is my favourite dress.” She said, bitterly.

“ Don’t worry, mother, I will find a better one for you.” She walked straight to the wardrobe to find a nice dress for her.

“ I heard Elizabeth and her sisters were in the castle.” Lady Moreen asked.

“ Yes, and they send their greetings to you and father.”

“ Oh bless them. Are they aware of Lord’s Riguez test?”

“ Yes, they are. I told them.” She brought out a dress, pointing it to her but she shook her head at it.

“ Elizabeth and Cynthia puts me in their prayers day and night, they wish earnestly that I may be chosen. But,” she paused, then continued. “ Rosalie thinks Lord Riguez isn’t the man of my dream.”

She brought another dress and this time, Lady Moreen nodded a ‘yes’ to her.

“ Do you think she speaks the truth?” Enya asked as she dropped the dress on the bed.

“ I wish I can give an answer to that, Enya, maybe she is right. I think you should forget he has ever been your dream.”

Enya went back to get the wardrobe arranged. She began arranging it neatly, then some thing fell to the ground.

She bent to pick it up, staring at the book in her hand. “ Mother,” she called her mother’s attention.

“ Mm-hmm.” She replied while she pulled herself into her dress.

“ Look, I found this. It had fallen from your wardrobe.”

Lady Moreen turned to look at what it is that Enya was talking about. “ Oh, that was given to me by you grand mother, your father’s mother.”

“ Of what great importance is it?” she asked.

“ The Book is said to be a history of Pendamour’s most remembered Legend, Lady Lola. Your father’s great grand mother. She ruled her people well, fought battles and wars and always returns with victory.

Despite losing her husband at a little age, she vowed to herself never to mean herself to any man. She was a great archer, a heroine and a Legend.”

“ No one told us about this.”

“ The Book was written by your great grand father, Lady Lola’s son as a rememberance of his mother’s greatness. It has been passed down from her generation until now.

No one worthy has been found. This book isn’t just given out, it seeks its owner and now it has found you.”

“ But I am not an archer.”

“ It does not matter if you are or not. We are told to let it pass from generation to generation, in each generation, the rightful owners are found.

This Book has chosen you for a reason, do not neglect it.”


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