TO LIVE FOREVER: Episode 31-40

? To Live Forever ?

? Chapter 31?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Claribel’s P.o.v?

“So what did he say?” Shannon asked after i told her Adrian came to me today.

She was driving to my house after school.

“Nothing,well,he wanted to say something then he saw the bruise on my elbow, the one from last night”

“The one your dad gave you?”

“Yeah and he started asking me about it but i shoved him away”

“Why is he suddenly interested in talking to you? He basically asked you to leave him alone”

“I dony know what his problem is but am not going to let him break me again”

“Speaking of your dad,you should do something about him,he keeps hitting you” She said and i exhaled deeply.

“I don’t know what to do,am tired of his behavior,at least he doesn’t come home that often so i hardly gets scars”

“You make it sound like it’s normal for your dad to give you scars but it’s not”

After some minutes of chatting with Shannon, she finally dropped me at my house.

I waved her goodbye and watched as she zoomed off,i walked towards my front door.

I was scrambling for my house keys in my bag when I heard footsteps.

“Hey, you are Robert’s daughter, aren’t you?”

A male voice said,i turned and it was two men who looked so unkempt and drunk.

“She’s definitely Robert’s daughter”

“So what if i am?”

“You are very hot,i mean look at that a$$,so big and yummy” One of them said and they both started laughing.

I finally found my keys and attempted to open the door when one of them grabbed me by the arm.

“Let me go” i said trying to free myself.

“We want to have a good taste of you”

We kept on struggling but they were really strong.


A thunderous voice sounded,it was Adrian,he had this scary look on his face but it didn’t seem to scare them.

They let go of me and went to face Adrian.

“What are you going to do to us,you….

One of the men didn’t finish his statement when he was being thrown to the floor,Adrian punched him so hard that the guy’s jaw shifted.

Adrian punched the second guy making him pass out.

“That’s enough,Adrian,you will kill them” i said as he tried to punch them once again.

“Well, that’s what am aiming for” He said and i gave him a hard glare.


We were both quiet, looking at the two guys who were unconscious.

I looked over at Adrian’s knuckle, they were bleeding.

“Your knuckles are bleeding”

“Yeah.. I know”

“Well,go treat them”

“Can you treat them for me?” He asked softly.

“What,i will not,you are not coming to my house, besides we are not friends anymore”

“Just please,if my mom found out that i fought again,she will ground me forever, please” He said in a pleading manner,i sighed in defeat,he already got me.

“Fine” i mumbled.

“But after am done,you are out”


I opened the door and we both walked in, luckily my dad wasn’t around.

He sat down on the couch while i went to the kitchen to get the first aid kit.

I came back and sat beside him.

“Give me your hand” i said and he brought his hand for me to hold,i felt that spark but i ignored it, Adrian seem to have noticed so he smirked at me.

“I don’t understand how everytime you get in a fight,you never get hurt except your knuckles”

“Guess am lucky” he said and i rolled my eyes.

We stayed quiet for some minutes as i cleaned this wound,i looked up at me and he was so close to me,i scooted away but he came closer.

“Would you stop staring at me like that? You are making me uncomfortable”

“Really? Am glad i still have that effect on you”

“Don’t flatter yourself because you don’t anymore”

“Oh, really?”

He moved closer to me, staring deep into my eyes,he tucked a strand of hair at the back of my hair and caressed my face.

His thumbs touched my lips,he leaned in to kss me but i stood up immediately.

“What’s wrong?”

“I should be asking you,what do you think you are doing?”

Trying to kss you,what did you think?”

“Are you okay in the head? We fought like few days ago and now you are here to kss me,are you cr@zy?”

He stood up and made me face him,he pulled me to himself by my waist.

“I was a jerk back then” He whispered in my ears,i pushed him away.

“You still are a j*erk,i thought i was a clingy btch to you”

“Claribel,we need to talk”

“We are already talking”

“No, let’s talk like adults.. follow me to the garden,i haven’t been there in a while”

“So have i and i really don’t want to go there,Adrian,leave,am gradually getting over you and..

“No,no,no, I don’t want you to get over me, please don’t”

“I don’t want to speak to you and why are you bothered about me getting over you?

Don’t tell me you have also fallen in love with me, Adrian am no fool”

“I know that but i really need to talk to you,what do i have to do so that we can talk”

“I don’t know,do anything,i don’t care”

“Can i kiss you?”

“No,get out,Adrian”

I pushed him out and locked the door.
Few days later

? Adrian’s P.o.v?

Claribel is the most stubborn person i have ever seen, she’s so hard to convince,i literally tried everything.

I put roses in her locker,she took them out and burned them right in front of me.

I got her favorite chocolate,she squeezed them and rubbed it all over my face.

I offered to take her home,she stomped on my feet,which hurt alot,but I have to admit I enjoy chasing her.

Whenever i annoy her,the faces she makes are so funny.

“I hope this works” i muttered to myself,i decided to have her talk to me by force.

I went to her house,i decided not to use the door,so i climbed in through her room window.

After i sucessfully climbed into her room,the bathroom door opened and Claribel walked out wearing only a towel.

Her hair was wet and so was her whole body,i mean the part i could see, she’s so beautiful.

“Ahhh” She screamed the minute she saw me.

“You creep,how did you get in here?”

She threw a pillow at me which i dodged.

“I just wanted to..

“I don’t want your explanation,get out”

She tried to push out but her towel fell, leaving me to see her n@ked body.

She was beyond shock,i couldn’t take my eyes off.

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