TRUTH AND LIES Episode 13,14&15

I placed my ear on the door and really confirmed it to be the voice of a lady m0aning. Was something extra ordinary going on there?

The m0anings stopped and immediately the door opened and since I was leaning on it, I lost balance and almost fell, hitting the person that had opened the door.
I moved back immediately and took a look at the ‘opener’ and Oh, my God! Don’t tell me.

It was Jeremy! The boy Sandy had told me about.

What was he…was he the one in…what’s he doing in the girls restroom?

He kept looking at me and a lady came out of the room, adjusting her skirt.
Oh, my God!
Were they actually…
Goodness! I can’t believe this.
So Sandy was right?

The lady glared the me and walked away. I looked back at the Jeremy and he was still staring at me.

I moved back and he followed me.
Oh, God!
I moved back again and he still followed me and finally I got to a wall and there was no where else to go.
I was standing close to him at a very close range that our faces almost touching.
My breath was now wavering.

Oh, my God! He’s really so cute. No wonder all the ladies were doing crazy things for him without a second thought.

“Hey, you didn’t see you a thing, okay?” He said in a soft tone and I could feel his breath on my face.
“Mmh” I voiced, not knowing what to say.

I suddenly remembered everything Sandy told me about him and it sent shivers down my spine.

I fluttered my eyes and tired walking away and as I did, I brushed my chest on his.
I had barely taken a step ahead when he held me back and leaned me against the wall again.
What the hell?

“Why do you look so familiar to me?” He asked and my heart skipped.

Oh, God! I don’t think I’m breathing anymore.

To be continued