TRUTH AND LIES Episode 13,14&15

(The 11th contestant)
Episode 14
Written by Faith Lucky.

I got off the cab and took the street leading to Mico High. I met the securities at gate and greeted them as usual before walking in, my heart beating very fast.
After what happened between Mico and I yearsterday I was scared I might get bullied by soke students. I really hope I don’t get into trouble.

I kept walking quietly and all the students I came across were all staring and talking about me. They were probably talking about what happened yesterday.
But I think I heard someone say something like “contest”.

I waved it aside and continued walking humbly but when I got to the entrance leading to the stairs, I noticed some of the students were standing and staring at a picture on the wall. And the picture kind of looked familiar.

I decided to draw near and…Holy Christ! It was my picture! I was the one in the poster and it was stated I was the 11th contestant in the young miss beauty contest.

I gasped and covered my mouth with my palm and all the students turned to look at me.
I stood motionless for a while, trying to understand what I just saw. How did I become a contestant? Who registered me? And for what reason?
How can I be oke of the contestants? After everything Sandy told me…

I was still standing there confused when a student cane up to me.
“Hi Alyssa. The principal is calling for you in his office” she told me and scurried off immediately.
Oh, God! My legs were shaking.

I turned around and headed for the principal’s office. All eyes were still on me and it increased my nervousity.
The whole thing still seemed like a dream to me.
Or, could it be a mistake?
I got to the principal’s office and met Mrs Houston there. They were chatting and laughing blissfully that I felt I might be I intruding.

I cleared my throat and that was when the principal noticed me.
Mrs Houston also turned around and looked at me.

“Oh, Alyssa!” Mr Fredo called excitedly.
“Come in come in”.
I nodded and walked in.

“G…Good morning, sir. Good morning ma” I greeted nervously.
“Good morning Alyssa” Mrs Houston replied with a smile and Mr Fredo signalled me to take the seat next to her and I did.
“Uhm…A student told me you wanted to see me, sir” I said.
“Oh yes!”
He opened his drawer and brought out a form.
“You’ve just been registered in the young Miss beauty contest. Congratulations. So fill this form over here” be told me as he passed me the paper with a pen.

I took a look at it and…Oh, God! It was real. I was really the 11th contestant. But how did it happen?

I looked back at the principal and he was staring back at me
“But sir…”
“I know you’re surprised Alyssa. Just consider it a gift” he interrupted me, knowing what I wanted to say.
I ran out of words, but to be sincere, I was really happy but I was still surprised and nervous too.
First, it was a free admission. And now, it’s a free registration. Who could be doing all these for me?

“Tomorrow’s the Orientation for all the contestants” Mr Fredo continued. “And the meeting will be taking place in the second emergency class by 10:30. So don’t fail to be there because you’ll jet to know all about the contest from there.”
“Alyssa is quite intelligent” Mrs Houston said. “Maybe she might stand a chance in the contest.”

I smiled faintly and took the form, filling in my details.
When I was done, Mr Fredo upended his drawer again and brought out a packet – it looked like a phone packet.

“And this…” he paused and passed the packet yo me. “This is your new phone”.

My eyes glittered as I upended them wide in disbelieve and shock.
A what?
I took up the packet and stared at it. Was it really mine?
But how?

“S…Sir, I…I…how did I get it?” I asked dropping the packet back on the table.
“Well, you can just consider it a gift r from me” he replied.
“You…you mean you bought it wit your money?” I asked confoundedly.
“Come on Alyssa 3 you’re too inquisitive. It’s yours okay? And that’s all that matters. Now hurry up so you won’t be late for class”

“But sir…” I tried talking but was interrupted by Mrs Houston laughing.
“You’re so funny Alyssa” she said. “if you don’t want it, I can take it for you”.

I looked down and smiled shyly. The whole thing was just so unbelievable for me.
I slowly took the packet and took a very good look at it again. I still can’t believe I was having a new phone.
“T…Thank you sir” I told him as l fixed the packet into my bag and stood up.
“Thank you Mrs Houston” I said to her.
“You’re welcome Alyssa” she replied with a smile.
“Have a nice day” Mr Fredo also told me and I bowed and left.

I heaved the big sigh as I walked out the door but disappointed, I ran into the vice principal- that arrogant Mrs Tamara- and she gave a loathing look at me.

“Good morning ma” I stopped and greeted her, staring at the floot.
“And what’s good about the morning?” She asked huskily.
“Oh! I guess th morning is good for you because you just got registered as the 11th contestant. Now, I don’t know how or why all these si happening but I want you to have this in mind; you don’t belong here” she said belligerently and walked away.
Why the hell does she hate this much?

I shook my head and continued on my way to the class. My heart was racing so fast.
Who could this secret helper be?

I got to the door of the classroom and conniption gripped me once more. How do I get in?
All the students were already stating at me and I’m pretty sure they were talking about me.

“Hey, Alyssa” sandy called and waved at me from inside the class and that as when I finally gathered up courage and walked in.
I kept my head low, ignoring the mumblings of the students as I walked to where sandy was sitting together with Pia.


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