TRUTH AND LIES Episode 44 – 48


The last moments as Nigel

Episode 44

Written by Faith Lucky.

Alyssa’s Pov:
I stood in front of the mirror as I applied lip gloss on my lips.
Then I brushed my hair and parked it stylishly to the left.
Maja was just sitting behind me, watching me keenly.

“Kapatid, are you taking out time to look this way because you’re going out with Nigel?” She asked and I shut her a surprised stare.

“Come on, Maja, I just want to look good. Besides, Nigel and I are just going to pay someone a visit. It’s not like it’s a date or anything” I told her as I turned back to the mirror.
“Then where r you off to?” She asked.
“I told you Maja, we just want to see someone at the hospital – Sandy”.

“But I can’t remember the last time I saw you applying make up, Kapatid. Are you sure Nigel isn’t involved?”
“Maja!” I shrieked and turned to look at her.
I was actually smiling.

Then I shook my head and continued with my work on the mirror.

Soon, I was done and I went to Maja and took a seat beside her.
I took up my diary and pen from the chair and opened it on my legs, smiling into it.

‘Dear Diary,
I don’t know why I’m so excited going out with Nigel. Well, I guess he’s always fun to be around with.
To be sincere, Nigel is my best friend. And if not for the fact that I love Mico, I’d have said I love him as well.’

I paused and giggled. Maja was straining her neck into the diary.
Anyway, she can’t read.

“whyre you writing about Nigel?” She asked, still straining her neck to look at the diary.

“What re you saying Maja? You can’t read. stop assuming” I told her as I closed the diary and kept it on the chair.
Then, I stood up and headed for the toilet to free myself.

Mico’s Pov:
I knocked on the gate of Alyssa’s compound and it was her little sis that opened up.
“Nigel. Come in” she said immediately as she held my hand and took me in.
Had she been expecting me or what?

“Did you know I was coming?” I asked as she took me into the sitting room.

Of course, I did.
My sister took upto an hour painting herself in front of the mirror.” She replied and I furrowed my brows.

“Where’s she?” I asked with a scoff as I took a seat and she sat beside me.
“She’s in her room.
Unm…Nigel, could you quickly help me out with this? My Kapatid had told me I can’t read and it sounded like an insult to me. So, I want you to teach me what’s in this book so when she comes, I can read it out for her” she said as she handed me a book which was on the chair.

I upended it and…It was a diary!

I looked at Maja and she gave me the go ahead signal.
Okay, this is weird.
Going through her diary might make me look pokenosive.

I opened to the last page and my eyes beamed at what I saw.
She was actually saying she liked me and would had said she loved me if she wasn’t in love with Mico.

For real?

I bent my head and laughed.

“Hey, what’s funny? Talk to me” Maja said as she jolted my hand.

Just then, I heard footsteps and I quickly closed the diary.
But Alyssa came in immediately and the diary was still in my hands.

Holy crap.

She kept her mouth open as she stared at the diary and I.


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