TRUTH AND LIES Episode 44 – 48

“I want to say a very big thank you for making out time to be here today to celebrate this glorious day with us.
“Mico Salvatore is my most precious gem and when I say most precious gem, I mean, I’m ready to give up my life for him.
He’s a blessed gift; a light that was sent to lit up my path.

“I got married for years and searched desperately for a male child. My first baby came as a girl and the second birth actually gave me two girls. I was already becoming a laughing stock but miraculously, Mico came to me at the denying minute.

“As a result of all I had gone through, I decided to make him special and keep his face hidden from everyone.
Just wanted to play a little curiosity game.

“But, today, he’s taking off the mask and you all will finally get to meet your sweetest crush.” She concluded.

Hm. She’s really so boastful of this son of hers.

She smiled and walked upto where he was seated and held his hand as he stood up.

The whole guests in the hall also stood up and the journalists and press men at the stage doubled.

Everybody brought out their phones and turned on their cameras and I didn’t hesitate to also turn on mine.

Oh, God; where’s Nigel?
I hope he’s around somewhere watching this.

“I’m so nervous Alyssa. I just hope i don’t slump when he takes it off” Daisy said dreamily and I smiled faintly and looked at the stage.

I was also very nervous and excited too.
Finally, Mico will stop putting on the mask.

I wish he could get to understand I was only being set up on that prom night so he’d get to talk to me like he did before.
I don’t want him to stay mad at me.

A slow song started playing from the late speakers and it was composed in his name.

He walked with his mother to the front of the stage and backed the audience.

Oh, God; this is so so happening.

All the guests were jiltering and bemused and couldn’t cool down a bit.
Even Daisy was videoing with her phone.

Mico’s mother stood in front of him and placed her hands on the mask, about taking it off.

I shut my eyes tight and tried seeing if it was a dream.
I never dreamt of being live at Mico’s birthday party.

Suddenly, I heard gasps and light screams in the hall and also heard the sound of a glass breaking.

I quickly opened my eyes and turned to the direction of the broken glass and discovered it was a drink Alexa was holding that had slipped from her hand.

I looked back at the stage and, Oh, my God! Mico has taken off the…..what?

Hold on; how did Nigel get there?
And where’s Mico?

I arched my brows and looked around.

But…He was putting on the same cloth Mico was putting on not long ago.
And Mico’s mum was also embracing him.

What is going on?

No, no.

This cannot be. It’s not possible.

Tell me it’s a dream.



Nigel is Mico?