TRUTH AND LIES Episode 44 – 48

(The birthday party)

He took off the mask!

Episode 48

Writer: Faith Lucky.

“See you at the party, Nigel. Don’t forget to give me a call” she said as I sauntered to the door.

Then, I suddenly stopped and turned to look at her.
Okay; I couldn’t help it anymore. I need to do this.

I walked over to her and embraced her and I’m sure she must have been shocked as as hell, but I didn’t care. I had to do it.

“You were right, Alyssa” I said softly, still holding her.
“That day at the hospital, I was really jealous of Raymond”.

I unlocked from the hug and her jaws had dropped.
She was beyond doubt nonplussed.

“See you at the party” I added fraily and walked out the door.

Alyssa’s Pov:
What could be wrong with Nigel?
I can swear there’s something bordering him which he’s hiding from me.
But what could it be?

I stood by the window and watched him walk out the gate. He was so sad. And even when he had embraced me, although it was shocking, I couldn’t comprehend it because of the sadness that came along with it.
I just hope he’s fine.

I looked at the time and it was almost 4pm.
Okay, time to bath.

I turned around and headed for my room, to get ready for the party.

Alyssa’s Pov continues:
I boarded a cab and headed for the venue of the party which was taking place in a magnificent hall.
Since the party was strictly on invitation and all the students of MHS were invited, we had to go with our students ID.

When I got to the venue, I wandered if it was a garage or something because the number of cars I saw were uncountable.

Securities with guns were roaming around and journalists and press men were seen everywhere, interviewing some of the guests.

This party’s going to be so amazing.

I walked carefully to the door of the entrance and showed my ID to the securities over there and they let me in.

At the top of the two storey building, Mico’s picture was hung on it and it was tagged: ‘Sweet 21st birthday’.

I walked in and by the left hand side of the big hall, men and women seated on a round table, selling Mico’s customised items.
A lot of people filled the hall and majority of them were putting on Mico’s shirts, bangles, necklaces, ear rings, hairbands and lots more.
Even some of the ladies shoes had Mico’s name printed on them.

I drew closer to the table and took a look at the items being sold. They were beautiful.

“How much for the necklace, sir?” I asked one of the men over there.
“It’s 30 pesos” he replied.

30 pesos? Woah!
I don’t have that much with me .
But id have really loved to have Mico’s name on me.

“Un. ..sorry. what’s the lowest price here?” I asked.
“That’d be the wrist band. It’s 12 pesos” he replied and I quickly checked my purse for some money.

Luckily, I was having 15 pesos and I gave 13 pesos to him.

He gave a pink band to me and I collected it happily and wore it on my wrist.
It was so pretty and Mico’s name was printed on it.

“Thank you Mr” I said to the man and he smiled back at me and I left.

I could recognise most of the people there as students from MHS and they were all giggling and taking pictures.
Where was the main party floor, anyway?

I continued walking and came to a passage which was kind of empty. I hope this would lead me to the party floor.

By the way, where’s Nigel?

I brought out my phone and was about calling him when I was interrupted by the presence of three ladies who were coming in front of me.

Holy Christ!
They were looking so hot and pretty.

The one in the middle was the most beautiful and dressed to kill.

She was putting on a long red gown and blue heels and had about three ear rings on her ears. Then she banded her hair with one of Mico’s blue hair band.

The two girls beside her were putting on Mico’s shirt and one ofof them had the whole of her fingers covered with Mico’s rings.

I kept admiring them as they walked towards my direction and surprisingly, they stopped in front of me.
Okay; what do they want?

“Alyssa” the most beautiful one in the middle called with a smile and I wondered how she knew my name.
Could it be possible they were students of MHS?

“Finally, I’ve gotten to meet face to face with you”.

I was puzzled and at the same time, kept admiring her.

She had long eyelashes and light brows and her make up fitted her so perfectly .
But who was she?

“So, you’re the lady giving Alexa a hard time huh?” She asked.
“Hm. Obviously. You’re as pretty as they say.
“Anyway, I hope you get to defeat Alexa in the interschool contest. But that’d also mean for you to go to the finals and challenge me. Hm. Too bad for you”.

What was she talking about?

She smiled feignly and her voice was soft as she spoke.

“Anyway, enjoy the party” she added with a smile and started walking away with her friends.

“I don’t think she knows you Samantha” I overheard one of them say and I turned immediately to look at them.

Hold on; that was Samantha? The devil’s queen?

Oh, God; I completely had no idea.
And how come she knows me already?

But she’s pretty. Too bad she has a bad personality.

I continued staring at them as they walked away and took a corner and couldn’t be seen any more.
I sighed and continued on my way.

Songs were playing loudly in the hall and I followed the direction of the sound and finally got to the party floor.


I opened my mouth in shock as the party was ineffable.

It was very big and different colours of lights were gleaming in the around.

A lot of people were already there, drinking and chatting. Am I really fit to be here?

I was still standing at the entrance and suddenly, I caught someone staring at me.

Oh, my God; it was Jeremy!

He was standing at a table with a group of boys and the way he was staring at me was unexplainable.

My heart started beating fast as I remembered everything he has done.
I quickly took my eyes away and looked for a table.

Luckily, I found an empty table and went to it and noticed drinks were already arranged on it.
I took a glass of wine and drank from it and…hmm
It tasted so good.

Some waiters and waitresses were walking around with more drinks and what looked like cupcakes and I called one of them and took a cupcake from the tray.

I took a bite and ate with relishment. So this is how rich people’s party look like?

I called another waitress and took a cupcake from her.
I think I might just end up consuming all the food and drinks here.
Such opportunities only come but once.
Maybe I might even take some of it home.

Just then, a lady walked up to my table and I turned and noticed it was Daisy.

“Hi. Cared if I joined you?” She asked with a smile.

“Of…of course not” I also replied with a smile and she nodded and took a drink from the table.

She was putting on a short black gown and red specks which had Mico’s name written on the glasses.
Mico’s such a celebrity tonight.

“So how’s the party going, huh?” She asked.

“it’s um…its going fine”.

“Ive waited so long for this day. It’s a good thing he’s about getting rid of that stupid mask on his face. I really can’t wait”.

I smiled and looked away. She reminded me a lot of Sandy. Too bad she’s still at the hospital and couldn’t make it to the party.
But since it’s been aired live, I’m sure she’d be watching it on TV.

After a while, a popular fillipino artiste came up thethe stage with her band crew and started performing.
It was Jeenly Cruz and she was one of my favorite songwriters. I can’t believe I’m seeing her live.

She sang for a while and after some time, another set of artistes came up.

Oh, my God!
It was the B Boys!

The B Boys were one of the most popular American artistes and I have always crushed on their songs. I can’t believe they were also guest artistes at the party.

They started singing and set the whole place on fire as all the guests started shouting and dancing.
Even Daisy began dancing and she was such a good dancer.

Well, as for me, I just kept watching and smiling and joined in singing any of the songs I knew.

While the live band was going on, Alexa walked in with her two companions and took a table that wasn’t far from mine.

She was putting on Mico’s shirt, Mico’s hair band and even her shoes had Mico’s name printed on them.

Her two companions were putting on Mico’s necklace.

Samantha also walked in immediately with her friends and stopped at Alexa’s table.
Due to the blaring sound of the music going on, I couldn’t hear what they were saying but after a short while, Samantha walked away and Alexa’s face looked swollen with rage.

No wonder sandy said they were worst of enemies.
And that Samantha really looks troublesome.

“Oh, my God! It’s Mico!” Daisy exclaimed and gripped my hand and I looked around and saw him walking in with his mum who wrapped her hand around his.

Armed guards surrounded them as they walked in and even the current female artiste who was singing on stage got carried away by his presence and missed some lyrics of the song.

All the reporters and press men started running to the front to take pictures and videos of him and even the guests around were taking pictures with their phones.

He was looking like a god as he walked up the stage and took a seat which had been made to look like a throne and his mother sat beside him.

My heart beamed as I watched him and I really couldn’t wait for him to take off that mask.

By the way, where’s Nigel?
Why hasn’t he called me by now?

I brought out my phone and tried calling him but it was switched off.
Where was he?

I looked around to see if I could get a glimpse of him but the hall was just too big and it’d be impossible to search for someone at a spot.

Other programmes featured and finally, it was time for the proper birthday party to commence.
But first, he had to take off the mask.

Oh, God! I think my heart is already playing jingle bells.

His fathers, sisters and cousins were also sitting on the stage, but his mother was the one closest to him.
She really loves him, as they say.

she stood up and took a mic and I think she wanted to do something like an opening speech.

“Good evening, pretty ladies and gentlemen” she started buoyantly without faltering.
Reporters and press men had already surrounded the stage.


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