TRUTH AND LIES Episode 44 – 48


Episode 45

Writer: Faith Lucky

Mico’s Pov continues:
She upended her mouth in shock as she stared at the diary and I.

“Nigel” she paused and walked up to me, taking the diary from me.
“What re you doing?” She asked.
“Oh, kapatid, you spoilt the fun” Maja groused
“I had wanted Nigel to teach me what was in the book.”

“H…Hi” I greeted twitchily, exchanging suspensive glances at her.
“Uhm…hi. when did you come?” She asked, itching her head.
“Not long ago”.

I paused and took a look at her.
She was looking good.

“Are you ready?” I asked and she nodded and took her bag from the chair.

“Bye Nigel” Maja told me as I stood up and I touched her cheeks.
“Bye” I replied her and walked out with Alyssa.

We walked silently out of the gate to the roadside and stood, awaiting a cab.
She looked pendantic and it was obvious she was probably worried about the diary.

“Nigel” she finally called after a short while and I turned to look at her.

“Did…did you go through my diary?” she asked and I quickly thought of an answer.
I can’t tell her I went through it.
It’s going to make her uneasy around me and I wouldn’t want that.

Her grey eyes were staring into mine, desperately waiting for an answer

“No” I replied simply and she heaved and looked away.

Well, I guess that was the best thing to do.

A cab drove by shortly and we stopped it and boarded it.

“By the way, Mico, hope you weren’t scolded by your boss yearsterday for being late to Mico’s house?” She asked after a while as we sat snuggled up next to each other at the backseat.

Now she was beginning to sound free.
“No. I was lucky” I replied her.

I had been able to convince her I was assigned to wash Mico’s cars and that was why his cousins had been surprised seeing me running around the streets.
It’s a good thing she believed me.

Why didn’t you tell me you were working for Mico? I would had gone along with you” she said and I chuckled.

“I’m not close to him Alyssa. I don’t even get to see him.
My job is just to wash the cars and get out.” I replied.
“Well it doesn’t matter. I would had still looked for a way to see him.”

He’s sitting right next to you.
Oh, Alyssa, how will you feel when you get to know the truth? I hope it won’t make you hate me.

After a while, we got to the hospital and I settled the cabby and got off with her.
We walked into the building and walked to the receptionist and there we were directed to Sandy’s ward.

We took the directions we were given and arrived at the ward and when we got there, we found her sitting on the bed, talking with a boy who was sitting beside her.

They both exclaimed at the same time and Alyssa ran into her arms, embracing her tight.
“Oh my God, look at you!”
“How have you been?”
“I’m fine”.

They embraced each other again and laughed.

“Wow! It seems you’re getting all better now” Alyssa said.
“Oh yes I’m fine now. The doctor said I’ll be discharged at the end of the week.” Sandy replied.

“Oh; does that mean you’ll be coming for Mico’s birthday?”
“Mico’s birthday. Awwn. I’d really love to be there. I just hope I get discharged by then it’s going to be so lovely”.
She paused and looked at me.

“hi” she said with a wave and I waved back at her.

“Who’s he, Alyssa?’ She asked, smiling.

“Oh, he’s my very good friend, Nigel” Alyssa replied.
“oh Nigel! Nice meeting you, Nigel.
“By the way, Alyssa, meet my elder brother – Raymond”

Surprisingly, the Raymond of guy actually brought out his hand for a handshake.
“Hi Raymond” Alyssa said.
“Hi pretty. I thought you were never going to say a word tome.” Raymond replied as he exchanged a handshake with Alyssa.
How arrogant.
Alyssa sat on the bed close to Sandy and they started chatting about things I felt wasn’t important.

“How’s the young miss beauty contest coming up, Alyssa?” Sandy asked after a while.
“it’s going on well. They’re just five contestants left in it and the final stage would be conducted by next week.
I heard the finals in Davao city would be coming up after a week interval” Alyssa replied.

“Wow! Good luck, Alyssa. I wish my health would allow me to go to the finals” sandy said wistfully.

“So, Alyssa is part of the contest?” Raymond asked.
He was actually a young cute boy, I must say.

“Yes” sandy replied.

“Hm. Obviously. She looks quite intelligent, and pretty too” he complimented.
Okay. This crazy guy had better stopped this jokes of his. He can keep his compliments to himself.

They went on talking and after a while, I felt it was time I started heading home.

“Uhm..Alyssa” Raymond called and I scoffed.
“Yes?” She replied, looking at him.
“Can I have a word with you, please, privately? It’s very important” he demanded.


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