TRUTH AND LIES Episode 44 – 48


(The last day as Nigel)

Episode 47

Writer: Faith Lucky.

“Oh! Now you’re asking if I’m drunk. Why on earth would you go out with a lady without having any money on you?”

“Is she my girlfriend or what?”

“Now you’re sounding like a jerk. I’m not your girlfriend, yet, you were jealous of Raymond saying he liked me”.
“For the umpteenth time alyssa, I wasn’t jealous. I Was just trying to protect you because I knew he was going to break your heart”.

“oh really?”

“Yes! He said you were pretty and that was a big lie and that was how I knew he didn’t like you”.


She tried hitting me on the head but I dodged and spanked her on the back instead.
She screamed and started chasing me and nobody told me to run away.

Alyssa’s Pov:
Today is Mico’s birthday and the whole country is just buzzing with the news.
Since the previous day, the entire news station has been filled with nothing but news of his birthday party.

Dignitaries from all over the world were already there and I read from the group chat that Samantha had also arrived today.

Customised T-shirts with Mico’s pictures on them had been on sell since the previous day for people to selectively wear to the party.
Not just T-shirts but bangles, bracelets, hairbands, and so many things with Mico’s name printed on them.

Indeed, the entire Phillipine was all about him.

Well, as for me, I couldn’t afford any of the customised clothes. So, I decided to go on my prom gown. At least it was the best cloth I had at this moment.

I was so anxious and couldn’t wait to see my Mico’s cute face. I’m still wondering how lovely he’s going to look.
I really can’t wait.

It was almost evening and I was about going to take my bath when I heard a knock on the gate and I quickly guessed it was Nigel.
My heart beamed and I didn’t hesitate to run to the gate.

Mico’s Pov:
I waited nervously for Alyssa to open the gate and she did. I stood quiet for some time, staring at her.

“Nigel! I knew it was you” she said ecstatically as she held my hand and took me in.

“Oh my God Nigel, it’s Mico’s birthday. I’m so excited. I kept dreaming of it for two nights now and in my dreams, he was so cute when he took off the mask”.

She paused and giggled but I didn’t say a word as I just followed her into the house.

I was so scared and perturbed. What If she gets mad at me after learning the truth?
But I still can’t bring myself to tell her.

“Hey Nig-Nig. Why re you so quiet?” She asked and I heaved a big sigh and took a seat.
“Hi” I said lowly and she flinched and sat beside me.

“Hey, talk to me Nigel. Did someone offend you?” She asked and I took my gaze to the floor.
“Come on Nigel. You can’t be moody on Mico’s birthday. It’s a glorious day and everyone should be happy”.

I forced a smile and looked at her.
“I’m fine Alyssa; just thinking about something” I replied and took my eyes back to the floor.

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t cloak the sadness.

“By the way, Nigel, will you be going with me to the party?” She asked and just then, the smaller phone I had with me started ringing.
I checked and discovered it was Karen calling. But good thing Alyssa hadn’t seen the name.

I’m pretty sure they must have been trying to reach my other phones.
I don’t have much time. I need to be home.

But I just wanted to spend some time with Alyssa. This is the last time she’ll be seeing me as a commoner – as Nigel.

“Who’s that?” She asked as I silenced the call and slipped the phone into my pocket.
“it’s no one” I replied.

“Okay, like I was saying, Nigel; will you be going with me to the party?” She asked enthusiastically.

“Uhm…no. I’m sorry. I’ll be going with my coworkers. We still have some decorations to do over there” I replied and it hurt me to know I was still lying to her.

“Okay Nigel. This party is so going to be a bomb. Would you believe how many reporters are coming?”

Immediately, my phone started ringing again and I checked and this time around, it was my mum.
Oh, God!

I silenced it again and slipped it back into my pocket.

“Why aren’t you picking your calls Nigel?” She asked.
“Uh…its my boss. He wants me at his house.”

“Uh-uh. So you mean you’re leaving?”
“Yes. I was thinking I could spend a little time over here”.

It started ringing again and sighed and silenced it.

“Just make sure you give me a call when you get to the party, okay?” She asked and I nodded and sighed.

“Alyssa,” I called softly and turned to look at her.
She was staring back at me.
“Promise me one thing; promise no matter what happens, nothing would ruin our friendship” I said dolfully and I could read the perplexed look in her eyes.

“Nigel…” she called and scoffed, but she couldn’t hide the anxiety.

“Nigel wh…what re you saying? Of course, we’d still be best friends. BFF, remember?” She stated and brought out her hand for a knuckle and I reciprocated.

She laughed but at that moment, all I could do was smile.

My phone started ringing again.
Gosh; I better get out of here before mum sends a battalion of armies to search for me.
I silenced the call and stood up with Alyssa.


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