By Melody


Handsome was too random to describe what a CEO he was!.

Even a dumb rat could rate the level of his beauty. In all CEO ever written, XAN was just too over the limit.

Xan is a twenty two year old business tycoon who became a CEO after inheriting his father’s company.

He was still very young, and one of the fast rising billionaire in the state.

After being ditched by his girlfriend, he realised that love was truly blind.

He couldn’t believe he had wasted years loving and caring for her, not knowing she had alot going under her sleeve.

He lost hope in love and vowed never to fall in love again at all cost.

But after a while, someone kept him drowning slowly…drowning in love.

UNDER THE RAIN OF LOVE : CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo
Amy Blanc~~~

The sound of her name speaks alot about love and meekness.

Just like it sounds, she was loving and beautifully created. Her body wasn’t gold but it was very attracting.

She worked as a full time delivery girl in a resturant, living her life as normal as she would.

She was almost unnoticeable to the big wide world outside. It was just her and her dog who existed in their world.

She was only twenty, but she had never come across love before.

During her highschool days, many boys would try to lure her into dating but she would reject them.

She was a little naive girl who would run and scream for help when a guy tried to speak with her.

Would her life change after meeting the cold and heartless CEO who saw love as a waste of time?

And Would our Mr CEO get a change of mind about love once he meets Amy?

Of course we should know. So buckle up and seat tight.

The road might be rough but it would be fun.



By Melody

Chapter 1


Pink ran into Amy’s room, pushing the door open. Pink was a white dog, with beautiful white coloured skin.

It ran towards the window and hopped to catch the curtain ropes in its teeth. It swirled around in the air.

Soon, the curtain sprang up, bringing the beauty of the morning sun into the gorgeous bedroom.

Amy turned around in the bed, avoiding the sun from hovering over her peaceful and beautiful face.

Pink jumped on her small cabinet and arrived on the bed, he licked her face roughly hoping she would wake.

“Stop. Stop, pink” Amy sleepily said. She picked the dog and threw it down the bed.

She covered her ears with her pillow and decided to sleep more.

“Wohff!. Wohff!!” Pink barked continously.

Amy slowly sat up on the bed, rubbing her tired eyes and her drooling cheeks.

She stared around for a while, resetting her brain and coming alive to the environment.

“Pink?” She called.

Pink happily ran to meet her again, she picked her dog who started to lick her cheeks with so much love.

Amy laughed, running her fingers into her fluffy skin.

“Thanks for waking me up, pink. I’m almost late for work” she said daringly.

She dropped her leg to the floor.

She was wearing a pink dotted socks and a big sweat shirt that covered halfway on her kneels.

She dropped pink on her dressing table and picked her brush.

“Pink. I might come home late today. Hope you can manage yourself at home?” She asked, brushing down her hair.

Her hair was just over her shoulders. Pink snarled sadly, resting her chin on the table surface.

“Don’t worry pink. I’ll try to finish up before it dusk, okay?” She said, patting it head.

She went to the bathroom and returned back some minute later, tying up a towel around her body.

Her wet pale skin, combined with the reflection of the bright day, made her look unimaginably hot.

She was like snow white, a queen in a hidden palace.

Luckily, pink had known her usual chef cloth and baggy trouser she wore before leaving the house.

She brought them to Amy and Amy quickly dressed up in it.

She packed some breakfast to eat on the way before kssing and cuddling pink a goodbye.

Pink didn’t like when Amy left the house and when she left her all alone.

She would snarl and bark whenever she tried to leave the house.

Sometimes, Clinging tight to her trouser to prevent her from leaving.

Amy would have no choice than to lock up the love-sick dog into her cage before leaving the house.

“Bye, pink. See you soon!” Amy waved, slowly closing up the door.

When the door was closed, She sighed sadly feeling the urge to take her sweet dog with her.

She could still remember how her boss chased pink the first time she brought her to the resturant.

She didn’t want to make that mistake ever again or else she might be fired by her rude boss.

Luckily for Amy that day, A cab was already leaning lazily by the roadside.

She quickly picked her big old fashioned bag and began to ran to catch up the cab.

” Hey!. Taxi!!. Hey… Wait!!!!” She yelled, wagging her arms in the air.

Her small sneaker shoes had gotten her no where.

The cab began to drive away, without realising who was behind the rare glass mirror.

She stopped chasing the cab, looking like a drenched kitten.

She tightened her fist, htting her leg on the floor in a disappointed way. Her chances of arriving late today was high.

She kept a strong face, hoping to herself that a cab will arrive sooner or larer

Minutes long gone,,,

She walked away, lazily resting on one of the roadside poles.

‘Stupid, blind cabs. They should keep on hiding wherever they are!’ She thought aloud.


After thirty more minute, Another empty cab arrived infront of her.

She hissed a sigh of relief and quickly opened the door and jumped in like she was the one to operate the car.

“Spicy Resturant!!” She yelled at the driver’s ears.

The driver got traumatised that he even forgot how to control his wheels.

He pressed on his pedal and sped up into a dashing speed immediately.




Xan stared at the window glass for a while, his face was building up sadness and discontent.

He threw his head backwards, sighing loudly while taking in a deep stiff breath.

” BB!” He muttered to himself, staring at the roof of the car.

He was speechless again, silently scolding himself.

The whole situation that happened last night was killing him dangerously and he wasn’t able to concentrate any longer.

All night, the view of his brother and his girlfriend completely nked in the sofa had caused a turmoil in his head.

His sleep was disturbed and now his head didn’t only throb but his whole body was burning like fire.

The driver noticed his mood and twirled the car to the corner of the road, halting it to a stop.

Xan immediately brought up his head, scowling a face with anger.

“Why the h’ll did you stop the car!?”

“Sir. Should we drive back home instead or just move to the office?” He asked as innocently as he could.

“I’d rather not return to that filthy house ever again. Take me somewhere I can rest my head, Sean” He scoffed.

” O…okay sir!” Sean replied, putting in the car keys.

Before the driver could start to ignite the car, another smaller car had crashed on the surface of Xan luxury.

It was a really close one, almost next to an accident.

“Who the bvllsht was…!!!” The driver hastily climbed down the car and turned around to stare at the big boom of mess.

A large line of metalic scratch had occured on the surface of the black luxury.

He could only stare at Xan’s car, like he had seen the most heartbreaking picture.

It was an h©rrific image which Xan wouldn’t dare to see.

The driver in the other car had climbed down and he didn’t bother checking his own car before running towards Sean.

He saw the extraordinary disaster his reckless driving had caused and his eyes got wide.

This car would be up to millions of dollars to fix pertaining the edition of the luxury.

Where would such a poor man himself find such a huge amount of money?!.

“Can’t you see the mess you caused, young man!” Sean yelled at the other man.

The man freaked out, shrieking with fear.

“I’m so sorry…very sorry. I..I..never meant to crash through your car. It was a mistake” The man tried to apologise.

“This car worth millions, Mister. Apologising won’t change a thing” Sean told him.

While the two men were busy arguing, with one being the meek speaker trying to find mercy and the other showing him no sign of it at all, a third wheel joined in, interrupting the two men.

“How much does it cost to fix it?” Amy asked, showing up in the scene as well.

The two men immediately broke their gaze and turned to stare at her.

Sean was the one who looked more suprised with her question. At first, he almost thought she was still an highschool girl.

But from the look of her dress, he was able to identify her as a delivery worker.

“Fixing this might cost approximately thirty million” He simply annouced.

Amy felt her chest jump. Thirty what!!!. Even her salary for five years wasn’t up to that.

She bit her lips hard, thinking of what to do and how to save this poor cab driver from an endless debt.

Afterall, she knew she was the cause of everything. She had made him drive so fast that he suddenly went out of break.

Soon, the door to the cab got opened and Xan tiredly walked out, leaning himself to the car as a handrail.

A swoosh of breeze finally h!t his face, making his gorgeous square face turn cuter.

“What’s going on out here?” He sneered.

“The scratch….” Sean pointed.

Xan looked at the scratch in a dull lazy manner before walking out to meet them.

The way he slammed back the door, spoke well of his ranging anger towards his car.

“Who was the driver, you or her?” He asked, pocketing his arm.

Amy looked at the elderly man who inturn returned a daring expression back at her.

He seemed as if he was begging her silently to solve the issue.

Amy took a step and moved forward to meet xan.

“I’m the cause of the accident, I’ll pay for it.” She boldly said, staring into his hazel eyes.

Xan stared down at her for a while, like he knew she wasn’t capable of owning a church rat.

She was just a kid, he knew he shouldn’t bother her with such problem.

And anyways, he had his own problem to face as well.

“Tell me the amount of time you want me to prepare the money. I’ll bring it on time” she continued, amusing Xan again.

He had wanted her to forget about the car mess but it seemed like this girl was up for the game.

He frownly backed her, pocketing his arm.

“I’ll give you sixty days”

“Sixty days?!. For thirty million!!” she almost screamed out her head.

“Why not?. Sixty days isn’t too much, maybe I should reduce the time to thirty, huh..miss?”

“I can’t even pay up in six month!!. I work as a junior delivery girl” she pouted hugging her arm.

Xan face suddenly crept a naughty smile. His lips curved up slightly.

“Then I’m sure you are partially asking for a change of job..Mh?”

“Um..maybe I would. But I don’t have any qualifications for a white collar job yet” she silently said, feeling embarrassed.

Xan finally turned around and stared straight down at her without bending his chin.

“Would you then like to work for me, instead?” He asked, raising an alarm into Amy’s naive head.


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