By Melody.

Chapter 21.

Vixen was laying on Amy’s bed, with Amy next to him while she laid on his chest still sobbing.

He stretched out his arm towards the small center table and tugged out a sash of tissue before rubbing her wet cheeks.

” It’s okay, Amy. You’ve been crying for an hour, your lids must be painful now.” He said, looking at her dearly.

Amy sniffed her nose and just threw her hands around him, hugging him tight. Her face was inside his chest.

” I know you are really sad about everything that happened. But fate has a reason for bringing us together again.” He said.

” i believe fate brought us together to make my life more miserable, vixen. Everything was getting better, until something else pop up, ruining everything.” She said, staring up at him.

Vixen inhaled sharply, patting her head.

” You deserve to know to truth, Amy. I’m sure now that you do, you’d be able to identify the one who truly loves you most.” He said, turning to look at her face.

UNDER THE RAIN OF LOVE : CHAPTER 21 – 30. Thingscouplesdo

” I’m sure this was the truth Xan was hiding from me yesterday. Now i understand why he was scared to tell me.”

” He wasn’t scared, Amy. He just didn’t want you to figure out so that you could remain with him. He’s such a hurtful person and he’s the reason behind everything, love.”

Amy shakes her head, coughing as she cried the more.

” i already promised to stand by him, love him, and be with him under every circumstances. Even under the truth. I made a vow to him, vix.

Just as how you made a vow to me. You know it can never be broken so easily.” She said, looking up at him with fleek wet lashes.

Vixen turned sideway, cupping her cheeks with one of his palm.

” Vows are not God. You can break them if you want, okay?. It’s just up to you, Amy” He said.

She sniffed again with a tissue and turned sideways to stare up at the roof.

” I had always wish to see your full face, Amy. Now that i can, i think you look more beautiful than ever after i realised you were Alicia.” He teased.

Amy turned to steal a glance at him, smiling just a little. A smile that never reached her eyes.

” We both changed so much during the years.” She said.

” Yeah, truly. But there’s something that still keeps me confused, baby.” He said and drew closer to her, wrapping her around him. ” How did you get your voice back?”

Amy blinked and slowly returned her gaze to the roof, as her face slowly turned horrible. She sniffed again as tears welled up in her eyes.

” It’s a long painful story, tho. The only thing i could remember is that i was told by my doctor that i could still talk since i wasn’t born dumb.”

” So?. Did you went through a surgery or something?”

Her tears fell proudly after she heard him.

” Maybe. I was left between life and death after the surgery.” she said as her chin folded up.

Vixen sighed and buried his head on her chest.

” You’ve truly passed through alot, Amy. And coming to think of the problems you faced after arriving here too. It’s just too much for you. I wish i could have carry the cross with you”

” You could have been dead by now.” she teased and vixen filled the room with his hilarious laugh.

He leaned up, making her to stay beneath him.

” I know it’s all okay. All is for the best. Your voice truly sounds nicer than any girl in the world, okay?”

” Okay.” She nodded her head as she felt loved.

He leaned closer to kiss her but she held his chest, stopping him.

” My mouth is really dry and sour. I need to go get some water.” She said

” Sure. I’ll be here waiting.” He said, leaning his hands behind his head.

She sprang up from bed and watched her from behind as she left.



Xan was leaning up in the kitchen table, sipping through a hot coffee as he searched through his phone screen.

Amy hopped into the kitchen and stopped on her tracks the moment she saw him.

She lowered her gaze and began to step away towards the refrigerator.

” Good morning.” She said almost in a whisper as she walked past him.

” Hey, Amy.” Xan said and dropped his cup of coffee on the table as he approached her.

He stopped as he watched her lean to get a mug from the cabinet.

” I was actually waiting for you to finally come out of your room. It seems you had slept till your fill last night.” He said.

Amy curled her lips into her mouth as she stretched out her mug under the dispenser and get some water.

” So?. Does your head still hurt?” He asked, leaning on the table to stare at her.

Amy totally ignored his presence as she picked out her mug and took out a sip.

She placed the mug under the dispenser and waited to sprew more cold drink.

” Amy?..” He looked at her, utterly confused about her new behaviour this early hours of the day.

She picked out her mug and began to step away.

He leaned away from the table as he watched her step away hastily.

” Amy. Amy. Wait…please…” He chased her, running towards her front to block her passage.

Amy quickly staggered to a stop, still lowering her gaze to avoid staring at his eyes.

” What’s wrong?. What’s the problem?” He asked, his voice calm and daring.

She raised her red swollen eyes and stared daggers at him and that was when xan realised what the problem was.

He walked closer to her, holding up her cheeks as he stared at her eyes.

” Your eyes. Did someone hurt your eyes. W..who hurt you. Tell me. Is it vixen? Mn?.” He probbed, squinting his eyes as he watched her in pain.

She took his hands and dropped it down from her face.

” I’m so disappointed in you, xan. Why didn’t you tell me the truth before i realised myself?”

” The truth?” He looked at her with his eyes widely open.

” Do you think i don’t know that I’m Alicia. Do you think i don’t know you were that heartless man who almost klled me during my childhood days. Do you think?!” She yelled, biting her lower lip in pain.

Xan eyes widened for a while. The next thing that came into his mind was that his brother must have told her everything.

” Just let me be!” She pushed him away by his chest and began to step away.

” Amy. No…wait.” He stopped her by his wrist, spinning her around and letting her little gown go round in the air.

” I know this is very hard to explain that why i was scared of telling you last night. I knew that you would take my past to judge my present, Amy. But believe me..I’m changed now. I’m very sorry” He said, holding up her palm.

Amy shaked her heads, chuckling sarcastically.

” You mean you are changed now?. You are sorry?. I should accept you happily with after what you did to me. Do you know you made my childhood days very painful?” She asked, her eyes welling up.

Xan svcked his breath, staring at the floor.

” If i could erase any part of my life, Amy, i would erase my childhood days. I know i had hurt alot of people.

I had caused lots of problems for my family. I was so miserable, Amy. I didn’t realise it until you slumped infront of me that very day.”

” So?.”

” I’m have amend my mistakes Amy. I’m not the same xan you knew as a little girl. I’m more like a repented sinner, never going back to start anew” He said, gulping down sour.

Amy turned around and began to head towards the door. He stopped her again for the third time.

” Please Amy. Please believe me. How else do you want me to explain it, like a professor?. A teacher?. I’m ready to make you understand that I’m sorry.”

” You can go feel sorry for yourself, xan. I’m not coming back to you ever again. Go love yourself and make yourself understand.” She yelled, and stepped forward.

” Amy..” he held her palm.

She spilled all the drinks on his face and body and xan stepped back, feeling shock to his ribs.

His arms were halfway in the air, his face was pale still recovering from the shock he just received.

She looked at him for a while and sneered angrily.

” If you try to stop me again, this mug will be the next to land on your thing. I’m sure that will teach you to have some sense.” She said and xan immediately pulled her closer, gr.abbing her lips instantly.

His heads remained stiff as he kssed her lip as if he wanted her to feel how pained he felt.

His lips did things to her entire body and Amy felt her toes stumbling. She closed her eyes, just letting him do the whole thing.

He nibbled on her lower lip and svcked them passionately. Amy tightened her eyes, waiting for the extreme.

Xan pulled his lip deeper, kssing her whole mouth and svcking on them and Amy felt herself finally rise and come down to earth.

He held her captive, not wanting to let go until Amy finally had enough.

She slowly pulled away from him.

She stared at his eyes in complete emptiness. That kss…it made her tongue disappear.

She had started to see body reach the sky of fantasy.

Why does she have to hate him sometimes and love him more than she hates him.

Xan sighed, still hugging her waist tight to his wet body. He wasn’t ready to let her go and make him feel useless.

He pecked her forehead.

” Remember the vows you made to me last night. You said you would stand by me even till the very end. Didn’t you?” He asked, looking at her intently.

Amy looked away immediately. She had already cancelled the vow physically but in her heart, the vow had only starting to mould there.

She pulled his hands away from his waist and returned her toes to the ground.

” I do not wish to fulfill the vows again.” She said, rubbing her arms nervously.

” It’s okay, Amy. But i don’t want you to loose you, okay?. Vixen has done enough in making my life miserable. If you let go of me just for him, i…i might not actually survive” He said.

” I truly…truly love you from the deepest part of my heart, Amy. I have chosen to treat you differently.

If only you could understand the right words i mean.” He said, inhaling sharply as he looked down at her.


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