By Melody.

Chapter 11.

The door abruptly pulled open like it was ki¢ked by some sort of ma.niac.

Slowly, Vixen stepped in turning his head to look at every nooks and corners of the house.

He had expected to see the house in a mess after hearing the emergency call from Amy.

Surprisingly, the house was partially intact and there was no single noise.

He turned around and met Amy sitting up in the livingroom sofa. She stared back at him like she had not expected his arrival so soon.

He then turned to look at sean who was standing still like a stiff statue.

His eyes pressed tight as soon as he sighted him. Many woeful thought began to flood into his head.

UNDER THE RAIN OF LOVE : CHAPTER 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

He hoped Sean wasn’t trying to hurt her by forcing her into something sxual.

“What are you doing here, sean?” Vixen calmly asked, making his way towards him.

Sean smirks, lazily flipping the phone in his hands.

“I had the conversations we made at the mansion, recorded!. And guess what… I’m here to expose you finally!” Sean spat.

Vixen threw his head, laughing humorously. He fell his head on the sofa headrest, htting the sofa in the process.

“Oh, God!. People are quite funny” He said, dying off his laughter.

Then he turned to look at Sean, his expression changing immediately.

“Expose me?. Oh!. No worries…I guess you and your boss wants to try another fake technique. Bringing fake proof to this poor little girl!. Just let her be!!” Vixen yelled.

“This is not a fake proof!” Sean bounced back at him. ” Amy should listen to it…”

Vixen walked closer, leaning his forehead on him, grabbing his shirt.

“I warned you not to expose me, yet you went behind my backs to the opposite. Start describing your death” Vixen whispered and stepped back.

“Amy doesn’t want to listen to your proof. She’s mine now. Your boss can’t have her” He told him.

Amy slid down the sofa, finally gaining some courage to step forward.

She pushed Vixen aside, staying in between the two tall powerful men.

She turned around and stared at Sean, folding her arm on her chest.

“Show me!. I want to hear this proof you guys I’ve been arguing about” she said, blinking her eyes at sean.

“Oh.. Good. Thank you at least, for listening to me this time around” Sean said and picked out his phone.

He stared at his screen for a while, then slowly, he raised his head to gaze at Vixen.

Vixen sliced his neck halfway in the air, as a sign that he was dead if he tried to reveal even a single expression.

Sean gulped down, looking utterly speechless.

Amy raised her brow, staring at the utterly speechless man.

“Hey, Mr Sean!. What are you looking at. Show me the proof.” She yelled, dropping down her hands.

Sean raised his head to look at Vixen again. He saw that dangerous, deadly glare burning in his eyes.

He bit his lower lip, holding his entire breath. He knew if amy knew the proof, then lucky to Xan.

But then, he would be risking his life. He would be d.ead in Vixen’s hand.

Helping his boss was his piority but now, his life mattered the most.

He dropped back his hand, sighing tiredly.

“There was no proof, actually. It was all a lie!” Sean said, breathing down heavily.

Amy found her jaw loosing joint as it dropped down completely.

She was mentally speechless, staring at him widely.

She remembered she was earlier listening to the record conversation between them some minute ago, how come he meant there was no longer proof.

“B..but..the proof…”

“Amy…” Vixen caught her off, turning her around to face him.

“There’s no proof he wanted to show you, sweetheart. You see the reason why I wanted to protect you from this people. They are real d’vil!. They are never sincere” Vixen sneered.

“I..I..was actually listening to something before you came. I thought he was…” she pointed.

Vixen grabbed her cheeks and leaned down to place his forehead on hers.

“That conversation that was recorded was perhaps some days ago that has nothing related to the proof, understand?”

She nodded her head, lowering her gaze. Vixen stared up at sean and saw the mustering disappointment in his eyes.

He grinned darkly at him and turned to look at Amy.

“Go pack your stuffs let move out.”

“Now?” She quickly looked at him.

“Yes.. Tonight. If I leave you here, you might be endangered by some brats once again” He looked at sean.

“Hunn. Okay. I’ll quickly go arrange my things. Wait here, okay?”

“Sure” he said aloud.

He watched her run up the stairs in no time and when he heard her door shutting close, he picked his dark aura again.

He turned towards sean and smirked wickedly.

“Sean. Sean. Sean~!” He muttered, walking close to him like a focused tigress watching his prey.

“I actually saved your life, Vixen. I can’t believe you still lied to her. Amy shouldn’t have been yours!”

“And I’m not ready to save yours, sean. Like I told you earlier, describe your de.ath!” Vixen sneered.

“Huh! You can’t kll me. I already spared you off from that trouble. I think you should spare me too.”

Vixen laughed, fiddling with the strand of his hair.

“I don’t spare my offenders!” He yelled and suddenly bounced a deep painful pvnch on Sean right cheek.

Sean staggering stepped back, feeling completely numb on the face. He touched his cheeks and nose.

They had started to bI.eed with thick, red bI.ood. He looked up only to find another fist running across his eye.

He gritted his teeth with anger. He wished he could fight back, but his whole working system had been shut down.

Before, he could process anymore thing. He felt his body stagger back into the wall, crashing into it and flying out from the otherside.

“Arg!” He heard him scream.

Vixen laughed out seeing his power work. He realised Sean was much easier to deal with despite he’s heavily built.

On the other hand, Sean couldn’t identify what just broke inside him, perhaps his spinal cord.

He tried to stand up and luckily, he was able to do so. He laid flat, wincing on his previous pain.

Vixen walked by and picked him up from his shirt like he was a piece of paper.

“When I’m done with you, and you are still alive, then thank your Godness!” He spat on his face.

He lifted him up, htting his face back and forth continously like it was a win win game, causing black and red blisters on his cheek.

Then he pvshed him to the ground, crashing into the dinning chairs and tables.

Sean began to crawl away at all possible effort, at least away from the eviI man.

His hands trembled painfully as he brought out his phone and he texted xan a message that he was at Amy’s.

He also made it clear that he was in danger and he should come quickly.

Vixen came by again, grinning darkly at him.

“So what now, you want to video this to show it to Amy too. Come on, you are too matured for that.”

“Stut up, you bstard!!” Sean yelled, sweeping up on his feet and pulling vixen by the neck htting him hardly on the wall.

Vixen groaned, trying to tug his fierce fist away from his neck.

“You think i can’t fight back!. You think I’m helpless. Oh sorry…but I’ve handled man thicker than you!” He spat on Vixen’s face.

He picked him from behind and h!t his forehead continously on the wall.

Vixen gritted his teeth, turning around and swirled his boot, using it to h!t Sean’s teeth.

Sean staggered back. He realised his front teeth had been off and that was a man’s beauty.

“Arg!” He yelled, grabbing Vixen’s coat and htting his forehead on his.

Just then, Amy began to climb down the stairs with pink and her small luggage.

She almost panicked after seeing the h®rrific picture of the f!ghting men.

She halted to a stop unaware of what next to do any longer. She decided to stand there fearlessly.

Sean quickly threw Amy his phone.

“Amy. Take this and go outside!. Listen to the audio in it, quickly!” Sean yelled, passing it to her by sliding the phone on the ground.

Amy fearfully picked up the phone as she was ordered to and she ran out of the house.

She slammed the door and rested on it quickly. She breathed heavily, trying to gain her senses back.

What was happening!. She was totally messed up…too confused and it had started to give her mental issues.

She turned to look at the phone in her palms.

The audio.. yes. She remembered.

She turned on the screen and sluggishly fiddled with the buttons.

She tried to unlock the freaking phone so that she could listen to the fucking audio.

She bit her lips hard, sighing with disgust. She had tried every possible password but nothing was working.

It felt as if the phone didn’t want her to listen to the audio yet.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to get into that room because it would be much bI.oody.

She rested her forehead on the phone, sighing and just sighing like earth was worse!.

Suddenly, the phone was slipped out of her hands and Amy raised her head up.

It was Xan!. He standing there like a tall, fantasy character with no emotion on his face.

Did he just come out from a pit called doom to have walked in looking like that?.

He stared at Amy, her luggage and her pink. All with different sort of expression as he looked at them.

Then he turned back to look at Amy.

“I suppose Sean was here.” He stated.

“Y..yes. But h..he’s indoors.” She quickly primped.

Xan began to step towards the door but Amy quickly ran inbetween him, stopping him from moving in.

“Y..you can’t go in!” She said, shaking her head as she stared up at him.

“And why?. I received a text from Sean to come over. Or was it you?” He raised his brow.

“No actually, it’s wasn’t me.” She said. ” B..but you still can’t go in. It’s bI.oody inside. Sean is trying to kll Vixen. I don’t know if he’d spare you too.” She said.

“Sean is trying to kll Vixen?” Xan asked, confused at the humorous word.

“I saw it with my own eyes!” She said.

He tilted his head to the left and placed one single arm on the door as if he was trying to feel the temperature from inside.

His eyes turned dark immediately and he found himself dragging little Amy from the way for her to hug him.

Soon, the door Amy was earlier resting on, clashed open and two beast ran out, still hurting eachother.

Vixen pulled Sean in the air, pinning him to the wall.

“I think this is where I’d stop for today. But just know I ain’t done yet!. I won’t mind you bI.eeding every single day!”

“I would gladly wait!” Sean muttered, coughing out red liquid like bI.ood.

He was dropped to the ground and he fell flat, breathing like it was about to be his last breath.

Vixen watched him for a while before he turned to step towards Xan.

He instantly dragged Amy away from him and gave her a warning smirk.

Then he turned to look at Xan.

“Oh. It seems like the boss just arrived. But he arrived too late. Ha!” He muttered.

“What caused this bI.oody atrocity?” Xan asked.

“Your driver can relate it all.” He said and walked away, pulling Amy along.

Xan turned to look at Amy, and amy turned around stealing him a glance as well.



Vixen was in the kitchen along with Amy.

He was sitting on one of the chairs wrapping up his wounds and Amy stood there simply watching him.

“I didn’t get to hear that audio.” Amy mumbled, resting her face on her cheek.

“Amy. You should never listen to those people. The thing is, they don’t like seeing us together and they find every possible ways to end our love. An audio proof is just so stupid”

“But. Sean really looked serious when he talked about the proof. I..i mean..I actually wanted to hear it even if I don’t believe it.”

He wrapped up his forehead, sighing.

“Well, good enough. You didn’t hear it and so you don’t have to believe it or not.” He said and closed up the first aid kit.

He began to hear slow casual footsteps and he was quick to realise it was Xan’s.

“Quickly, come over here.” He told her. Amy instantly walked over to him and he whirled his hands around her waist.

“I want to make Xan stinking jealous. Are you ready?” He asked.

She looked at him blankly, nodding her head anyways.

Xan finally stepped in, dripping wet from the shower.

The moment he saw the two couples, he stopped to stare at them.

They were laughing loudly, enjoying eachother’s company like true lovers.

He knew deserved it. He derserved to fall in love like every man out there. He knew he deserved to be loved too.

Yet, he knew love for him was hard to find. Whatever he did to vixen, he had been ready countless years ago to amend it.

He sighed, walking over to join them in the table. Amy looked up and her smile suddenly began to fade.

She stared at him with wide eyes. It was because xan was putting on her jersey.

He rubbed his palm together, picking up his spoon but then, he looked up. The two eyes met….

“Amy. Look at me.” Vixen smiled, dragging her chin to look at her. ” Hungry?”

“Huh?. Yeah..um…yeah.” she said nodding her head.

Vixen made her sit on his legs as he moved the plate covers to begin eating.

Unfortunately for Xan, it was a spaghetti!!!.

He looked up from his plate and saw Vixen chew from Amy’s lip.

They both laughed, eating the spagetti in the air and stopping once they got to their lips.

Vixen smooched a kss on her lip and turned to look at Xan who had been watching them.

“Oh. Looks like someone is lost and not hungry any longer.” Vixen laughed and Xan quickly lowered his gaze to continue on his meal.

Vixen turned to Amy.

“Amy. How about we have a bath together..huh?. It would be ro.mantic right?” He asked her.

Xan quickly looked at Amy, awaiting her reply as curious as Vixen was.

“Um..haha..N..no…worries. I’m cold already. I can manage to sleep that way.” She said, hugging her arm.

Xan throated a chuckle, leaning to continue his meal as well.

Vixen sighed, rubbing her hair.

“Sorry sweetie. Don’t worry. We’ll cuddle next to eachother while we sleep.” He said placing a kss on her cheek.

Amy stood up, cleaning her lips with a tissue.

“I’m done. I’ll be upstairs.” She said and quickly ran out of the kitchen.

The atmosphere changed, turning cold and tensed the moment she stepped away.

It was just the two brothers as always. Xan grinned, piercing his eyes at Vixen.

“Who were you trying to impress?. Huh?.” He asked.

“I think I’m doing a good job in making you jealous. I almost wanted to laugh at all your facial expression!” Vixen chuckled.

“Vixen. You don’t understand how hurtful it feels, you know. But I know there are times I’ll win this. Just you wait.”

“Oh. Should I remind you that this is just the first night. Many endless night awaits. And by then, you could have given up”

“Mn. And while you awaits those many endless night, I’ll carefully hide this audio proof sean gave to me.” Xan grinned.


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