WHEN I FALL: Episode 11-20




I opened the car door for Kathleen, and she got in with Mary.
I closed the door and walked to the driver’s seat.
I started the car and in we were set on the road.
“Sir, Joseph, we didn’t have dinner today!” Kathleen stated as we were in the car.
“What’s the point of having dinner if we’re going to be attending a dinner!” I stated angrily.
“Oh… So are you going to cook there?” she asked.
“No! We’re going to a restaurant, you know what a restaurant is right?” I asked.
“Well I do, I’ve worked there before!” she said and I glanced at the mirror at the top of the car frame so I could see her expression.
“You’ve worked there?” I was shocked.
“Yeah, I was a waitress!” she stated.
“Really?” I didn’t believe it.
“Yeah!” she replied.
She couldn’t possibly be lying, she’s the most honest person I know.
Well she has every right to work there, but my doubt is still on, cause she knows so little.
Finally we got to the restaurant and I got the car for Kathleen, all because she was the one holding Mary.
I spotted Martins standing in front of the restaurant, he was busy with his phone and immediately mine started to ring. He was calling.

“Look up!” I said immediately I picked the call and I hung up immediately.
Martins smile spread across his face as he saw me. And he ran up to me.
“Oh thank God you’re here I thought you weren’t going to make it, mr. Gilbert and his daughter are inside!” Martins smiled adjusting his huge medical spectacles around his eyes.
His eyes darted to Kathleen and them to Mary, and then to me.
He gave me a strange look “Don’t tell me you…
“I what?” I snarled.
“You remarried and kept it a secret from me!” Martins stated.
“One of these days I’ll be the one to sew those mouth of yours Martins!” I sighed.
Martins laughed nervously “I respect your kindess sir, but I love my mouth the way they were, but on a second note who’s this damsel over here, holding Mary, both of them out shining the lights here”.

“HI, I’m Kathleen!” Kathleen suddenly smiled.
I gave her a look and turned back to Martins. “She’s someone you should know nothing about’.
I turned to Kathleen and took Mary from her. Thankfully Mary peacefully agreed to come with me.
“Oh come on now Joseph, there’s no harm in knowing someone so pretty!” Martins smiled trying to get closer to Kathleen but I stopped him by placing my hands on his chest.
“Sir, Joseph are we going in yet or not, this shoes are killing my feet!” Kathleen pouted.
“They’re just three inches above the ground” I scoffed.
Suzanne doesn’t wear heels cause they kill the feet, and her heel limit is four inches, she said three inches is the best and doesn’t hurt the feet at all. And now little Miss Kathleen says its killing her feet.
Well I wouldn’t blame her..

Martins laughed. “Uh excuse me, did you just call him sir, Joseph!”

Kathleen turned to him. “what am I supposed to call him?”

“What kind of relationship do you two have?” Martins narrowed his eyes at Kathleen.

“Martins, do you love your job?” I asked.
“Why the sudden question sir,” Martins grinned.
“Because if you fail to show us where Mr. Gilbert is and ask another question, your job will no longer be yours, and forget the friendship we had before all this, I can watch it go down the drain with a smile.” I threatened.
“Your threat does nothing on me but whatever I’ll just show you the table” Martins said and adjusted his glasses and started to walk away.
The threat did do something to him.
Martins will always be Martins. We’ve known each other way before I got my own firm.
I can never fire him, I trust him more than I trust anyone. Though his mouth can be a little bit extra.
With Mary in my arm and Kathleen beside me, we all followed Martins into the restaurant.
Martins head straight to the vip section and we followed him and from afar I sighted Mr. Gilbert’s enormous stomach.
We all got to the table and Mr. Gilbert and his daughter I think, turned their heads to us.

“Joseph Miles, it’s so good to see you!” Mr. Gilbert smiled.
“So good to see you too Mr. Gilbert!” I smiled and we both shook hands.
“This must be your child!” Mr. Gilbert Beamed as he gaze at Mary, who seemed suddenly interested with the button on my shirt.
Classic Mary.
Mr. Gilbert’s eyes darted to Kathleen behind me.

“She’s Kathleen… A friend of mine!” I introduced.
Mr. Gilbert gave Kathleen a smile and Kathleen returned the gesture with her head down.
“Please sit!” Mr. Gilbert added and gestured his chubby hands towards the chairs.
Kathleen and I both sat down and Mary suddenly whined and starts to reach for Kathleen by stretching her hand.
Kathleen took Mary from me with a smile and Mary seemed happy sitting on Kathleen’s thigh.

“Just friends?” Mr. Gilbert smirked.
“Yeah, just friends!” I have a faux laugh.
What is he implementing in that head.
“Okay so Mr. Miles this is my daughter Christa” Mr. Gilbert started and here we go.
I turned to Christa, she seemed happy and delighted to be here though, she had a nice and pretty face, same shoulder hair cut as Kathleen and she seemed super nice just by looking at her.

“Christa Gilbert, so nice to meet you Joseph miles!” Christa said and moved her hand forward for a hand shake. I took her hand and we both shook each other gently .
Immediately I let go of her, I felt Kathleen’s eyes on me and I turned to Kathleen to see her glaring at me.
I looked away without saying a word.
“Okay, then since we’re all here we can eat now!” Mr. Gilbert said and Martins suddenly sat down. Cause he’s been on his phone since.
The waiter came along and started to take our orders.
Mr. Gilbert didn’t order for much, he just ordered for fruit salad and red wine.
Christa gave her orders, and so did Martins and I. Kathleen was the last and just as she was about to speak. I chimed in.
“She’ll be getting the same thing with me!” I stated and the waiter walked away.
Kathleen turned to me and let’s out a smile.
“I was about to say the same thing,”
She was going to order what I ordered. How thoughtful.
I asked if they had any baby food but they said no, so I just ordered warm milk for Mary.

“Just So you know I didn’t call for this dinner meeting to talk about business or anything, business was just to cover up the whole thing, you know some times, we all have to hang out with friends or family or some times strangers, not business or work, work every second of the day!” Mr. Gilbert expound.
“Well that is so true Mr. Gilbert” I smiled.
“And what else do we need to talk about with work, we’re partners already!” he gave a smile and I glance at Martins.
Well that’s a relief. My sharp instincts were suddenly tell me he called for this dinner because he wanted to like pair up his daughter and I. But seeing Kathleen, even if I said we were just friend he wouldn’t believe that we were just friends. He would think I just said that to cover up our true relationship even if there is no true relationship.
So glad I brought Kathleen here.

Our foods came in and Kathleen’s eyes sparkled at the sight of the food in front of her.

“So you and your friend must be really close seeing how your daughter is so familiar with her!” Mr. Gilbert stated.
“Yeah, we’re really close!” I said and glanced at Kathleen to see her adjusting Mary on her body. But no Mary wanted to climb all over her body.
Oh Mary!.
We all started to eat and you wouldn’t believe if I say I stopped to take a good look at Kathleen. She was eating with the perfect manners, perfect amount pasta around her fork and she ate the food with elegance and grace.
She turned to me and a glare escaped her eyes.
A smile escaped from my lips and she suddenly looked away.
She listens.
That is amazing.
I started to eat mine. Kathleen did a great job in eating and giving Mary her milk. And I was grateful.

At the middle of dinner Mr. Gilbert recieved a call and after three words he hung up and dropped his spoon.
“Looks like I have to go, so sorry for not staying long Mr. Miles!” Mr. Gilbert said standing up.
“No its okay!” I shook my head Negatively.
“Okay thanks for understanding, Christa will be here though, well then I’ll leave you young youths to enjoy the night yourselves!”. And with that woes Mr. Gilbert left.

Leaving Martins, Christa, Kathleen and I. We all remained quiet having our dinner.
If only he didn’t call this dinner in the first place, then we would have been enjoying this at home and Mary could have had a proper meal.
“So…” Christa started “You are very young just like my father explained, you really did become successful at an early age, that is very nice!”
“Well thank you!” I smiled.
“You don’t know this but Joseph came out as a valedic–
My brief glare at Martins made him stop talking and he immediately chugged down his bottle of water.
“And having a child already what more can you ask for!” Christa smiled.
Well my life is perfect. But what about my love life, love holds it all.
“But let me guess, her mother is dead?” Christa asked referring to Mary.
“WHAT? NO!” I quickly said and her eyes widen.
“Oh I’m so sorry for my mistake then, cause I know the young lady here isn’t your wife neither is she the mother of your child and earlier you introduced her as your friend. So the only thing I could think… I’m so sorry!” Christa apologized.
“It’s okay, my wife and also the mother of my child, we spiltted.” I said with a small nod.
“Oh, so sorry about that,” Christa said.
“It’s fine!” I said.

“I guess you must have noticed my Dad wanted to pair us up tonight!” Christa laughed.
“Yeah I did!” I laughed. “And were you okay with that?” I asked.
“No, I wasn’t, he told me all about you though, and I was too bored so I decided to tag along, I’m not really ready for a relationship yet, I just came along not to hurt the old man’s feelings!” Christa smiled.

Kathleen suddenly slammed her fork on the table making all of us flinch.
“Joseph!” she called and turned to me.
“let’s leave!” she said.
“What why? You’re not even done with your food!” I said.
“I’m full, and I don’t feel comfortable eating here, even Mary is rejecting every spoon I give to her!” Kathleen stated.
“Are you sure, she’s really rejecting every spoon?” I asked.
“Yeah, you wouldn’t notice though, since Crystal suddenly got all your attention!” Kathleen huffed.
And she just called Christa, Crystal .
“Anyways Mary and I will be waiting in the car outside!” Kathleen stated and walked away with my daughter.
What suddenly attacked her wrong her side.
Why is she suddenly angry.

“If that isn’t jealousy I don’t know what that is!” Martins suddenly said making me turn to him.
“jealous, Kathleen can never be jealous, still jealous of what?” I scoffed. Pulling out my car key.
“You and Christa, you guys were having a great conversation and you left the girl out!” Martins crossed his arms over his chest.
“Oh em Gee, if she’s angry because of me, I am so sorry.” Christa apologized.
“It’s okay, I don’t think she’s jealous I think it’s something else. Kathleen and I have nothing, so she wouldn’t be jealous just because I was talking to Christa!” I stood up.
“So sorry for leaving guys, but she’s with my daughter, so I have to go” I said.
“Martins, ring me tomorrow morning!” I instructed and left Christa and Martins.

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