WHEN I FALL: Episode 11-20




I walked out of the restaurant and went straight to where I parked my car.
I saw Kathleen in a pout and Mary in her arms playing with her hair.
“Kathleen” I called and she turned to me.
“What happened in there, why did you suddenly leave?” I asked.
“Like I said, I want to leave, I don’t like it here, Mary doesn’t like it here too!” she stated not looking at me.
I said no more, as I unlocked the car doors and opened the car for Kathleen.
“I could have gotten it myself!” I heard her mutter to herself and I shook my head.
Seriously, I don’t know why she’s angry. But I’m trying not to laugh here. Her angry face is quite funny.
It looks faux.
On our way home, Kathleen said nothing to me, but just held Mary all the way home.

We got inside the house and as I closed the door behind me and turned, I couldn’t find Kathleen… I suddenly heard the sound of her door closing and I sighed…
What the hell is she angry about.
I walked to her room and gave a small knock on the door.
“You can’t come in!” she yelled from the inside.
“Well you’re with Mary and she needs to change her clothes and have a proper dinner!” I stated.
“Mary’s busy!” Kathleen replied from the inside.
“What?” I yelled. “How can Mary be busy!”.
“Come on Kathleen, open this door, i wouldn’t want to get on my bad side if I were you!” I yelled angrily and the door opened, and I saw Kathleen standing in front of the door like she owns the entire building.

“I don’t understand what is your problem?” i asked. “Have you forgotten you’re living with me by chance, know your place Kathleen, I don’t get or care why you’re mad at me. I just need my baby!” I said walked into her room.
I found Mary on the bed, grabbed her and walked out of the room.
After changing into something comfortable, I took off Mary’s dress gave her a nice warm bath, let her play with her stuffed toys while making her own dinner.
It didn’t even take two minutes to prepare her meal and immediately she was on my thigh and I was feeding her.

“Sir, Joseph!” I heard Kathleen’s voice and turned to see her beside me.
I sighed and watched as she walked up to me and sat down beside me.
“I thought we fought!” I said.
“I’m sorry!” she apologized.
“And you’re sorry for?..” I arched my brows wiping Mary’s cheek.
“I’m… I’m sorry for getting angry!” she sighed.
“And you were angry because?” I raised my head to see her gloomy face looking down.
And all of a sudden without taking a stop Kathleen explained. “I was angry because I didn’t enjoy the dinner we just had cause I didn’t get to eat like my self because you told me I should eat like some kind of lady, and you didn’t even talk to me, you just talked to Crystal the whole time, not even looking at me!”.
“That’s it?” I widen my eyes at her.
“That’s it!” she replied.
“So that was what made you angry?” I almost yelled but I didn’t.
“Yeah,” she nodded.
“So just because you couldn’t get to eat wild like, and just because I didn’t talk to you? Kathleen Christa, not Crystal for your information, is a guest and we’re not guests or strangers to each other, she’s the guest and it is abominable abandon the guest and take time for ourselves, we talk to each other all the time and yet you still wanted us to talk at a time like that and abandon Christa! It’s not just right and I don’t see why you should get angry and at petty things like that” I expound.
She let’s out a small smile and it immediately faded the moment she started to speak. “We’re not strangers anymore?” she asked with the lowest voice.
“According to your point of view are we strangers?” I raised my brows out her.
“We’re not!” she shook her head Negatively with a smile. “I’m so sorry sir, Joseph, I didn’t understand the guest thing around here, I will try not to be so stupid and get angry all of a sudden next time!” she apologized.
“It was kind of stupid, acting that way and all, good thing you can tell how childish that behaviour was” I explained and gave Mary some water cause she was done eating.
Kathleen bowed her head and I looked at her.
She really wanted my attention back then, so Martins was right after all, cause she was jealous because I didn’t talk to her and Christa instead.

“So, sir, Joseph am i forgiven?” She asked with sad eyes.
“I wasn’t holding any grudge against you before!” I scoffed standing up as I realised Mary has start to doze on my body.
I took Mary into the room and placed her on the bed.

I came into the living room and saw that Kathleen had cleared the plates on the table and also wiped the table.
Kathleen came out of the kitchen and seeing me she smiled.

“So, we’re alone now, Mary is asleep!” she smiled as she walked up to me.
“Yeah!” I breathed out.
“So what should we do now?” Kathleen asked
“What should we do? You can go on and sleep!” I said.
“But it’s early!” she said and I glanced at her.
“Okay well, you can just not do anything thing” I laughed.
“Well I can just stay here with you!”
I sat on the couch and she imitated the way I sat down and sat down too.
“since we’re both jobless, want to go outside for a while?” I asked.
“Outside? Why?” Kathleen asked.
“To get the best wind, Thanks to the lake the wind gets super cold at night and it’s just body soothing!” I stated.
“But… But it’s nicer inside!” Kathleen stuttered.
“Well not really,” I said, standing up and heading to the door.

“You coming?” I asked opening the door. This story is written by Ruthie lee.
Kathleen wore, one of my flip-flops that was behind the door, though it oversized her feet but it looked cute.
We both walked out of the house and the cool breeze suddenly swarm up on us.
“Whoa, it’s sure cold at night!” Kathleen said hugging her arms.
“It sure is, I enjoy this, if I feel stressed I’ll just come out here to feel the sensation of the wind I love this, and that’s why I also chose to build a house in front of a river or a lake cause at night time the best wind is just by your doorstep!”.
“So you love waters!” Kathleen stated.
“Yeah, I do and guess you must to since you’re… You…
I couldn’t complete my sentence.
“Since I’m what? Sir, Joseph!” somehow Kathleen wanted to hear me say what she is.
Showing her I’m not disgusted or afraid of what she is, I said. “Since you’re half fish and half girl!”
There I said it.
This is so strange.
“We’re called sirens, sir Joseph!” Kathleen’s voice was low.
Si… Sirens??
Aren’t they supposed to be deadly? I know about mythical creatures like sirens and nymphs. But then again they’re not mythical anymore since Kathleen’s standing right here beside me.
“I’m just so happy you’re not scared of who I am or despise me anymore!” Kathleen breathed out.
Well I have to not hate her for her not to hate herself.
“Well, that’s just how it is!” I shrugged.
Standing under the dim fingernail moon, the cold wind swirl around our bodies and mixed with the cold grass under our feets. Kathleen and I said nothing, and just watched the lake move silently.
“I’m cold!” Kathleen suddenly announced and placed my hand around her shoulder, resting her hand on my arm.
Shocked by the gesture but still had no problem with it I said. “I thought you don’t get cold.” I said remembering the first time I met her and when she said it.
“I feel cold, but I don’t catch a cold! There’s a difference sir, Joseph” she breathed out, getting comfortable in my arms.
Well it was nice. Being like this.
I had to admit.
“So and somehow I’m a sweater?” I asked.
“You’re warm!” she smiled. “And also I’m cold blooded.”
“Cold blooded?” I laughed.
“Yep! And that’s why I need warmth every single day!” she expound.
“No you don’t, you’re just looking for excuses to curl up in my body, you’re not Mary you know!” I stated.
“I know” she smiled and her body moved and she ended up in a hugging position.
Her hand circled around my body and her head rested on my chest.
“Kath” I called.
Why is she suddenly hugging me.
“I like hugging you sir, Joseph!” she stated.
Well. It was kind of nice it wouldn’t be our first time anyways. It’s just a hug what’s the worst that could happen.
“And why is that?” I asked.
“I like the way you smell and I also feel safe when I’m hugging you” she breathed out.
The way I smell?
“Mary smells like you too!” she stated.
“Well I guess it could be our soap or body lotion!” I shrugged.
My hands remained by my side, I didn’t want to hug her back but then I didn’t know when my hands started to do thing on their own will. My hands circled her body and she tightened her hand around my body.
“Sir, Joseph, I don’t know how to say this!” she laughed.
“Say what?” I asked and looked down at her, she looked up at me,
Our lips only centimetres away from each other’s.
But then again I kept my eyes focused on her eyes.
“It’s in my head but I don’t know how to put it!” she stated, her breath all over my chin.
“Well just say it according to your head.” I shrugged.
“Well okay! I want you! Is that even correct?” she asked.
“You want me?” I was speechless for a while.
“I don’t know, like seeing you every minute of the day, I want you to look at me, talk to me. Be with me, talk with just me, don’t look at anybody else. I enjoy your company every time and I just want to be close to you and I just want to own you!”.
Kathleen’s explanation made me freeze, and my eyes pierced down at hers.
Her feelings.
This means only one thing.
She wants me?
My blood was gushing out from my heart more than it usually does.
Those words. It stopped me.
But then again, I shouldn’t fall for those words.
“So according to what I just explained, in one word can you tell me what kind of feeling that is?” Kathleen asked.
I said nothing and Kathleen sighed and looked down again resting her head on my chest.
Why couldn’t I speak. My right hand released from her body and went under her chin. My hand raised her head up again, and she looked into my eyes…
“What are you doing sir, Joseph?” Kathleen asked.
Hell. I didn’t know what I was doing.
I was trying to control my head, but it leaned down on its own and our lips touched.
Kathleen reciprocated immediately.



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