I’M A BRAT AND I’M IN LOVE: Chapter 1-10


Written by Authoress Covenant


(Spoilt brat meets ice prince)

Rika has the best life, her parents are stupidly rich, and she is very attractive. But Rika is spoilt, manipulative and a total BRAT who would do anything to get what she wants.

Is there more to her character, and what happens when she meets the handsome but cold family lawyer and falls hopelessly in love?


Written by Authoress Covenant
(Spoilt brat meets ice prince)

Chapter 1

The lights flared as the loud music boomed, people swayed and moved, their b0dies clinging to each other as choking smoke clouded the air. The atmosphere was w!ld and high and would have probably gotten w!lder if not for the Police sirens that went off, disrupting the whole gathering.


“Please Levi you have to do something. Those arrogant Policemen are insisting that Rika was involved with those delinquent teenagers at that party they raided. They are even accusing her of illegal dr.ug use! Can you imagine??”

Levi Akabane stared at the attractive eighteen year old girl sitting before him, quietly quivering in fear. She had long blonde hair which she had neatly tied into a ponytail.

She also had the most alluring Chestnut eyes he had ever seen. Apparently she had attended a party hosted by one of her classmates and some neighbours had called it in for for a noise complaint. When the Police arrived at the party they not only discovered a lot of alcohol but also evidence of illegal dr.ugs as most of the teenagers were h!gh as kites.

They had all been arrested but she had insisted that she had been forced to attend the party against her will and was now sobbing quietly on her seat. Her parents were ready to sue the entire Police Department just for their daughter’s sake.

This was the only child and heir to all of her parents’ wealth: RIKA SATO.


Levi cleared his throat and began to address the family in front of him. “Mr and Mrs Sato, could I have a word with your daughter……alone?”

Mrs Sato gave him an incredulous look. “What on Earth could you want to say to her that you can’t say in our presence? I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation Levi. This is not just our reputation we’re talking about but that of the company!”

Mr Sato placed a hand on his wife’s shoulders. Up until now he had just been quietly observing the whole scenario while his wife had done most of the talking and their daughter Rika had quietly sobbed. “Honey it’s okay. Levi is a lawyer. He knows what he’s doing. Let’s give them some privacy.” He said to his wife.

Mrs Sato frowned deeply as she stood up and quietly followed her husband outside.

Levi stared at the girl before him in silence, as she wiped her eyes with a handkerchief and spoke to him. “So what did you want to talk about Mr Akabane?”

Her voice came out sickeningly sweet, and it made him raise his guard up on instinct. He continued to watch her silently, eyes not leaving hers and she began to look uncomfortable.

“Mr Akabane?”. She called softly.

“You’re a very good actor aren’t you?”
Rika looked taken aback by his words. “I- I don’t understand…..” She began but he cut her off. “You’re lying to your parents. And to the police. You may as well give it up now. I can see right through you.”

He watched her face for any expressions, and saw her lips curve into a scornful smile.

“Wow.” She said, her voice now sultry and full of spite. “I knew you were sharp Mr Akabane but not this Sharp.” She leaned forward, licking her lips. “I guess you are really smart!”

Levi remained calm upon seeing her change in persona. “Why are you lying? You went to that party of your own will. You’re not only lying to your parents but to the police as well. You could get yourself in serious trouble.”

Rika threw her head back and gave a prideful laugh.

“Who cares? Mommy and Daddy would do anything to protect their precious reputation, even if it means paying off the Police or setting up false witnesses.”

Levi narrowed his eyes. “Did you take the dr.ugs?” Rika scoffed. “Of course not. I care too much about my health to touch those dirty things. Using h.ard dr.ugs is a characteristic of the masses….the poor people, you know?” She gave him a s!nister smile.

“And what about your friends?” Levi continued. “Your boyfriend Damon. Your getting him in trouble by lying that you were forced to go to the party.” Rika giggled.

“Boyfriend…..it’s such a…..restrictive term don’t you think? Makes you believe you are committed to someone or actually care about them. I prefer the term, friends with benefits.”

Levi’s facial expression never changed, but inside of him his mind was in turmoil.

“Why are you doing this?” He finally asked.

She smiled at him with the same intensity a v!per would do before attacking it’s prey. “You know what Mr Akabane?”

“What?” He asked.

She bit her lip and moved closer to him till her mouth was at his ears.

“I think I like you. Would you care to be my new boyfriend? Since Damon isn’t going to be available anytime soon.”

She pulled back and burst into laughter at the look of shock that finally crossed Levi’s face.

Her laugh was triumphant, like she had just won a battle.

Levi hurriedly pressed the Intercom button. “Julia, tell the Satos they can come back in.”

Mr and Mrs Sato walked back into the office not long after.

“So? What happened?” Mrs Sato asked, the suspicion in her voice not going unnoticed by Levi.

Rika ran up to her mum, her countenance completely changed and tears brimming in her eyes. “Oh mummy. Mr Akabane promised to do everything he can to make this problem go away. Right, Mr Akabane?”. She turned to face him, her eyes mocking him, daring him to defy her.

Levi sighed. “Right. I’ll see what I can do.”

As the Satos offered their thanks, he thought to himself. Rika Sato wasn’t just an ordinary teenager. She was a manipulative, two faced wtch.

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